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  1. HC?  Draft prospects?  Are theses significant issues in ones life?  Try getting a breaking news text, “Incoming missle attack, take cover this is not a drill.”

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    2. southwest1


      Holy moly man! That seriously happened? Whoa...Glad to hear that you & your loved are alright GFB. 


      That announcement would be so unnerving to hear. Like air raid drills in London under Churchill. 

    3. DillyDilly


      Yes it did and it took over 1/2 hour to get an official “false alarm” notification!

    4. southwest1


      Next thing you know somebody will knock on your door & ask you if you wanna buy an underground bomb shelter again. Deja Va Cuban Missile Crisis reboot. Only kidding! 


      In all seriousness, that had to be a very frightening experience even with a false alarm. Like you have got to be joking right? 


      Here's hoping that never happens again. Why does bad stuff always happen to people I like instead of colossal jerks anyway? Just once can't we reverse that trend? LOL!