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  1. Please don't ban me! From what I've always heard/read about this place, bannation is imminent for those who don't "toe the line" or have a differing opinion on things. For that reason alone, it took me years to finally take a chance and join this site.

    I like it here, and the posters here seem to be good folks. I must be doing something right, or I would never have had enough approved posts to become a Member. Whether or not I wind up banned, I'll still be a Colts fan...on this website or on another. I just ask that y'all don't make me leave for expressing myself.

    P.S. Your current name, as a MOD, is 'PeytonGirl'...on the official Colts website fan forum. Peyton is no longer a Colt. You might want to consider changing your name. PLEASE don't ban me for that remark. I'm not trying to be an a**, I'm just saying.

    If you heard such awful things, I wonder what your motivation was for joining in the first place.

    And I am joining to ask you in the nicest way possible, please don't ever tell me to change my user name. I have been PeytonGirl for a very long time and I WILL be PeytonGirl long after Peyton no longer plays. I won't ever post as anything else.

    May I just say, that is not very considerate. If I say anything else, I might have to ban myself.

  2. I think he's been thoughtful to tell teams once he's eliminated them.

    It hasn't been long since he was cut. 10 days ago.

    He gets calls as soon as FA opens - 5 days ago. It was reported that 12 teams contacted, maybe more.

    He eliminated some right away since he had no interest (like Washington).

    He immediately made plans to go and meet with the few he was serious about. We know Miami, Tenn, Az, Den and SF. Narrowing it down.

    He eliminates Miami and AZ. Down to 3. And he works out for them and discussing contracts supposedly. All the time in between, he is flying around the country/having all day meetings and practicing.

    Now takes 2-3 days to make final decision about his career and future. Says he will announce on Mon or Tues. A *WEEK* after FA opened. One week.

    Come on, gotta be reasonable here.

  3. You are correct that we cannot know what he is thinking, but to suggest we know what kind of person he is, and what values he has is a stretch.

    Not if you have followed him and his family for a long time. See MACs post. No need to repeat.

  4. If it's all about winning, Denver and San Fran are the two remaining teams in the hunt that offer the best chance.

    Denver has already offered him 5 years, $90 Million. But maybe San Fran will offer more.

    And the simple fact that the Titans might very well get him should indicate that it may not just be about winning. Titans are nowhere close to being as good as Denver or the Niners.

    Yeessss, him taking time (what 2 days...omg!) to weigh options and consider where he will move his family and how his future will play out has nothing to do with anything. He should just hold out to see who will give him the most money. All about the dollar. :sarcasm:

    Not that he isn't already worth a bunch and probably doesn't need to worry about the money or the fact that his wife is also very successful.

    Man, how greedy. :rolleyes:


  5. It's all a convoluted web of ironic coincidences.

    Consider Peyton facing this:

    1) leaving the Colts, who most likely will be drafting a former Stanford QB, Andrew Luck, to replace him.

    2) going to the 49ers, and working with Jim Harbaugh, the former Stanford HC, who likened Andrew Luck as the perfect person aside from his wife.

    3) going to the Broncos, and working for John Elway, a former Stanford QB who said no to the Colts in 1983, who in turn, recently said no to Peyton in 2012.

    Or say say poo to all of the irony and Stanford stuff and sign with the Titans. lmao

  6. As I said in another thread, what has Peyton done for Indy? Think about it...seriously without malice, but honestly. Where would Indy be without the last decade of wins with Peyton? The Superbowl, hosting the Superbowl, LOS for that matter. The local jobs, the economy, the morale.

    Folks can make jokes of the TN legislation all you want, but perhaps they see the potential of all of this and would like it for the people in TN as well. Those looking at the big picture are not underestimating the impact.

  7. .....

    Also, I'm not sure what part of TN Ashley is from (they were married in Memphis), but there is a general hatred of eastern Tennessee (Knoxville/UT) from the rest of the state (Nashville/Vandy and Memphis) and vice-versa, and they aren't close together. Point is, they are different parts of the state, and the tie is only by state name, not emotion or past history.

    Ashley is from Memphis and there isn't really a general "hatred" or division in the state. That being said, there is a unifying factor...Peyton. The whole state loves Peyton.

  8. *IF* Peyton signs with TN, he would still be generating revenue for Indy. Think of the additional ticket sales/tourism that a one or two of games will bring Indy when the teams meet at LOS. Media coverage that the Colts will likely not get otherwise for a while.

    Not exactly the kind you might expect to think of, but it is true. If he is considering the city of Indianapolis and still how to give to it in any way, maybe he has thought of that as well. Who knows? If he plays in Miami and Denver, those games will rarely happen. In the division, it is a guarantee.

