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  1. Who says the Rams are a bad team? They have a really good defense (even better when they get Donald back), a decent oline, a young QB that seems to finally get it, and a top tier RB.
  2. Anything positive from game 1

    It makes me wonder how many people in this thread that are still whining, even in a thread about the positives, actually paid attention to the game and how many spent the whole time throwing tantrums. If you can't come up with legit positives (there were quite a few), you shouldn't be posting on this thread. Keep the negative stuff in the other 34 threads started in the past 24 hrs. That said, I was really encouraged by our run D against Gurley, Mack (sans the fumble), Brisset, and Simon. With a competent Brissett starting, we could stand a real chance against the Cards..
  3. Kareem Hunt

    I REALLY wanted Hunt. Kid is going to be a stud. I've realized that I sometimes get a feeling while watching certain RB's tape, that they just have "it" to be a really good RB. I got that feeling with Jay Ajayi and also with Kareem Hunt. I didn't with Mack and I hope I'm
  4. Ballard and New England

    Hunt was by far my favorite RB in this year's draft (after Fournette). Mack has the ability to do great things for us as well, so hopefully he lights it up when he's in there.
  5. Are the Colts tanking?

    It was still Norv's scheme they were running. Shurmur's playcalling, but Norv's scheme. You don't change the scheme midseason, you just tweak it the best you can. I think Shurmur's familiarity with Bradford helped the most, as he was able to play to his strengths early. That said, I don't see Brisset playing early. There's no need to rush him.
  6. Colts Practice 9/4/17

    That's the big issue/concern. I'm surprised to see him make the PS over guys we've seen against NFL talent and in our system.
  7. Colts Practice 9/4/17

    That shocked me too. Hopefully we'll see an adjustment or 2 in the next week or so. I remember Hogan from the combine ans he seemed like a very high effort guy and pretty athletic, but im not sure how he is from a technical standpoint. I could see a rotation between them initially.
  8. Zach Banner-Offensive Line Needs

    I want to say that I remember it going how NCF said it. Philbin worked him out a bunch, loved him, and pretty much gave it his blessing. Is Philbin part of the reason we picked him? Sure, but just from his feedback, not because he's the one that made the pick. GM's don't hand over a pick to a position coach.
  9. Jabaal Sheard

    It seems to just be a few people and they're the usual "gloom and doomers" so I wouldn't be too concerned.
  10. Are the Colts tanking?

    QFT. We'll come back to this in a year.
  11. Farley was claimed off waivers from Arizona on 9/4/16, so he was a Grigson acquisition. He has been fantastic though this preseason. I also agree with pretty much everything else you said. Pretty spot on!
  12. Kamar Aiken will be #17

  13. RB Matt Jones

    Outside of the comparison, I think we're both in agreeance on Jones. If he can fix his fumbling issues (which was also a problem for Mack as well), he can be a very solid RB. He looked great in his rookie season with the Redskins and certainly could have similar success with us.
  14. RB Matt Jones

    I don't disagree with Matt Jones being a good value signing. A high-risk/high reward trade for a RB taken 3rd overall is not comparable with a low risk, depth signing of a RB taken 95th overall (3rd round). Of course Jones is the safer pick. This is more akin to signing Bradshaw than trading for Richardson.