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  1. Ive been on this for 5 min and not banned for a week yet. I must be making progress, LOL

    Hey, second chances for everyone (well, almost LOL )! Just follow the rules and you will be just fine. But you know that already. ;)

    I have the old banned list, but I promise to not even look at it...unless I have to. :o haha

  2. Welcome everyone!

    Hopefully this will be what everyone is looking for in a forum for all football fans, especially COLTS NATION.

    The old forum rules are similar and you can find those via the various links for "forum rules/guidelines" and the "cliff notes"/quick version can be found here. If you were a member of our original forum, you will find a few changes. You can post images and videos anywhere on the forum (as long as they are of reasonable size - as in 800 x 600 max). You can also have an image in your signature (100 x 400 max), so banners are back if you like! But if you are a user who does not wish to see all of this in the forum, you can turn it all off in your board preferences inside your personal profile.

    If you are a new user, please be aware that we do things a bit differently than most places. Please take time to read the rules. This is YOUR responsibility and you did agree to follow the rules when you created an account. Basically, we believe in mutual respect, a family-friendly forum for all fans and the golden rule of "don't be a jerk". Also, new users will have a few minor posting restrictions for a very limited time, just until you get the feel of the place and the atmosphere. This is not meant to be uninviting in any way as we welcome all visitors and new users. But we all need time to get to know each other and this can serve as a protection against savvy spammers. You will understand and appreciate this once you become a regular user.

    If you see something out of line, please use the REPORT button to alert us. This cannot be said often enough as the mod team cannot read each and every post made on the board.

    We have a chat room for the forum! Please be sure to review the specific chat rules prior to entering. The chat room will be open to the forum community on game days (and occasionally at other times, check the announcements) so that everyone can enjoy a GAME DAY CHAT session. We will still have our usually Game Day thread for those who aren't big on chat rooms.

    And please help out the mod squad by using the "report" button in the lower left corner of a post if you see anything out of line. Thanks so much.

    You can find some helpful tips on "navigating the community, what is netiquette and playing well with others" here (and don't forget that the ignore feature can be useful at times):

    Helpful Tips For New Members Please post helpful suggestions about posting here

    Helpful Tips For Irritated Posters What to do instead of taking personal shots at other members

    Quick version of the site rules - the least you need to know

    A big issue we constantly run into despite warnings everywhere...don't request or post links to websites or online streams of NFL games. This is a legal issue and is cause for suspension of posting privileges. Just please don't do it at all - anywhere on the site.

    I am sure it is listed somewhere on the site, but just in case you need a quick list - below is a list of our current site moderation team. Community team members can assist you in all aspects of the site, where as Forum mods will generally assist in the forum discussion area only. Chat mods help to moderate the chat room and issue that arise there.

    Your Team!

    Maureen - Community Manager

    Shecolt - Community Moderator

    ColtsSouth - Community Moderator

    Zebra3 - Community Moderator

    21isSuperman - Community Moderator

    JJ - Forum moderator

    Susie Q - Chat Mod

    Holden89 - Chat Mod

    Danish Colt - Chat Mod

    (and just a personal mod thing...in memory of Doubletap - one of our originals, a hero we lost last year)

    Please feel free to contact any of us for help and if we don't have the answer, we will find it for you. Please enjoy the forum and let us know what you think!

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