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  1. They are stupid and unfit to referee an NFL game. This is a fact. They missed the helmet to helmet call on Hines. With all the focus on player safety, missing this call is a fireable offense. They also made bogus calls which favored Philly during the 4th quarter, which means they obviously had incentive for Philly to win the game. Dangerous to have stupid people referee an NFL game
  2. Pacergeek

    Dear NFL

    Hilarious that the borderline calls during the Eagles TD drive were all flagged against Indy. When we got the ball back, the one obvious call, the helmet to helmet on Hines, was not flagged. I've also never seen DL holding on 4th down called before ever. This was NBA like terrible officiating.
  3. Pacergeek

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    Is it possible Luck has taken in too much of Reich's coaching with the short throws? I know the offense is designed to throw the ball quickly, so if Luck sees an open guy 2 yards in front of him, he makes an effort to make a short completion?
  4. Pacergeek

    NFL made a mistake, it’s been fixed

    LOL at the last tackle on #25. Thompson saw Leonard in front of him, said "No Mas", and went down easier than Coby Fleener
  5. Pacergeek

    I vote Mr. Nyheim 100 yds this weekend.

    It's possible. He would have to break off a long run though
  6. Pacergeek

    What are you expecting?

    Colts win by 2+ TD's. Carson Wentz will be rusty. Eagles also have phony confidence from their SB win 9 months ago. Nobody fears the Eagles. At all
  7. Pacergeek

    Where does Robert Turbin fit upon return?

    I like Turbin more as a receiving threat. He is known as a short yardage specialist, and teams will not be prepared to cover him in a passing situation. Give him the ball in the open field, and make defenders dread having to tackle him
  8. Pacergeek

    Upcoming Philly thoughts and concerns

    If Foles were playing, I would be worried. Carson Wentz will be rusty, and he lessens their chances of winning. I don't care at all about them being SB champs 9 months ago. They were a fluke team to win, and have downgraded their QB this week
  9. Pacergeek

    Can this O-line get some credit finally?

    One name: Quentin Nelson. As high as his expectations were, he has somehow exceeded them. Cannot believe he fell into our laps at #6
  10. Leonard looks intimidating. Not as scary as a young Robert Mathis, but does not look like a dude you would cross
  11. Pacergeek

    Paradigm shift?

    Darius Leonard makes the Defense formidable. As long as he is in the lineup, the defense will be solid.
  12. Pacergeek

    Carson Wentz Cleared for Eagles vs Colts

    Insulting to Luck to even compare the two. Luck took a garbage team to the AFC title game. Carson has yet to even win a single playoff game. I know that Carson would have won MVP last year, but Luck should already have at least 2
  13. Pacergeek

    9-7 this year bet your savings on it

    I'm expecting a win vs Philly. They are one of those flukeish, lightening in a bottle, SB champs that do not intimidate opponents.
  14. Pacergeek

    Margus Hunt

    Besides Hines, what have I been wrong about exactly? I was wrong about the defense being bad, only because Leonard is much better than expected. I was 100% correct about both Wilson and Basham being busts, unfortunately.
  15. Pacergeek

    Margus Hunt

    Let's ignore that Ballard drafted two busts in a row, Wilson and Basham. I like Ballard just fine, but let's not act like he hasn't made any mistakes