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  1. I have a persian cat who just turned 19 and a half a few days ago. Very proud of her. She is quite beautiful and mobile for an elderly cat. probably looks quite a few years younger and acts it sometimes. If only when we are all that old we can look that good and have people going crazy over us.........

    My 23 year old calico/tabby/tux is sitting here beside me now. She defies all laws of nature and logic. :)

  2. Misunderstanding... I wasn't saying that if a RULE is important it can be said elsewhere, I was saying that it should be left to remind people, but not to be posted on, it was a little crazy there for awhile. Sorry if I annoyed you there, wasn't trying...

    I gotcha and you didn't annoy me. Sorry if it came across like that. :)

    When there is a major rift or a lot of issues in the forum, sometimes we will post a rule reminder. If we have had a big influx of new users or if there has been a big event and folks have gotten used to pushing the limits a little too much, some appreciate the reminder that the rules are there for everyone.

    No problems at all. :D

  3. Wow... It seems to have gotten better, but maybe the thread should be closed? If something is really important it can be said elsewhere, right?

    It *IS* said elsewhere, namely in the rules. But too many folks forget about them.

    I have to say that I am curious as to why some folks want the thread closed. I am not asking. I am simply making an observation.

  4. you'll change mind soon enough..I predict by season's end when Luck or Griffin is shattering records and hoisting up the ROY trophy..

    Also I'm new here but if I may ask why is there a TOM BRADY emoticon??? not only is that sacrilegious but an abomination to this board to honor a PATRIOT in that fashion..only thing I hate more than a Laker is a Patriot..I feel like throwing up.

    Yes, you may be new here so you may not get the history of our forum. But we have a good number of Patriot fans on here. In fact, one of our longest standing members (and mods) is a Pats fan.

    Over the years and through the many versions of this forum, we have enjoyed lively debates with our Patriot friends and somewhere down the line, we got into the fun of...

    Peyton vs. Brady or Cake vs. Pie.

    So when some new emoticons were added, these were among them for fun.

    :manning: :brady: :cake::pie:

    It is not to honor Tom necessarily, just because he is talked about a lot. :)

  5. And all I'm saying it doesn't need to be turned into a nursery. Her examples of "black and white" were particularly irritating. There's always the issue that rules apply to some but not others but I've been into that before...

    What do you propose they do?! Ban me for speaking my mind? How does that solve anything, what kind of example does that prove? I've not called the moderation team a bunch of *s nor suggested they're unfit for their jobs! I've called them out before and had respectable discussions with them (namely PeytonGirl herself and 21isSuperman) so I highly doubt they'd get rid of me for "calling them out". Who was it before that started removing anybody who dissented...? Brown shirts, red armbands, can't remember their names. Yeah, turned out shooting anybody who disagreed wasn't a good idea. I think the moderators of this site are far more respectable than that.

    A few notes.

    The post you reference was not made about you (I do not believe).

    The black/white comment was made because several posters had problems by getting into racial comments regarding QBs (especially Luck and RG3). It was a no racism reminder, nothing else.

    Your veiled reference was not missed, nor appreciated. :sigh: I call Godwin's law.

    You can take this suggestion or not, but since you seem to find these reminders offensive...perhaps you would be better served posting in another topic before something is said that cannot be taken back.

    That goes for everyone.

    As shecolt said, the post was made for everyone's benefit. Nothing more, nothing less. The mods are under no obligation whatsoever to communicate to the members. The rules are posted. It is your responsibility to read and follow them. If you don't, we are charged with the obligation of keeping the forum running smoothly.

    You could simply get a pm/email saying you have been warned/suspended/banned and that is that.

    Posting rule reminders is not my favorite way of spending a Friday night. ;) Being harangued about doing my job is certainly not high on my list.

  6. In what context should a forum member be looked down upon for using the words black, white, liar or cheater?! Obviously if we disregard racism which doesn't need particular guidelines, I see no reason for those words to be blacklisted. If someone is lying they have every right to be called a liar, and how do you cheat at forums?

    And how about sarcasm? I'm sure you were being sarcastic by calling me "very intelligent" - may we respond to every post with gleeful sarcasm? Is saying "Well done, great reasoning you super genius" any better than "No, you cretin"?