    I don't know, just a thought.

  9. I'm not sure why Denver (8-8 last year) is seen is a team that's "ready to win" more than the Titans (9-7) right now. They are both very similar in where they're at to compete. And what other teams are out there that want Peyton that's ready to win now more than those two? AZ & Miami aren't.

    As a life longer in TN, I think ya'll underestimate the deep connection Peyton has to the state of Tennessee...not just UT....his wife's family, relationships, etc. No question he has been in Indy for 14 years and that has been his home, but his 4 years in Knoxville were not experienced like a normal college student would do it. He steeped himself in this state and he is a statewide icon. he continues to nurture deep roots in this state and he is beloved from Bristol to Memphis. I promise you that there is no other NFL team that has as many fans from a different state simply based on one player. You have no idea how many "Colts fans" reside in TN because of PM. I know he was loved in Indiana, but I can promise you that the affection for him in TN equals or trumps that...he's a folk legend here. Point being, why should he not take an opportunity to play in his a state where he is dearly loved and vice versa to finish his career? If you think it's simply to get back at the Colts, that's ridiculous...will he enjoy playing the Colts, I'm sure he will. But how can you say it'll tarnish his legacy if he goes where is best for him and his family? so he should go to another team just so he doesn't hurt the Colts feelings? really? this is not a 3-13 team. The Titans are in just a good of a place to make a run as any of the interested teams. So i think it's selfish to expect him to not embrace a chance to finish his career in a place he dearly loves. he gave his whole heart and energy to the Colts, the fans and the community. To suggest his emotion in leaving was fake is absurd. he wanted to finish it a Colt, but the Colts decided differently. I understand the circumstances in the situation and the justifications of "health', etc., but he was still sent packing and everyone nodded that "it's a business". so understand that there are circumstances in play here too....just like he wanted to be a Colt until he retired, but it didn't happen because the perfect storm came around with Luck. things fell into place where he can finish his football where it all began, in a place that he calls home as well...a place where there are deep roots of affection between him and the state of Tennessee. If he chooses Denver, fine...but if he chooses the Titans, let him finish it in a place he loves without throwing stones.

    Best post I have seen in a very long time. Thank you!

    Many people say "it was just business" when he was cut from Indy, the flip side is that "it is just business" if he signs with whatever team offers him the best deal for him, his family and his future. Many folks fussing that he may sign with TN are the same ones berating the people who are upset about losing him. We cannot have it both ways. If it is just business, then it is. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    So, with that being said, why not just be happy for Peyton - consider what he has meant to Indy, wish him success with his endeavors and then choose who you wish to root for if and when the teams face off. We are all fans of the game or else we wouldn't be here. No need for any ill will toward anyone.


  10. Where is all this huge ties to tenn coming from? He played his college ball there for 4 years, he played here for 14 years....wouldnt he want to stay more loyal to say I don't know...the colts? Oh yeah, I forgot we cut him...left him high and dry without any say at all. I mean, they did say he would be ready for game one last year. They did say he would be back 6 games in. They did say he would come back at the end of the season. We can't believe he will be perfectly healthy for this year? It's only 28,000,000 right?

    His wife and her whole family are from Tennessee. Now that they have a family, that might be playing a big part in things. Grandparents and all... :)

  11. Peyton has strong ties to the state of Tennessee. If Bud Adams has truly offered him a "contract for life" (possible FO or ownership incentives for the future), how can anyone fault him for seriously considering this?

    He said time and again that he wanted to stay in Indy. Whatever circumstances brought about that not happening, it isn't going to happen now. But that takes nothing away for what he has done for the team or the city of Indy.

    If he does the same for Tennessee now, so what? The TN state legislation is passing measures now to try to get him here. lol The state loves Peyton. Is it really so easy to forget how amazing this person is? And I don't mean just the QB. I am talking what he brings to the culture and state of mind of the area and what he does off the field.

    A few days ago, nearly everyone said they hoped he still won another ring or two. If that happened, it means Indy wasn't going to be winning those SBs. So why is it so horrible if his philanthropy (on and off the field) may go to TN now?

    If he cannot have a long term future in Indy, I would be happy to have him settled in TN rather than Denver or Miami. It would be great for the state.

    Just because you wish Peyton well doesn't mean you cannot still root for your own team.

  12. I didn't know we had limits on likes, to be honest. :dunno:

    I liked both posts for you guys, just for good measure. I also took care of the insulting post, too. That type of stuff is not needed. There are tons of female football fans who love the game.

    That would be the same as saying the male fans only watch the games for the cheerleaders. :nono:

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