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  1. Only names I recognize are Walker and Hughes lol. Who is Matt Jones?
  2. I've never seen a coach panic while up 17 point before. O'Brien panicked when he called the stupid fake punt. His team sensed the panic from their leader, and melted down.
  3. Did you watch the Texans/Chiefs playoff game? If you blow a 24-0 lead, and get blown out in the process, you should be fired. The fake punt up 17 should have cost him his job too. He sucks at coaching and gets promoted. It's laughable Houston is stuck with this *.
  4. If we are expecting our next QB to be close to the same level of Patrick Mahomes, we will be severely disappointed.
  5. In theory, you are correct. Ballard tried to address this position, but it did not work out. We need a different approach. Yes, Campbell could pan out, but I wouldn't not draft another WR because Campbell is on the roster. We need competition across the board. Maybe a reason Campbell was bad is because nobody pushed him.
  6. Ballard tried to address the WR problem last year, but it was a swing and a miss. I am over trying out veteran, unproven WR's to fill a need. If Ballard wants to buy a FA WR, he needs to make sure he buys a good one. I liked Campbell at Ohio St, but he looked lost out there last season. Not comfortable relying on him to be a significant piece going forward.
  7. I would agree it's typically not the best draft strategy to invest in 2 WR's high in the draft. However, we have not had a WR2 since Reggie Wayne retired. Let's stop messing around, and fix this seemingly never ending weakness.
  8. Colts should draft both Tee Higgins and Henry Riggs. Ballard needs to stop messing around with the WR position. I would also like a TE. Either Kmet the Frog or Randy Moss's son.
  9. Teams are very close. Primary difference is that Tennessee shows up in the 4th quarter. Colts do not.
  10. McDaniels is a flake, and should never be considered for a head coaching job again. Any GM interested in hiring Josh, should be immediately fired.
  11. Just because Rock was a PFF all pro, can we please stop pretending he had a good Rookie season. Spoiler Alert: he didn't. I'd also like to address Banagu and his performance. He should also get some heat. For a second round pick, he did next to nothing. I hope they turn it around, but Ballard's 2019 second round picks were bad their Rookie years.
  12. Hot take: In order to avoid any kind of disruption, Brissett will be traded. Ballard will draft a QB, and sign a veteran QB. If the Rookie isn't ready to start the season, the veteran will be starting on opening day. Colts needs to sell tickets, and people will not buy if Brissett is the starting QB. I think Brissett gets traded because he will not be cool with the eventual demotion. Put out the fire.
  13. I'm on record saying Luck should have won, at least, 2 MVP's. As a Rookie, Luck took that team with no running game, no offensive line, and no defense to an 11-5 record into the playoffs. None of the great QB's have accomplished this, and I don't think we will ever witness this again.
  14. I don't know if you have ever competed in sports before, but competition brings out the best in you. In 2018, we signed Glow off the street, and he had to work very hard to prove he's a capable starter. He played well, and earned the contract, but had a different mind set knowing he would be starting. Didn't have to worry about getting cut or benched. My take is that Ballard should have made sure to sign or draft another Guard to make Glow sweat. Didn't play with same sense of urgency knowing his job was safe, regardless of performance.
  15. Our LB's are good. The questions I have are: Does our secondary stink, does our front four stink, or both?
  16. Glowinski got exposed this season. Every time he had to block a premiere player, Glow got manhandled. This is what happens when there is no competition for a starting roster spot. Ballard needs to find another Guard to compete with Glowinski.
  17. Once you have seen Sutton torch Rock, you cannot un-see this horrifying image. This is my biggest hang-up. Until I see Rock hold his own against a quality WR, I will continuing viewing Rock unfavorably.
  18. I guess I'm cynical after Quincy Wilson. Every off season, the local media hyped him up. Created narrative that he was working very hard, and was poised for a breakout year. Since Wilson has busted, and they look foolish, the media is already doing this trick for Rock.
  19. The pass defense seems very low for SB teams. I think if you did the study for only the last decade, there would be very few T4.
  20. Rock "PFF all star" Ya Sin is our CB1 of the future!! Who cares if he can't play Man to Man without holding!!
  21. I appreciate the hard work, but I have a hard time believing the defense is anywhere close to a SB contender. Numbers inflated vs teams with bad QB's. If your defense allows a QB to complete 29/30 passes, your defense stinks.
  22. Completely agree with this take. Ballard has had too many misses on defensive players. Heading into the 4th year, this Defense is still bad. Best case: Turay breaks out and gives our pass rush a formidable 1-2 punch with Houston. Ballard must find premier DT as well. Cover 2 will not work without pass rush from front 4.
  23. What flashes? He had 127 yards for the season. Every NFL player will occasionally make a play or two. I remember the TD completion, which was a layup. I also remember a long run, where he tackled himself. He was also a complete disaster returning punts.
  24. Above is a very big contradiction lol.
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