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  1. Let's say he's found guilty? The Colts are the team that drafted a rapist, which would be a PR nightmare and a wasted pick. If you're only looking at on-field talent, your approach is perfect. In reality, you're negating everything else: PR backlash, potentially wasted draft pick, chemistry issues in the locker room, etc.
  2. Wow, so we surprises with that list. The most glaring to me is no Joe Mixon on the list, so I'm assuming Mayock believes Mixon falls really far...
  3. I never said he was guilty, hence the "potentially". I was actually talking to my girlfriend about this earlier and her first reaction was the same as mine, "that's really convenient timing..." These are murky situations and a first time GM is not going to draft a guy with a situation like this that will most likely not be resolved by draft day.
  4. Switch Cunningham with Foster, move Mixon to the 2nd, take Tim Williams in the 3rd and you have Colts449's dream draft.
  5. Yea, he kind of had no choice. I will say that him facing the consequences of his actions makes me feel way more comfortable with him than a guy like Dalvin Cook that has never had to.
  6. Having potentially raped a girl is nowhere near smoking too much pot. There's something not mentally right with someone that rapes another human being, therefore the possibility for it to happen again is DEFINITELY there. I know you like to try to see team building without a moral compass, but I'd advise against that if you don't like taking the licks you do on this forum.
  7. No. You have be ineligible for the draft to be eligible for the supplemental draft. The draft-eligible options are: - Get drafted & sign contract - Get drafted, don't sign, sit out for a year, then enter the draft next year - Go undrafted & become a UDFA who can sign with any team Also, the rookie wage scale limits how much a rookie can make, drafted or not.
  8. As amazing as that would be, it's definitely unrealistic. For more realistic mock drafts, I'd check out Fanspeak and Draftwired.
  9. Week of the draft, everyone's losing their
  10. EXACTLY. The guy got suspended 4 games for a failed drug test (which takes more than 1 failed test to get suspended), then within a week was racing around with a kid in the car, guns on the floorboard, and the car reeking of weed. That tells me that the chance of him having further issues is too high for the cost. It's a very non-Ballard kind of move anyhow.
  11. The LB's already added shouldn't have an effect on who we pick at 15. Corner has MUCH better depth than ILB. You can get a typically 1st rd CB in the 2nd or 3rd this year. I like Conley, but I'm also super biased with
  12. Ballard has already gone on record saying that it doesn't matter where you come from or where you were drafted (or not drafted), all that matters is what you do on the field. Unless Morrison is lights out amazing come training camp, I don't see him starting over Jackson.
  13. For the 1651648th time, hell no. He would require a HUGE contract, but dude is 1 failed drug test away from a year suspension. Not to mention the nonsense he pulled the week after his last suspension was announced. He's talented on the field, but can he stay on it? Now signing him as a UFA to a cheap deal, sure, but trading any assets for him is a terrible idea. He's not that old, especially for a D-lineman. We cut/didn't resign old, over the hill, expensive players. Langford is none of those. Before his injury, he was an absolute animal. If him and Anderson get back to their 2015 level, our d-line will be stacked.
  14. Out of the 15-20+ drafts I've done today (slow day at work), these are 3 of my favorites (no trades, 1 trade, and 2 trades). Used Draftwired for these mocks: Picks: Rd 1 Pk 15 - Haason Reddick (ILB) Temple Rd 2 Pk 46 - Derek Rivers (OLB 3/4) Youngstown State Rd 3 Pk 80 - Kareem Hunt (RB) Toledo Rd 4 Pk 121 - Tim Williams (OLB 3/4) Alabama Rd 4 Pk 137 - Shaquill Griffin (CB) Central Florida Rd 4 Pk 144 - Brendan Langley (CB) Lamar (Tx) Rd 5 Pk 158 - Tedric Thompson (SS) Colorado _______________________________________________________ Trade: (25, 57) from HOU for (15) Picks: Rd 1 Pk 25 - Tre'Davious White (CB) LSU Rd 2 Pk 46 - Derek Rivers (OLB 3/4) Youngstown State Rd 2 Pk 57 - Tarell Basham (OLB 3/4) Ohio Rd 3 Pk 80 - Alex Anzalone (ILB) Florida Rd 4 Pk 121 - Howard Wilson (CB) Houston Rd 4 Pk 137 - Brian Hill (RB) Wyoming Rd 4 Pk 144 - Kendell Beckwith (ILB) LSU Rd 5 Pk 158 - Deatrich Wise (DE 3/4) Arkansas _______________________________________________________ Trades: (25, 57) from HOU for (15) (31, 95) from ATL for (25) Picks: Rd 1 Pk 31 - Jarrad Davis (ILB) Florida Rd 2 Pk 46 - Marcus Williams (FS) Utah Rd 2 Pk 57 - Ahkello Witherspoon (CB) Colorado Rd 3 Pk 80 - Tim Williams (OLB 3/4) Alabama Rd 3 Pk 95 - Kareem Hunt (RB) Toledo Rd 4 Pk 121 - Keion Adams (OLB 3/4) Western Michigan Rd 4 Pk 137 - Shaquill Griffin (CB) Central Florida Rd 4 Pk 144 - Kendell Beckwith (ILB) LSU Rd 5 Pk 158 - Erik Magnuson (G) Michigan
  15. I think he was playing off ball that game because of the Arizona QB being a rush threat. He seemed to be playing more contain than actually rushing a lot of the game, but didn't look great when he did rush. I checked out the Boise St game from 2015 and I can see a bit more, but he still doesn't excite me, especially as a pass rusher. I see his ceiling as someone like Walden. I think he'll be able to set the edge at the next level, but he doesn't have the explosion to be a threat as a pass rusher. My favorite at that point in the draft is Ejuan Price. He's undersized and won't be able to play every down, but I think he'll be an animal as a pass rush specialist. He's explosive off the line and uses his size to leverage under OT's.

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