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  1. Pacergeek

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    Please retire already. Not acceptable to blow easy kicks when season on the line
  2. Pacergeek

    Colts have fired OL coach Dave DeGuglielmo

    The offensive line was coached horribly vs KC. Leaving Glow, by far the weakest link, one-on-one vs Justin Houston was a horrible idea. A justifiable firing
  3. Pacergeek

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Culture and great locker room guys are way overrated. How did culture help when we were getting embarrassed by KC. We need difference makers, and they might carry some baggage. Big deal.
  4. The game plan was terrible, and I no longer believe in Reich. Losing to Andy Reid in the playoffs in unacceptable. Even had a lucky fake punt to keep Colts in the game. Abandoned the run comically early, which played to the only strength on the KC defense, their pass rush. No innovation on play calling whatsoever. Should have went for it on the Ebron catch short of the sticks.
  5. Pacergeek

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    The best WR in the draft, by far, is Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. He would make the offense unstoppable.
  6. Colts 45 Chiefs 24. Luck finally gets to play vs a bad defense. Will score every drive. Rigo will be spending his bye week in KC
  7. Before the season, I said Quentin was the best Guard in the NFL. Not only is Quentin the best Guard, he is the NFL's best offensive lineman. I am sorry for selling Quentin Nelson short
  8. Luck should easily win MVP. Put Luck on KC, and he throws for a minimum 70 TD's. Nelson should also easily win ROY. Best offensive lineman in the NFL, as a Rookie, is incredible. He's the Lebron James of offensive lineman
  9. Pacergeek

    What makes Leonard so good?

    Combination of speed and strength. He gets hands on ball carriers, they go down. Never in a bad position when trying to strip the ball. Basically, ball carrier’s best bet, when #53 is around, is to go full Marvin Harrison/T.Y. Hilton. Just go down
  10. Pacergeek

    A Look Back at the Last Colts Playoff Team (2014)

    I forgot all about Corey Redding. He was one of our top defenders. Put him on this year’s defense, he probably gets the John Simon treatment
  11. Pacergeek

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    Ballard should absolutely trade for AB.
  12. Pacergeek

    Where are the Naysayers?

    I'm here. Was dead wrong about the defense
  13. Pacergeek

    Will the colts be a dynasty

    Yes. Colts have NFL's top QB in Andrew Luck. Also have NFL's top offensive lineman in Q Nelson. By next season, will have NFL's top LB'er with The Maniac
  14. Pacergeek

    Nelson will make 1st team All Pro

    Not only is Quentin Nelson the NFL's top Guard, he is the NFL's top offensive lineman. He should easily win ROY