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  1. Yours was an honest mistake, Gavin (and you apologized). :) I think we have all clicked in a forgot which section of the forum we were reading at the time. No worries.

    And to Suzy - thanks. Still finding my way. :hug:

    now... :topic:

    One of good friends is a die-hard Chiefs fans so this comment of Ruk's hit home:

    "...and the AFC West will tremble in his wake."

    She and I have already been fussing about football. rotflmao She so wanted Peyton to go to Tennessee or SF. :cheer:

    It is going to be interesting.

  2. I have not been able to write anything about Peyton without getting all choked up.

    After Peyton's words to Phil B. 'Tell the fans I appreciated them too.' (or words to that effect), I realized that there are no words to THANK Peyton and there are no ends to my appreciation for him and what he means to this game.

    I am a fan of the game, I am a fan of Peyton. I am a fan of the greatest player to ever play this game (on and better yet - OFF the field). I always will be. Nothing will change that. No team logo, no team colors, nothing.

    PeytonGirl forever

  3. It's already public knowledge that Williams did something similar in DC. Several former players have commented about it: http://www.washingto...vAYxS_blog.html

    Also worth mentioning that the hit on Peyton was almost certainly not the direct result of any bounty program. Considering the way that play went down and the two Skins players involved (both grade A, class act types), it was just a freak accident that Peyton got all bent up like he did.

    The main player involved in that certainly would not have been a part of a bounty program. Daniels was horrified that Peyton was hurt and distraught, going to him and Coach Dungy several times to see if things were okay. It was a freak accident when one player went high and one went low. Daniels has always been blamed for that and I was there and have never thought he did it purposely. Not even now.

  4. I personally believe that there is a line between being cheeky and making things personal. I think we must have good discussions here and that means that they will be lively.

    For the majority of the issues we have faced in the last several months (it seems), most things stem from the spirit from which the posts were intended. If they are meant to incite and provoke a nasty response or are meant to just push a button, then perhaps the comments are better off given a second thought prior to sending. Because posting a message for the sole intention to incite is equal to trolling.

    At the same time, because it is the internet we do not have the face to face interaction to always help understand the intent to the post. What some feel are just sarcastic remarks meant in jest, another may feel was an intentional hurtful personal shot. It helps to take a step back and look at things from another point of view and that is not easy to do (believe me).

    A lot of us come to the message board to blow off steam at the end of the day or to release some boredom during the workday. Maybe it makes a person feel better to pick a little fuss and argue about nothing really with another poster. (just hypothetically speaking, mind you) But there are others concerned who may also be having a hard time or a bad day. It helps to remember that.

    The last season and especially the last month or so has been very emotional for Colts fans. We just all need to try to be better to each other. Things will work out.

  5. Yes, it is all subjective at times.

    And this upcoming season, when there are fans wearing jerseys of a QB who no longer plays for the team, shall we interpret them as fans who aren't supporting the QB under center as well?

    You see, it is all a matter of perspective.

    Peace, Love and Football. :)

    Well, a lot of folks already do. ;)

  6. Looked like a guy gettin' ready to go to a super bowl to me. Even with his decrepit, weak, strained, old man throwing, he still may be the best QB in the league or getting ready to be in the league.

    I think the orange reminds him of being in college.

    Yeah, loving the Vols orange throwback.

  7. Those that mean the thread to be humorous, it is great. We need more humor and light heartedness around here these days. :cheer:

    Those who are using it for their own devices to be snarky, not so cool and not as clever as you think. Just don't go there. Let's keep it in the spirit it which it was (hopefully) intended. ;)

    Best wishes to Lacey.

  8. Let me clarify my "punks" reference. This references the fans who will bail on this club now that 18 is gone. No question PM did inmeasurable good things for this franchise, including growing the fan base. As a fan that grew up going to Colts games in a 3/4 full dome and was only full when a well traveled opposing team's fan base came to play, I can fully appreciate a sold out LOS complete with Blue jerseys. What I can't appreciate is fans bailing on the Colts now that PM is gone. These fans aren't Colts fans. Their spoiled rotten fans who are loyal to a player, not a franchise, and are the same fan who maintained the "there's always next year" montra in all the years we crashed and burned in the playoffs as they never experienced the misery that existed prior to PM getting to Indy. I get it. I understand it. But my member name is as much about being a colts fan before the greatest QB of all time arrived in Indy as it is about still being a huge fan now that he's gone. I bleed blue for the horseshoe. Anyway, don't take offense chief. If you are still a fan with PM gone, then great. If you are one of the bandwagon fans who is bailing and/or trashing the Colts now that 18 is gone, then the punk reference applies.

    Please allow me to clarify something for you. Calling any fans who post on this forum (or members who read) "punks" - however you choose to define it - is insulting, inflammatory and is trolling.

  9. Thanks to all for cooling off and bringing some much needed humor and peace back to the forum and back to the thread. :)

    Hopefully we can all move on and simply remember why it was posted in the first place - out of concern for all here, so that we can discuss our love of the game in a safe, friendly environment.

    There are plenty of places on the internet that you can go and post where it is "no-holds-barred" or whatever that expression is. You can say whatever you like and if you are "man enough to take it", fight, curse and flame each other all day. But this is not one of those places.

    All that is asked here is civility and respect. You don't have to like each other. You don't have to agree. But you do have to be respectful in what you do say or else keep it to yourself. You cannot resort to jr. high playground antics.

    And just a note to what CS said above, the mods do make almost all decisions as a group. We are very cognizant of when there are personality conflicts. In efforts to be fair, we do our best to let other mods head up a problem if there has been a personal issue with a poster. I can wholeheartedly assure you that we believe in equality and fairness and do our utmost to provide that for everyone. No one is perfect, but we do a good job and I don't mind saying that. I have seen other forums and I have been a mod on this one for a long time. I know what we stand for and I know how hard we all work for you.

    That being said...these are for Ruksak and everyone who are starting their peace movements. Cheers!

    :hippie: :hippie2: :hippies: :flowers: :cool: :banana:

    I just want us all to be able to get along well enough to have civil conversations about football. Simple.



  10. Now, let's please keep this back on the original topic and in the spirit in which it was meant. One of being helpful to the community. There are too many exciting things happening that all football fans can get into soon. No need to look for divisions and conflict. It is a new season for us all.

    Are you ready for some football? :huthut::cheer:

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