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Colts/Texans ( a tale of 3/1 quarters)



Is it possible to play a worse 2-3 quarters of football then we played last night..... throw in a turnover or 2 and the answer is no way, that's about as bad as it gets. Both the offensive and defensive lines were manhandled, the back seven was shredded, Davis looked like a practice squad player...no running game, no passing game, Luck even looked like a journeyman QB and the special teams had a complete meltdown. How can a team that leads their division and has the 3rd best record in the AFC, a team many feel is one of the best in the NFL, look that pathetic for almost 3 quarters and .........win a game????? It was let's shoot for the #1 overall pick bad. I really do not understand that, it wasn't an off night....a few bad breaks, it was a complete-total team collapse.........until..... the end of the 3rd quarter and results in a win????

I realize the bottom line is winning and a win is a win, but.........I must be missing something. Before I start on the good, I'll finish with the not-so-good....I know it was the first non-Reggie game, but I really don't think Heyward-Bey is going to be much help in the step it up department.....and since Richardson has yet to show he can run

the football ( does much better receiving the ball) maybe move him to WR.... Comebacks are great.....but you can't live on that prayer, week after week...I do not know what the answer is and when you are winning, it does mask reality, this team cannot keep waiting until the end of the game and pullout wins, if you are good enough to do it some of the time, you really should be good enough to do it......most of the time?

The good: somebody flipped the switch and we played a great 4th quarter and beat a team that dominated the first 3 quarters, in their house, on a day when they were playing a must-win game. Hilton answered the bell, with a big time effort ,Fleener and Whalen stepped up. Brown ran the ball great, the few times we did call a run play and the defense showed up and the special teams recovered. 3 penalties (15 yds) and 0 turnovers...will always help keep you in any game. No matter how bad it looks, it still counts.

Next up the Rams, in Indy...on paper, a complete mismatch.........we will see.......

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First time I turned a Colts game of at halftime was shocked when I woke up. Your right about Heyward-bey I don't have much confidence in him he looks lost out there

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Yep, we shall see?? You gotta say, this is one interestinggggggggggg

team for sure. But that's whats exciting about this team you never know whats next???

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Guest TeamLoloJones


First time I turned a Colts game of at halftime was shocked when I woke up. Your right about Heyward-bey I don't have much confidence in him he looks lost out there

Shouldn't you know by now to never turn off a Colts game?  For all the people that hate comparing Peyton and Andrew, you can't deny one thing.  They both have a habit of making ridiculous comebacks look routine.

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Luck just like ANY other QB when pressured is gonna make poor throws............Throw in a few drop passes and a few over and under thrown balls and you are 0-6 passing.  Davis was getting burned by Johnson which is a surprise cause he was playing great this year.  Toler though makes mistakes himself I think may have a affect on QB's putting the pressure on Davis to come up with plays........or it could be that Johnson is just great and had Vontae's number, I will say he and the rest of the team was playing better in the second half.  I just hope it doesn't become a trend.

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