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  1. QB Coach.....

    I actually don't think he would be a great QB coach. Players that are very gifted are often terrible teachers. Peyton may have an amazing understanding of x's and o's, but what made him such a great QB is his mind. You can't teach what he had. Just like AP, despite being one of the greatest RB's ever, would most likely be a terrible RB coach. When it comes easy to you, you're typically not going to be a good teacher. That's also the reason you see a lot of career backups become successful coaches down the line. They had to learn so much and work on so much to try and even keep pace with the guys that were naturally talented.
  2. Frank Reich's Staff

    I think Jones may be one of the most important hires. Above all else, injuries have been the biggest issue for this team and if he can help reverse that trend, we'll be in great shape.
  3. Frank Reich's Staff

    Exactly. The pure Tampa 2 scheme is archaic and ineffective, but pulling some elements from it from time to time isn't a bad move. Eberflus has varied experience with schemes, so I think we'll see 4-3 base, but a lot of variety in fronts based on the opponents and the talent we have.
  4. Welcome Coach Reich!!

    It may just be the fever, but I got goosebumps when he was talking about his vision at the beginning. So pumped to see this staff fill out and to see them get to work!
  5. Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    I will say that I'm from VA and I did know the difference between UI and YUP. Not that it makes any I will say that from a poster on a forum, that error is excusable, but for a "journalist", it's lazy. Just from the 1 article I read on Sirianni I knew he was a DB coach for UIP and as soon as I saw the Hoosier piece, I knew it was incorrect.
  6. Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    Yep. Did a great job working with Jihadi Ward and Dawuane Smoot.
  7. Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    Mike Phair was the Dline coach for the Bears when they had one of the top Dlines in the league with Henry Melton, Israel Adonije, and Julius Peppers. He's also been the Asst. DL coach with the Seahawks and Bucs (where he coached Gerald McCoy to one of his best seasons).
  8. Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    He didn't have playcalling duties, but was heavily involved in gameplanning. I doubt he will call plays here and I'm absolutely ok with that.
  9. The Key to 2018.....Ryan Kelly?

    It happens, but they usually get back on track.
  10. The Key to 2018.....Ryan Kelly?

    Literally my least favorite word these days. It's a cop-out term that isn't even used properly. It was a term for someone that thinks they are unique and special, but really are not. It gained popularity after the movie "Fight Club" from the quote “You are not special. You're not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else." Now it's just used to describe someone that says something that you don't agree with, which is often ironic, because it generally more accurately describes the one using the term than the one being called it. /rant
  11. The Key to 2018.....Ryan Kelly?

    Concussions can vastly vary on a case by case basis, and with that, the recovery also varies. It may have been a pretty mean concussion that took a while to recover from. That doesn't mean much at this point. He may have a dozen more concussions, he may have none. The recovery time for his prior concussion isn't indicative of him being injury or concussion prone and at that point in the season, it was very likely they were being extremely cautious in bringing him back until they decided to just put him on IR. When you're freshly recovering from a concussion, you are more prone to a 2nd concussion, which can be fatal (second impact syndrome). When you have no shot at the playoffs, your best move is to shut down an injured star player. If he starts having more concussions or injuries, I'd be concerned, but it's way too soon.
  12. What can a healthy Luck do in Reichs offense?

    Moving away from an Air Coryell scheme in itself is going to be a huge plus for Luck. No more slow developing downfield routes that leave him back there getting killed..
  13. So here’s something crazy(rumor)

    I still believe nothing Brad Wells says. If you throw enough nonsense out there, you're bound to be right once or twice, but that doesn't make you a reliable source.
  14. I believe the league will do something. At the very least a fine for McDaniels. They also have to decide whether they will change the way new coach hiring works, as in no teams can hire until the Super Bowl is over, or levy a punishment to try to make sure it doesn't happen again. This set a precedent that will most likely deter teams from pursuing coaches of playoff/Super Bowl teams and the NFL can't let that stand. This wouldn't be a legal issue. It would be a league issue and the league can pretty much do what it wants if it can justify the reasoning.
  15. I don't see it happening either. Landry will want top WR money as a slot WR and I don't see Ballard shelling that kind of money out for a guy that can't play on the outside. Agreed! I would really like to bring in Robinson.