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  1. I was about to post the same thing. The scheme familiarity would mean he would be more likely able to make an early impact with us than with a team he'd have to do serious homework with. If he's cleared, he would be an AWESOME pickup for us. ILB could actually become a strength for us.
  2. I get his frustration. He thinks it should be all about the kids and instead of talking about the player drafted at that spot, they're talking about the monkey instead. I think a lot of folks on this board just took it too personally because it's a notable place in Indy.
  3. Mike Bluem, the Colts' "Capologist," was here during the Grigson era and is still here, which is why our salary cap management has been very consistent. With how well he manages the cap and structures contracts, I don't see him going anywhere, even with Ballard bringing in a lot of his guys.
  4. From what the article implied, I think he gave his evaluations to the Browns FO and they chose not to listen. Those guys weren't the ones that brought him in, so they most likely didn't buy into his models or philosophy and well....did what the Browns usually do, screwed it all up. I think in a FO that understands and values his models and perspective, he could be extremely valuable.
  5. After reading the article, he sounds like a perfect match for Ballard. I'm amped to have him in the FO.
  6. Why are we still talking about this? Based on FA so far, Richardson is the COMPLETE opposite of what Ballard has brought in. He's making a fully guaranteed $8.1M this season and most likely wants a new deal around that. With his off-field issues and questionable on-field motivation, he's not worth that kind of money or headache. Bringing a guy like that in would turn Ballard into a hypocrite and ruin anything he's done or is trying to accomplish. It won't happen, just let it go..
  7. They compared Arians to Yoda, so I'd say that's pretty accurate..
  8. Double post.
  10. I was watching take on a player in this past draft and Ballage really caught my eye. Excited to see what he can do this season.
  11. I LOVE Walker! He was the one guy I wanted to draft today and couldn't be more excited!
  12. No, he was patient and let the board fall to him. There's still a handful of solid RB's left and he said last night a few still on the board too. McNichols fumbles WAY too much for me. I'm not sold on Perine and he had a lot of carries, so I'm not sure how long he'll hold up. Brian Hill is my favorite at this point, but I do like Aaron Jones as a late pick if we trade down or UDFA.
  13. I'd like to see an ILB like Anthony Walker Jr. in the first couple of picks tomorrow.
  14. Ballard has been preaching "unique skillset" and that each player we draft needs to have a unique attribute, so I'm thinking that could remove Gallman from the equation, as he's a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Brian Hill and Marlom Mack would be my favorites left at this point.
  15. KC took Hunt and Dallas took Lewis.

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