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Dwayne Allen to Injured Reserve



blog-0149746001379523003.pngThese injuries are really starting to bug me and affect the 2013 season. First we loose our leading rusher, HB Vick Ballard, then we losing our starting guard, Donald Thomas, who we signed this offseason. Now, which is really putting me over the limit. TE Dwayne Allen will be placed on season ending IR due to a needed hip surgery. This is hurts even more than it did when Ballard tore is ACL in practice. If we didn't have Coby Fleener, just think how bad this would be.

Coby Fleener did pretty good against the Dolphins. He had a touchdown reception (should've had a second one) and a 40-yard reception. Fleener has great speed for a tight end and has great size, 6'6'' 252 lb. The major issue is that we don't have a great blocking tight end. Dwayne was a very good run-blocking tight end and also had great hands and total power. The one could take him down with only one hit. What does this mean for the second tight end spot, we either have Jack Doyle or Dominique Jones step up, or we could bring back up TE Justice Cunningham to the 53-man roster when Dwayne Allen is placed on IR. I'd like to see what Cunningham brings to the table and see how well of a blocker he is. As for receiving, we will probably be running a lot of 1 RB 1 TE 3 WR sets with Bradshaw, Fleener, Wayne, Heyward-Bey, and Hilton.

The season isn't completely lost because we lost three offensive starters. Was it bad that they got hurt, yes. Will they be missed, you bet. But there is nothing we can do about so the "Next Man Up" will determine our season. Plus we have Luck. If Luck goes down, the season is over. Luck will work with what he has, plus Luck to Fleener and Luck to Whalen can be something great to hear this year them doing that at Stanford together.


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