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  1. Quincy Wilson not among inactives

    That's the whole reason I just checked the inactive list. I think without Davis, Wilson will start and his lack of ST ability won't be as big of an issue.
  2. This is Ballard's team

    Yep, Giants play Spagnuolo's 4-3. Woods, Simon, Sheard, and Mingo all come from a 3-4 mainly, but none are signed to long term deals, so they don't have to be forced into a 4-3 if we made a switch.
  3. Oh no, since it was 1 year into his deal, he still had a pretty big cap hit.
  4. The Browns had a surplus of cap space to take on the contract and received a 2nd rd pick to take him. They didn't trade FOR him, just used him as a means of getting an extra pick.
  5. This is Ballard's team

    I was actually thinking the opposite. He drafted front 7 guys that could play in the 3-4, but came from 4-3 systems (Basham, Stewart, and Walker), so I think he's leaving the options wide open for the next HC to run either as a base D.
  6. I don't get where all of these "experts" are getting their info, because the only person that could determine Luck's physical and mental condition is Andrew Luck. I don't see him leaking anything to anyone, especially about how his career could be over. I see all of this as a means to garner attention from members of the media that don't have a ton to cover with the state of the team at this moment. People don't tune in or click when their team is bad, but dangle a carrot about how our franchise QB's career could be over and people will flock. It's sensationalist b.s. and I'm not biting...
  7. Brock Osweiler is back

    He knows the players, but it's a different coach and system then when he was there last. Last time he was in Denver, it was Gary Kubiak/Rick Dennison and now it's Vance Joseph/Mike McCoy. I'm not sure about the scheme differences, but it's definitely not the same playbook he left.
  8. I've said the same as well. He doesn't have to worry about needing to get better asap. He can now take his time with the process and make sure he's good to go for next season. An ACL isn't as daunting as it used to be since the procedures have gotten way better, but the mental side of things is usually where the biggest setbacks lie. It's hard not to worry about it happening again. Not only was Luck throwing, but according to players, coaches, and spectators, Luck was shredding our defense with the rest of the scout team offense (not saying much for our defense, but still). It's evident that the ability is still there, so I'm not too worried about him either.
  9. Now watch...

    If there's no shot at the playoffs, you hope we lose. A top 5 or even top 3 pick in the draft would do wonders for us.
  10. Grigson wasn't the reason we had great cap management, it was due to Mike Bluem, our Director of Football Administration (aka our capologist). Here's an article about him from earlier this year:
  11. Maybe now Colts can have a proper rebuild

    Exactly what I'm thinking. I'm so happy to be reading solid posts from you again and not that hysterical craziness we saw for a few days.
  12. I'm honestly just watching to see our young players improve and develop. If you watch with no expectations of winning, it makes it so much easier. Accurate.
  13. Always a possibility, but I doubt it. I don't think he was ever really going to play this season, especially with the start we had. I believe Ballard is looking at the big picture instead of the immediate that the coaches, players, and most fans do. With the roster we have, there was no way we were making the playoffs, so no need to rush back your star QB, but you need to sell tickets, so you keep him on the roster and keep the news very vague about his status. People still buy tickets in hopes of seeing Luck later in the season, when in reality, they're going to see a bad team, most likely lose. In the process, you end up showing off your backup QB that has played incredibly given the circumstances. Not only will we most likely end up with a top 5 pick, but we could also flip Brissett for a pick or 2 in the offseason. We enter the draft with a handful of top picks to add to the seemingly strong draft this year, as well as great FA group (Simon, Hankins, Woods). Ballard is masterfully setting us up to be successful for the long haul, not making the same mistake Grigson did and try to win now.
  14. I honestly think it'll be McDaniels, who said he wants to be a HC again, but is waiting for the perfect situation. What better than a team with a stud QB (assuming his recovery goes well), a few REALLY talented young playmakers (Hilton, Mack, Hooker, Simon, Wilson to name a few), and most likely a high pick in the next draft which will most likely become a few 1st/2nd round picks? He would also have what seems to be a very good GM in Ballard that would help him mold the roster and give him the Front Office support/structure that he didn't have in Denver.
  15. Why didn't Colts sign QB Brian Hoyer

    Your numbers are only each time he played one team (with a bad defense as well). Some players do well against certain teams. Look at the rest of his stats, specifically this season: WK Opp Result G GS Comp Att Pct Yds Avg TD Int Sck SckY Rate 1 CAR L 3-23 1 1 24 35 68.6 193 5.5 0 1 4 27 70.3 2 @ SEA L 9-12 1 1 15 27 55.6 99 3.7 0 1 2 10 48.2 3 LA L 39-41 1 1 23 37 62.2 332 9 2 1 4 24 98 4 @ ARI L 15-18 1 1 24 49 49 234 4.8 0 1 3 24 54.3 5 @ IND L 23-26 1 1 29 46 63 353 7.7 2 0 2 17 101.1 6 @ WAS L 24-26 1 1 4 11 36.4 34 3.1 0 0 1 10 45.3 Average 19.8 34.2 55.8 207.5 5.6 0.7 0.7 2.7 18.7 69.5 The Brissett trade also had nothing to do with them signing Hoyer. They traded their QB3 for a talented but misused WR to help with a WR corps that was hurting after Edelman went down. They signed Hoyer because he's a known commodity to them. He's played in their system and would be able to step in quickly, if needed. BB didn't play 4d chess and dupe us into taking Brissett while they got Hoyer, it just ended up happening. Playing Brissett builds his value to be able to flip him for a higher pick next offseason.