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(almost) mid season report



On offense the passing game was good, but now with the #1 TE and the #1 WR out for the year, next man up is going to have to really step up, Hilton is a player just looking for more reps anyways and hopefully Heyward-Bey can start catching the ball more consistantly..... Brazil,Whalen,Reed and Rogers will all be giving a chance to fill that need, Fleener will probably get more activity, as well as more throws to the RB's

The running game has been good with Bradshaw and Brown playing well, Richardson has yet to make the impact expected, after 1 1/2 yrs. in the league, it's starting to look like the Browns might have made the right call, can't call him a bust at this point, but a player picked as high as he was and the price that was paid to aquire him dictates alot more productivity than he is showing, thus far...can't really fault the O-line because all of the other backs seem to be able to produce

The O-line has played better than last year and better now, than it did game #1, but is still a work in progress and has a ways to go

5 players of the expected starting 11 are now out for the year, with a double whammy hitting the RB's. Luck has played well, doing what it takes to win games, his running ability is a big part of why it is so hard to get the offense off the field

On defense it has been a little like the defenses' of years past, giving up too many yards, but keeping the opponents out of the end zone and have done a good job with pressuring the QB and getting turnovers, they too seem to be getting better as the year goes on....Mathis, Davis and Freeman have all played at a very high level and Mathis is the leagues leader in sacks, hopefully Landry can stay healthy the rest of the way, he can be a difference maker

The coverage units have played good all year, Adam has been his usual "money", McAfee has not been very consistent with his punting, but still excells on kickoffs

I always talk about a pattern...after 4-5 games, they should be some type of pattern developing......when we play very good teams ( Seahawks-49ers-Broncos) we rise to the occasion and play complete team Colts football......when we play bad teams (Jags) we take care of business...when we play avg. teams ( Raiders-Dolphins-Chargers) we seem to struggle

Losing players to injuries is part of the game, the offense has been hit hard and losing Reggie was a big blow, there is still plenty of room for improvement, across the board...the running game is not what they want it to be, the passing game will have to prove they can still get it done, without #87.....the defense needs to be better, more consistent-overall.

We are sitting at 5-2, with a 2 game lead in the division and the 3rd best record in the AFC, that's a very good start...but even more impressive is the wins over the 3 teams, many feel are at the top of the power poll, as of now there are only 3 teams that have the look of a championship caliber team in the AFC....Colts, Broncos and Chiefs ( the patriots are always going to be in the hunt as long as Brady is there) there is alot of football left to play and alot of things can and will happen, but it's looking like a pretty safe bet that the game we just watched sunday night is going to become a re-match for the AFC championship.

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Yep. It would be great if the rematch was at LOS. I don't mean to hate on Peyton, but he chokes in the playoffs, so we should come out with the win.

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