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  1. It is very possible that Peyton didn't want to come back to a team without the keys he has always had around him. But then he has always been flexible, so I sort of doubt it.

    Things don't jive somewhere though. Peyton has said that he wanted to stay with one team and has always reworked contracts. Irsay made a big deal about paying him big money and has never had a problem with it in the past.

    I think there is a lack of respect to say that he would have to compete with Luck. This should be his team. But that is business or so they say.

    I think it is a "what have you done for me lately" way of thinking and loyalty means nothing. Just sad.

  2. How do you know this isn't on Peyton? Maybe he didn't like the idea of going through a rebuilding process. Maybe he wouldn't take less money. You don't know what the story behind this is and neither do any of us. To blame Irsay or the Colts franchise in general is closed minded and irrational.

    Excuse me Mr. Assumption. Did I say whose decision? Or did I place blame? I just said bad decision (which in my opinion it is regardless of which side made it). Get over yourself for jumping down my throat.

  3. I think Philip Daniels may have known about that 'practice' but I still don't think his hit was intentionally to hurt. He was distraught and IIRC there was another player involved making it is two hit pretzel type take down (haven't had the heart to see video again, but I was there at teh game). He went to Peyton, Dungy and several after the injury and game to apologize and check on Peyton. I just don't think he meant to hurt Peyton, but I think he may have known that there was a program in place and wanted to be sure no one thought his hit was intentional.

    I don't know. Daniels just seems straight up. :dunno: But these days, who knows about anyone. :sigh:

  4. Hey, it could be leaked with a great amount of confidence that most any person who has played a sport for a number of years has bones spurs. Hmmm....interesting that is.

    Hey, guess what? I bet Peyton will have to have surgery at some point to remove scar tissue too from previous surgeries. Of course no one in the media says that is usually minor.

    You can media spin anything.

    I bet he is going to have arthritis in those joints around that fusion too.

    Bet it hurts in the rain and cold. Oh no! What about Gillette???

    See? Easy.

  5. This all from the man who tried to give Peyton more money in the original latest contract to begin with (make him the highest OB ever and brag about it) and Peyton turned it down. This from the man who paid him millions last season knowing he probably wasn't going to play a down and said he was happy to do it.

    Now it is all about money? Meh. 2 +2 aren't equal to 4 in this.

  6. We can also try to just keep it positive and say congrats to the Giants and acknowledge the Patriots for the awesome game and their efforts. That final pass could have gone either way, this the game going either way.

    A game for the ages...amazing.

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