    No, I think you are a very intelligent person. We have had discussions before. That was not meant in any other way than how it was said, truthfully. That is why I don't understand why you are making a meal out this.

    If you word something with the intent on being insulting, then you made an insult. How hard is that? If your intent is to be inflammatory, then it will probably will come across that way. :dunno:

  7. You opened "Pandora's Box"...deal with it. Your thread wasn't needed if the forum was properly moderated....quite simple really? Ban me as I know you will and quite frankly could care less as you know less about human interaction then you do about football.


    The thread was created to try and help everyone remember the rules. Too much has been said on both sides of EVERY subject here.

    Too much division, conflict and too much nastiness. Time to try and find our way back.

    Some appreciate the courtesy of a reminder and apparently some do not. That is interesting.

    But hey, whatever. Like I said. Take it as you will. Seems you did.

  8. This is not going to be a bash the moderation thread (which is against the rules to do so on the forum, btw). If ANY of you see a post that is problematic, report it. It will be reviewed and handled by the mod team.

    Guess what? Those results are not made public. You don't get to know what happened. So you don't know when an issue has been dealt with.

    This is not an "air your grievances" thread. It was made more of a reminder to most and a warning to many.

    Take it as you will.

  9. This is a joke, right? I mean, obviously you're not actually suggesting they should be seriously banned, but you can't honestly look down on the use of them?

    Otherwise I've got a list of other words to ban, just ask Samuel Johnson for it.

    If the words were supposed to be banned, they would be in the words filter. Yes, obviously.

    Come on. :rollseyes: A little perspective, please. These words are inflammatory and yes, they will be looked down as such.

  10. Thanks, Ruksak.

    Part of the purpose of the reminder thread is to emphasize the fact that inciting is trolling.

    We are all human and have the urge to rise to the bait when it is right there in front of us.

    It is easier to retaliate than it is to hit the report button. But we all have to try to be the bigger person.

    The mods cannot read every post written. I know there are inciting posts. I see a lot. I delete a lot. I warn for a lot of them. I know all of the mods do. However, it is every poster's responsibility to decide what they type and send. If you respond, you are responsible for what you wrote and you cannot blame anyone for it. Yes, the person that started it deserves (and should be) reprimand based on what he/she wrote. But each person has to be accountable for what he/she posts.

    Ruksak, I like your list.

    May I add a few words to it?


    "real/true" fan




    All of these are going to be red flags to an already raging bull.

    It doesn't have to be kindergarten here, but we can and should be able to act like civil adults. :)

    Now where do I sign up for this movement, Ruksak?

  11. I would love to have seen Peyton and Jeff together one more season, but I am not sure the offense in Denver (run heavy) would be great for Jeff. Not what he is used to playing.

    I know Denver will adjust a bit for Peyton, but they are still built differently and I am not sure Jeff was the right fit.

    Packers is not a bad landing spot.


  12. I have two cats, one of each of your description... so I guess 50/50 is pretty accurate. For the record, my cat Peyton is the friendly one.. :cat: :kitty:

    I have a cat named Peyton. Big surprise there. Nyah!

  13. The tool part....That is not quite the spirit of the rules.

    It is unreasonable to expect others to just "have a thick skin" and say "if you cannot take the heat, don't be on the internet". We are made up of a large fanbase of many types of fans. There are plenty of forums out there where "anything goes". If you want to act like a tool or call others a tool, there are places for that.

    It isn't here. Respect and civility.

    Disagreeing passionately? That is fine as long as it is done without being insulting to each other. Passion is a great thing in fandom.

  14. Peyton is the one who had to make the decision about his health and surely knows more than anyone else how he feels.

    Speaking from experience (two spinal fusions - lumbar), I understand about the additional stress on the areas above and below the fusion. But his original issue was from injury and not from an ongoing problem like disk degeneration. The stress will be limited and those areas will be strong.

    All any of us can do is wish him the best now and in the future. He has decided to play.

    But this thread will be moved to NFL General. Thanks for posting it. I found it interesting from multiple standpoints. :)

  15. ... Remember last year when late in the season the Jets gave Mark Brunell a few series with the #1s for one practice in the middle of the week the media storm it caused?...

    just off in left field here, but I would have given Brunell all the reps. :Dhaha

    But I am an official Brunell fan girl and will readily admit that. His is the only authentic game worn jersey I own. :faint:

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