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  1. Baker Mayfield, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Mitch Trubisky, and a few names I'm forgetting. Is it bad coaching, bad scouting, or something else? Just find it interesting that these guys all suck.
  2. I'm sold. Brissett is very good. Don't pay attention to the fake media only covering the big name QB's.
  3. Frank Reich is Bill O'Brien's daddy. Only reason Houston won last year was because of a fluke. Colts have won three in a row, and I don't see the streak stopping this year.
  4. I think you are confusing blowout and dominant. I would agree the Colts have no blowouts, but KC was very dominant.
  5. Denver is horrible. Joe Flacco lol. Easy win this week.
  6. Colts dominated KC, one of the top teams in the AFC.
  7. Besides playing at New Orleans, the remaining schedule looks relatively easy. Jacksonville might be tough to sweep, but they don't look very strong this season. I would not be surprised if we finish 14-2. What's everybody else's take?
  8. Hooker is way too injury prone. A gust of wind blows on him, and he is out several weeks. Laughable that he's considered a top 5 Safety.
  9. My only complaint is that Ballard has missed on several high draft picks. Tyquon Lewis, Quincy Wilson, and Terrell Basham. 2nd and 3rd round picks should be impact starters.
  10. Romeo Crennell is a weak DC. Very stubborn, and resistant to any kind of change. Hilton will have another big game as usual.
  11. I just watched the recap video, and Houston was extremely motivated to beat KC. The Chiefs made a business decision to waive Justin. However, like Michael Scott once said, business is always personal. Houston took this very personal, and let his teammates know he would not accept losing to KC.
  12. Ballard missed the boat on the Campbell pick. Should have drafted the other Ohio St. WR, and Indianapolis native, Terry McLauren.
  13. The worst call of the game, by far, was Kelce's fumble. He caught the ball, had two feet down, was looking to run with it, and got hit. A very obvious fumble.
  14. Venturi is spot on with the defensive criticism. Colts run a complicated, innovative offense, and trot out a very vanilla defensive scheme. Very frustrating as a fan to watch.
  15. Is Lewis really injured, or is he a bust? I think Reich says he needs to get in football shape. This seems suspicious to me.
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