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Could We Have the Current "Million Dollar Backfield"?



blog-0036592001379708705.pngThe Colts will most likely will not have the entire backfield make the Hall of Fame like the 1950's 49ers (QB Y.A. Tittle, RB Hugh McElhenny, FB Joe Perry, and FB John Henry Johnson), but could have one of the league's top backfields. Before I hear that our backfield is unproven, just let me say what I have to say. Our starting backfield currently consists of Andrew Luck, Ahmad Bradshaw, Trent Richardson, and Stanley Havili. Next year I would substitute Havili out of the Million Dollar Backfield and just say Vick Ballard or have them both. I'm not going to include Donald Brown because unless he produces something this year its the door for him.

QB - Andrew Luck

This is the centerpiece of the backfield. Andrew Luck is one of the future stars of the NFL and could eventually become the best quarterback in the NFL. So there's the first piece to the "Million Dollar Backfield".

RB - Trent Richardson

Still a very shocking trade by the Browns. Richardson is very young at 23 years old and had a productive yardage season last year gaining 950 yards. He may have a career 3.5 yards per carry, but he had 11 rushing touchdowns. The last season the Colts had a RB with at least 10 rushing touchdowns was Joseph Addai (10) in 2009. Richardson is also a very good receiving back and caught 51 passes last year for 367 yards. He will be a good power runningback and good receiving back for Luck to check it down to. Richardson is on pace for 864 yards but I think he should be able to break the 1,000-yard mark.

RB - Ahmad Bradshaw

Bradshaw had a 1,000-yard season last year despite being injured. He also had 6 rushing touchdowns last year. He is very good at pass blocking which the Colts are in need of. Bradshaw is also a tough runningback to bring down and should be a good 1-2 punch with Richardson. He is on pace this year for 728 yards. Not bad for the second string runningback this year.

FB - Stanley Havili

He is something the Colts haven't had in awhile, a fullback. Havili is a decent run blocker and is a good receiving fullback if Luck needs to dump it off to him for a 6-yard gain. The Colts rushing offense will have a lot of fun with the addition of a true fullback. The Colts are actually 5th in the league in rushing offense this year averaging about 130 yards per game.

(Next Year) RB Vick Ballard

Ballard is gone for the year with an ACL tear. But, if he can get back to form next year and produce again, this might be the best trio of runningbacks in the NFL, or at least the AFC. The 49ers and Seahawks both have a good trio of runningbacks. The Seahawks have Lynch, Turbin, and Michael and the 49ers have Gore, James, and Hunter this year and should have Marcus Lattimore next year. Ballard had a decent year last year with over 800 yards and did not start until later in the season.

I know there will be criticism for this but take a look at the NFL rosters and see if you see a better combination of a quarterback and at least two good runningbacks. THe Redskins have a good quarterback and have a good runningback but no one comes to mind for runningbacks after Alfred Morris. There is something special about our running game this year.


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Johnny Unitas, Lenny Moore, Alan Ameche

That should have been the original Million Dollar Backfield, not the 50s 49ers.  All three should be in the HOF.  Ameche deserves it. 

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