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  1. Conspiracy of the day

    You repeatedly say that they would of never traded for Brissett, I disagree because they get the chance to show him off all season and trade him in the offseason. This gives them further value and thats why they kept Pagano for one more year. Yes they won on Sunday but they tried there hardest in the 2nd half to lose the game, and they always seem to lose because of bad play in the second half. Also just think of all the game day activations, there's a lot that don't make sense.
  2. Conspiracy of the day

    So I now believe the Colts did the same thing this year as the Peyton injury, waiting till the last moment then IR course he was still on IR from the beginning but they wanted to give the fan base hope that he would comeback midseason. Instead they lose and get a high draft pick. Now to add into this lose on purpose conspiracy is how odd our activated roster has been this year. They start Green as CB week one, after playing well they haven't played Wilson since week 2, and just this last week they don't play Davis (Possibly because they know watson isn't playing and want to give savage a better chance of beating them). You also have how they have been using there new playmaker Marlon Mack, minimally after saying they need to use him more every week. Even the late addition of Jacoby Brissett shows that they didn't believe in there backups all preseason. adding Brissett late meant they could only play a simple offense possibly to help the opposing defense. This is the Colts lost season and they have been playing it perfectly without actually saying they want to lose.
  3. Random thought of the day

    Depends on who comes out of college at the QB position
  4. Random thought of the day

    I'm not saying that we should or anything, I was just thinking that it seems to be easier to draft pass rushing Defensive ends then moving a DE to OLB or drafting a pass rusher that already plays OLB. and i know Dungy's Tampa 2 was flawed when it came to coverage especially against good QBs who could find the holes I still liked the 4-3 system. Basham, Newsome, Werner, all were drafted as DEs
  5. Random thought of the day

    that's one of the reasons i was thinking about the 4-3, it just seems nearly impossible to get your hands on the OLB that you need for the system and I know we run a hybrid but like Basham he was a Defensive end through college so does moving him to OLB even though he is a pass rusher hurt his overall ability? It just seems to me that while 3-4 is a great system its hard to find the right players for the system
  6. Random thought of the day

    How do you think the defense would do as a 4-3 defense over 3-4? Of course this is hypothetical and we would have to add some players to fit the concept. it just seems we draft a lot of Defensive ends and then try to put them as OLB positions which then gives them a learning curve even if they are the designated pass rusher. I was just thinking of the days when Freeney and Mathis had there hands in the dirt.
  7. But McVay was still able to maximize the talent he had, unlike Jeff fisher and It's a possibility that Pagano is not maximizing the talent we have. who knows maybe the next coach will
  8. I mean McVay seems to make talent reappear on the rams offense, but you'll probably say it was already there due to all the 1st round picks. which is true but he is maximizing there talent which I don't think is being done with the colts. Like not playing one of our young CBs because of special teams play.
  9. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I agree about McDaniels I never really liked him as a Head Coach, but I really don't believe in the Belichick coaching tree spawns. When it comes to college coaches I feel they have to have a background in the NFL because if they don't they try to treat NFL players like college kids and lose the locker room. After reading your's what do you think of Steve Sarkisian he had a couple good years as a HC in college and is now an OC for the falcons. He did have a drinking problem at USC and Washington but I think a team would look over that if he shows that he is rehabilitating.
  10. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    I'm hoping that Miami starts having a comeback and be relevant this year. I have faith in Richt
  11. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    Yo let's not talk about the Colts coaching, there's other threads for that. I'm more curious to see what coordinators out there take the next step in there careers and stand out. I know the NFL website put out there coordinators to watch article out and to me it seemed none of them stood out compared to last year although they seem to show more special teams coaches this year, and everyone is in love with the Patriots Coordinators.
  12. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    Looking at the NFL I think there could be 0 to 3 new head coaches next year
  13. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I would be surprised if Vrabel is in the running for head coach in the next 4 years, he does have a great reputation but just hasn't been coaching long. Jim Bob Cooter is an interesting one though especially after a young OC (can't remember his name) was hired by LA Rams to lead there team. What do ya'll think about Steve Sarkisian, he will definitely be compared to Kyle Shanahan's offense but I think a strong season could lift his name up in the ranks pretty quick since he already has HC experience. The only thing that could really hurt him would be the drinking problem.
  14. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I completely agree but it's interesting to watch how some of these coordinators rise to become hot names for new job openings.
  15. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    With Coordinators Like Kyle Shanahan and Sean McDermott being Hired this offseason, who do y'all think are this year assistant coaches/coordinators to watch improve there Head Coach Potential for the Coming off season.