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  1. Several reports that the OL looked bad. If there is even the slightest regression, in regards to overall performance of the OL, Howard Mudd should be fired.
  2. There is so excuse for losing a scrimmage to a disgraceful franchise like Cleveland. I don't care about their talent. They are Cleveland, and they are the NFL'S laughing stock. Ballard needs to send a message, and fire somebody.
  3. How did Luck injure himself? The injury occurring during "training" seems suspicious. Front office has been vague detailing the events surrounding the injury. Colts fans deserve an explanation.
  4. The best offensive lineman in the NFL, by far, isn't on the list? This list is very fake and phony.
  5. Mack is going to get his opportunities. Colts will have a scary passing game, and might forget about Return of the Mack.
  6. Incredible how mature all of our players appear to be. Only a matter of time before everyone starts copying Ballard. We have a team full of goal-oriented leaders that carry themselves with dignity at all times.
  7. For over a decade, Cleveland has been a laughing stock. Until they actually make the playoffs, they are still a laughing stock. Mayfield can talk all he wants to, but he still plays for a loser organization.
  8. Seemed like all the top QB's torched the Colts last season. Watson, not so much.
  9. Only error I found was that Leonard, Banogo, and Walker all have incorrect first names, and their positions were also left out. MLB, OLB, OLB. I know it's nitpicking a bit.
  10. Rocky will be CB1 on day one, with Desir as CB2. In today's NFL, Nickel CB's are basically starters, so we will see lots of Kenny Moore at CB3
  11. Rock will easily win ROY. He will be shut down CB starting from day 1. Good luck completing a pass on Rock Island
  12. I don't think the Colts put enough emphasis on "high character"
  13. Odds are very, very slim. Top 4 are TY, DC, PC, and DF. Chester Rogers has the advantage for WR5, and Fountain is there for WR6
  14. Cain is 100% safe to make the team. Colts have made a documentary web series about his recovery. He is about to be a fan favorite
  15. Rogers played at an HBCU college. Not sure I would classify it as a low level. The best football players of all time played at HBCU. Walter Payton and Jerry Rice say hello
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