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  1. Two things here: First, The fact that they didn't get analytics about there own tendencies is alarming and secondly That last part about having the third most leads at the start of the 4th quarter gives me hope for next season and better coaching.
  2. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    In my comparison I was saying I believe Brissett could become like Cousins in Output if he gets what Cousins had in Washington.
  3. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    I didn't feel attacked or anything man, I agree with you that the article was lacking. It seemed as the author was failing to give a good portrayal of Jacoby Brissett's season. Nonetheless I thought it a surprising read that needed to be shared just for the fact it was from a colts news website and it seemed the author had no knowledge of Brissetts season.
  4. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    I'm one of the people that think Kirk Cousin's is an average starter who needs an offensive minded coach to succeed, He may prove me wrong this season though.
  5. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    Forgot to post Article Here it is
  6. Jacoby Brissett Evaluation

    Stampede Blue recently did an article comparing Jacoby Brissett's first season stats to other first season QBs (Linked Below). I think they really undersold him as a QB, not only did he not get an offseason to learn the playbook, he was dealing with a roster and/or coaching staff that we can at least agree one maybe both were subpar. Personally I think Brissett can be a Kirk Cousins style QB where if you have the right pieces around him he can thrive, He just got the Indy treatment last year having an O-line that can't stay healthy (and even when healthy below average), coupled with no in game adjustments that led to multiple second half losses. I'm kind of curious to see him this preseason and find out how he does with Reich's offense.
  7. Frank Reich's Staff

    I think Duce will be replacing Reich as OC in Philly
  8. Very true they have to resign Demarcus Lawrence and his market value is around 14M and they only have 18.5M according to Over the cap, they will definitely have some cap casualties because it sounds like they want to resign Jonathan Cooper also
  9. Dallas Goedert seems like an interesting candidate this draft period, so far I have seen him as the 2nd best TE or the 8th best. He's from an FCS school so he hasn't played top talent, but his physical traits are quite impressive with his 6'5" height and was listed as 246 at the senior bowl. I've seen him ranked as a 2-4 round draft pick. The only thing that I see as a down with him I'm not sure if he's committed enough in the weight room, just because an article from earlier in the NFL season had his strength coach talking about really pushing him to get stronger and he got to 270lbs without losing his vertical and yet he weighed in at 246 at the senior bowl.
  10. Who will be the next HC of the Indianapolis Colts?

    Anyone just excited for the Super Bowl to be over, so we can officially get McDaniels as our Coach and our coaching staff positions will get filled
  11. One thing I haven't seen people talking about is the Giants trading down and taking Quentin Nelson. They desperately need O-Line and with the second overall pick have great leverage trading with the Broncos or Jets
  12. They did grab a QB last year and Shurmer was talking about Eli having a couple years left, So if he decides he likes Webb drafting another QB this year doesn't make sense and they need a RB and could always use another premier pass rusher.
  13. I agree, I think the Browns are gonna take Barkley at #1, but what I'm thinking is that they don't want Darnold or Rosen and that they are gonna draft Mayfield at #4. I'm also not discounting the Giants taking Chubb at #2 if they believe in Webb (3rd rounder last year) has potential to take over for Manning.
  14. Way to Early Draft Simulation

    Barkley was taken by the giants 2nd overall in the simulation, as for OL I'm a fan of Okorafor and would be good taking him in the 2nd
  15. Way to Early Draft Simulation

    I agree he won't last that long but for some reason they had him ranked pretty low, personally I'm hoping he will be there for our 2nd round pick