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  1. Pacergeek

    Eric Ebron was an amazing signing by Ballard

    Give a former bust TE Andrew Luck as their QB, and you have a pro bowler. #LuckforMVP
  2. Pacergeek

    Luck looks awesome!

    Cain will be a good depth player. Our WR1 of the future has to be Hollywood Brown. Not sure Brown will be there when we draft, so Ballard needs to trade multiple picks if necessary.
  3. Pacergeek

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    I've watched lots of film on LVE. Leonard looks like Lawrence Taylor by comparison. PFF are a bunch of dorks that don't know what they are talking about
  4. Pacergeek

    Holder on Lewis

    This thread title is misleading. Holder has no credibility at all
  5. Pacergeek

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    Why do people pay any attention to PFF? Having Leonard ranked #2 proves these people don't know what they are talking about.
  6. Well deserved award for Big Q. Before Quentin was drafted, Luck and Brissett got their brains bashed in every single week. After Quentin was drafted, Luck rarely takes big hits.
  7. Pacergeek

    Any doubt that Andrew Luck is elite now?

    Luck easily top 5. Brady, Rodgers, Brees are top 3. I would put Luck comfortably at #4
  8. Pacergeek

    Any doubt that Andrew Luck is elite now?

    Luck has been elite since his Rookie year, where he should have won the MVP. If Luck somehow gets this team to 10 wins, Luck should (but won't) win MVP
  9. For the Giants, yes
  10. Pacergeek

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    Spending big money for RB does not make any sense. Guys play well for maybe 2 years, get injured, and are never the same. Look at David Johnson for example. Steelers don't even really need Bell. Connor is just fine
  11. Pacergeek

    What upgrades do we need to be a contender?

    WR is priority 1. Luck needs another threat for the deep ball. Hollywood Brown would be perfect. CB is also a big need.
  12. I actually think Colts can win Division. Jacksonville is disaster and I don't trust Tennessee. Houston is good, but I don't trust Watson to stay healthy. He is made of glass it seems
  13. Giants are almost as dysfunctional as the Browns. After ODB was found using cocaine with call girl, they give him huge pay raise. Sends terrible message to other players on roster.
  14. Pacergeek

    Fire Eberflus

    Tampa Bay fired their Defensive Coordinator. We should follow suit. Let's give Robert Mathis the keys, and see how good of a coach he is. I know I would listen to him
  15. Pacergeek

    Top 5 draft Pick in 2019

    Hollywood Brown is a no-brainer. Should trade up if necessary. Brown would be our Tyreke Hill. Game changer