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  1. He's a guy that I could see going at the top of the 2nd if a team believes he could be his pre-injury self or fall to the 3rd if teams look at his last year's tape. O'Neill is more of a projection than production guy. He's athletic and tested well, but his tape isn't stellar. The lack of OT talent in this draft will most likely cause him to be drafted higher than he probably should go.
  2. I have no clue who the guy picking for us is... I think PFF has it's favorite guys and pushes them hard in their mock drafts.
  3. I'm not a fan of trading up for Sutton, especially when he could most likely have been available at our first pick in the 2nd round. I'm also not a fan of picking Dante Jackson when Josh Jackson is still available and would have gone Will Hernandez over Justin Reid any day. I would absolutely love to be able to do that trade down and still get Smith. I don't see him getting to 11, but that's just me.
  4. What I find completely maddening is how so many people ranted and raved about how terrible Grigson's approach to FA was with overspending for sub-par talents. You finally have a GM that refuses to do this, shows patience in building a roster with a sound foundation, and that he actually has a plan and a vision for this team. The response? You want him to spend like Grigson. I've learned that there are people on this forum that get it and understand how a consistently contending roster is built, an then there's the people that don't and subscribe to the Dan Snyder/Madden Football approach. Ballard's approach may not be flashy, but I truly believe if he's able to do well in the draft this year and next, this will be a REALLY talented roster, aside from Luck, which we haven't had in decades. The Eagles lost arguably the 2 most important guys on their team in Wentz and Jason Peters (LT), among a few other starters, and still won the SB. That is a testament to having a well built team with talent across the roster and great depth. I'm ok with those that haven't bought in just yet. We all have our thresholds of trust, with some being more willing to give the benefit of the doubt and others more skeptical. Just don't outright bash the guy because you set your own expectations for what you wanted him to do and were let down.
  5. With the 128th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select: Kameron Kelly, S/CB, San Diego St The 49ers still have a need at Safety, especially after not retaining Eric Reid. Kelly is a rangy Safety that most recently also played CB in college. I think he could be a good FS as is or move to CB, which would require a bit more work.
  6. Shive

    Three Players I hope the Colts Sign May 8....

    Grant didnt actually have an injury. The Ravens said he did to be able to void his contract to be able to instead sign the recently released Michael Crabtree. He passed our physical and another team's. That said, I wouldn't mind bringing Breeland in. I think he would be a good fit.
  7. I'm a fan of his, on and off the field. If anyone is looking to check out some of his game tape, I'd recommend looking more at 2016 than 2017 to get a better feel for how Guice actually plays. He was a bit banged up in 2017, so he didn't look as ferocious at times as he did the previous season.
  8. I don't think he's a perennial pro-bowler, but I think he's been a solid starter and fantastic depth.
  9. I disagree. Farley was one of the better players on our defense last season. He ended up with an overall PFF score of 82.4 (above average), which ranked him as the 24th best safety last season. I think James would be better than Farley, but I don't think he would do more for us than a guy like Chubb, Smith, or even Landry (I think he'll end up an amazing pass rusher).
  10. I don't see the value in drafting a guy like Derwin James with both Geathers and Farley on the team. While he would be an upgrade, I don't think it would be as substantial of an upgrade as other positions, especially in the 1st round.
  11. From that list: - Josh Jackson - An absolute ballhawk. - Isaiah Oliver - I think he could be a really good corner, but fits our old scheme, not our new one. - Carlton Davis - A really good press-man CB, but I don't think he'd fit in a Tampa 2. - Mike Hughes - Could fit, but he definitely needs some work. - Holton Hill - Fits the scheme, but has off-field concerns. - Duke Dawson - Mostly projected as a slot/nickel CB. He's not extremely athletic, but may be able to play on the outside in a Tampa 2. I'm not a big fan though.. - MJ Stewart - I've seen him projected as possibly shifting to S in the NFL, but I think he would actually be a perfect Tampa 2 CB. - CJ Jackson(Maryland) - Don't know a ton about him.. - Kevin Tolliver - 5 star recruit that could never live up to his billing, yet still has an enormous ego. Hard pass. - Isaac Yiadom - A guy I like in the 3rd or 4th. A bit lanky, but plays with decent strength. Would be a good fit in stature and scheme. - Davontae Harris(Illinois State) - Don't know a lot about him. - Quenton Meeks - Not too sure. - Michael Joseph - A late round favorite of mine. Will need a year or 2 just to get used to the speed of the NFL, but would be a perfect fit. - Kamrin Moore - Don't know. My favorites so far are Josh Jackson, MJ Stewart, Isaac Yiadom, and Michael Joseph. The two guys in the PFF video mentioned on their podcast recently that Nickerson is a guy they really like.
  12. I was waiting for them to release our episode! For anyone that likes an in-depth analytical perspective on the NFL and the Draft, I'd check out their podcast. While I don't always agree with them, they do a great job explaining their perspective using the PFF advanced stats (there's WAY more than I ever knew about).
  13. With the 74th pick, the 49er's select: Isaac Yiadom, CB, Boston College
  14. Shive

    Mason Rudolph

    That's a very fair question. Allen is SEVERELY overrated and in no world should go 1 overall. PFF rates Rudolph over Allen and everything I've heard from them is that they don't like Allen at all. One of the advanced stats they use with QB's is their "NFL Throws" vs "Non-NFL Throws", which they go more into depth about here: This is how they rank in terms of NFL Throws: 1. Baker Mayfield 2. Josh Rosen 3. Mason Rudolph 4. Sam Darnold 5. Lamar Jackson 6. Josh Allen In short, Rudolph should be talked about more than Allen.