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  1. I just like that you also use Draftwired.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was that she pushed him, he jumped, she hit him, then he hit her. I've maintained before that in that situation, I don't believe it would have been any different if it was a guy, other than it may have not been a jump after the push, it would've been a punch. To me, the jump is one of two things: 1. A warning. 2. Him wanting to throw a punch, but knowing it was a female and not, until she hits him. As always, I don't condone the action. I just like to provide potential different prospectives.
  3. I think it was an ambiguous statement that could be take 2 ways, depending on what your stance on guys with character red flags. 1. We're only taking guys of a high moral fiber. 2. We're taking talented guys that will make us a good team. It's a smart move, because it generally pacified both sides and leaves us really not knowing what to expect.
  4. I think it's a Brown: "Look at what I did last season!" Teams: "What about the 2nd half of the season?" Brown: "Don't worry about that....." Teams: "For this money, we're terrified about that..."
  5. I'm starting to think that either they're not ok with the asking price or don't think a pro athlete that needs to be motivated to actually play well is a good locker room fit. Yes! Maybe even throw in a twist for good measure.
  6. Toupu and Augusta are just 2 really big guys. Other than purely eating up space, they're pretty much useless. They lack the strength or quickness to make any sort of plays unless it's right at them. I'd much prefer Stevie Tu'Ikolovatu, as he's more of a true NT.
  7. Langford is 31, but he was REALLY good his first year with us until the injury. If he's healthy this year, he'll be a beast once again. You're way better off keeping the guy you know than dropping him for someone you don't, especially a guy like Odrick that has floated around the past few years. Richardson is a HARD pass. Off the field issues, 1 failed drug test away from being suspended for an entire season, is on the last year of his contract and will want big money on his next contract.
  8. Agreed. It's also not always about raw strength. Functional strength and the ability to convert speed to power are huge for 3-4 OLB.
  9. I can't imagine we aren't there in some capacity. Based on that info, Pagano may not be there, but DC, LB coach, or even Ballard could be there.
  10. I think we're done for the most part until the draft. After the draft, most teams like to fill in the remaining holes with the rest of the UFA's, as well as UDFA's.
  11. Him too! It's still possible, but with Jones & Moreau's injuries, it definitely makes him more likely to go higher. I wouldn't mind him at all in the 2nd though.
  12. ^ This. Plus, I hope you don't like guys like: - Dalvin Cook - was charged with punching a woman in the face multiple times, but the case was dropped (if he had a weapon, murder). - Cam Robinson - was arrested on felony weapon charges for possession of a stolen gun (HE HAD A WEAPON, murder). - Haason Reddick - him and teammate Dion Dawkins were charged with assaulting another student (male, so it probably makes no difference to you), breaking his right orbital bone and giving him a concussion in '15 (if they had a weapon, murder). Times are changing and its not always the black and white "don't hit a woman, unless they have a weapon" anymore. Unfortunately, some women attempt to take advantage of this social norm and hit men because they know men shouldn't hit them back. Hell, domestic violence where the woman is the abuser is way higher than it used to be. I'm still not saying its ok to hit a woman, but have some perspective. It's generally the other way around. There are the folks saying that they'd be ok with us drafting him, then there are the folks that are vehemently against it and insult the people that don't think 1 mistake 3 years ago should be reason for this kid to be in prison and banned from the NFL.
  13. I have NO idea who those posters are.....definitely not COLTS449. Conley is a guy that I could see going anywhere from mid 1st round to mid 2nd round. It all depends on if a team likes what he brings to the table. I think his 4.44 40 at the combine really helped him, because his long speed was one of the questions most talking heads had about him. For a press-man defense, I think he'd be solid.
  14. Everyone needs competition. No competition breeds complacency.
  15. That's the most asinine reasoning I've ever heard.... You're attempting to liken what Mixon did with shooting or stabbing someone, which is a completely different thing altogether. I know you despise Mixon, but don't come on here with that kind of nonsense....

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