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  1. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I agree about McDaniels I never really liked him as a Head Coach, but I really don't believe in the Belichick coaching tree spawns. When it comes to college coaches I feel they have to have a background in the NFL because if they don't they try to treat NFL players like college kids and lose the locker room. After reading your's what do you think of Steve Sarkisian he had a couple good years as a HC in college and is now an OC for the falcons. He did have a drinking problem at USC and Washington but I think a team would look over that if he shows that he is rehabilitating.
  2. College Football 2017-2018 thread

    I'm hoping that Miami starts having a comeback and be relevant this year. I have faith in Richt
  3. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    Yo let's not talk about the Colts coaching, there's other threads for that. I'm more curious to see what coordinators out there take the next step in there careers and stand out. I know the NFL website put out there coordinators to watch article out and to me it seemed none of them stood out compared to last year although they seem to show more special teams coaches this year, and everyone is in love with the Patriots Coordinators.
  4. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    Looking at the NFL I think there could be 0 to 3 new head coaches next year
  5. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I would be surprised if Vrabel is in the running for head coach in the next 4 years, he does have a great reputation but just hasn't been coaching long. Jim Bob Cooter is an interesting one though especially after a young OC (can't remember his name) was hired by LA Rams to lead there team. What do ya'll think about Steve Sarkisian, he will definitely be compared to Kyle Shanahan's offense but I think a strong season could lift his name up in the ranks pretty quick since he already has HC experience. The only thing that could really hurt him would be the drinking problem.
  6. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    I completely agree but it's interesting to watch how some of these coordinators rise to become hot names for new job openings.
  7. Coaches to Watch in 2017

    With Coordinators Like Kyle Shanahan and Sean McDermott being Hired this offseason, who do y'all think are this year assistant coaches/coordinators to watch improve there Head Coach Potential for the Coming off season.
  8. Already tired of Pagano

    I'm starting to hate being that guy who is anti-pagano but to counter some of your points: 1. anyone who wanted to fire Pete Carroll or Dan Quinn after bringing there teams to the Super Bowl, is just plain ridiculous. 2. The Reason we fired Jim Caldwell after he brought us to a Super Bowl and only having one bad season the previous two had 10+ wins was that we wanted someone with better defensive skills, and We have received a couple years of relying on Lucks arm, like how we used to rely on Peyton's and no reliable defense. 3. After let's call it 4 season's (not counting the season he was sick) and numerous changes in position coaches and Coordinators I don't believe in his ability to hire/keep coaches to improve/develop the team.
  9. Already tired of Pagano

    Dude I don't know what your deal is, I know what my intentions were when I created this, the title was a summarization of what I wrote for the opening. If you don't like the conversation then leave no one is making you read them or create your own thread with a title you like idc.
  10. Already tired of Pagano

    What I would say is the problem is how he expressed his frustration, I'm all for a coach calling out players when they are dragging there butts, but it's how he did it, it didn't sound well thought out and his demeanor is why I think it looked like he was more wallowing then expressing frustration
  11. Already tired of Pagano

    As you can see I don't post stuff often, I usually talk with my Facebook sports group but wanted to hear from the colts fanbase (So I guess sorry for wanting peoples opinion). if you don't want to talk about it then don't no one is making you stay on the thread.
  12. Already tired of Pagano

    You make some valid points about him not having a losing season, but not having a losing season isn't good enough in my opinion. We brought in a defensive coach who could finally give us a good defense so we could finally not rely on the arm of our quarterback, which was the reason we only have 1 Super Bowl win with manning and the reason why Aaron Rodgers only has one Super Bowl win and I think if we don't have a losing season this year it's gonna be because Luck comes back and saves the season, otherwise I see us below 500
  13. Already tired of Pagano

    I started this thread because I wanted to know how others felt about how he handled himself with this last press, I don't think I have made a statement that cannot be backed up and I have not over exaggerated. If you are gonna join the conversation please add something with substance instead of personal attacks against someone who just wants to hear what others think about a teams coach.
  14. Already tired of Pagano

    While I was down on him last year, I was giving him a second chance and this last press conference I wouldn't call that being tough on his players watching his mannerisms and the phrasing he was using it sounds like he's being a cry baby, yes other coaches are tough on there players but when you compare to like how bruce Arians called out his receiving core vs Pagano trying to call out his young players. I think Arians got his point across while Pagano sounded like he was having a tantrum
  15. Already tired of Pagano

    I completely agree, the easiest thing to point to is that we hired a Defensive coach and our defense has gotten progressively worse