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  1. Did you disregard the whole second half of my post.  We don't care if they benefited or not.  Its the fact that they did it at all is the issue.

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    2. Narcosys


      I don't know, I cant find the personal message, I thought this was it lol. It says leave a message, so I did.

    3. amfootball


      Did you just sent to me or others? I wonder if it is the same as PM or different.


      I respect your opinion and was not trying to bring up DG but just sharing the data given many, many here wanted to see if Brady's performance or the team's fumbles would be affected. I was just posting the data that emphatically says it was not. I did not create a separate thread because I did not want to rehash DG but just give the update on a Brady related thread ...

    4. amfootball


      To be fair, Brady seemed to have a pretty good deep ball this season (I don't have the stats just going off the eye test) as compared to other seasons and a football that has more air in it is easier to throw further with more velocity. He was throwing more deep balls because Edelman was out half the season but IMO his deep ball seemed much better.

  2. Anyone afraid of mass shootings, read this.  http://gawker.com/you-will-not-die-in-a-mass-shooting-1746158444

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    2. Narcosys


      Plus I'm still figuring this out,  but it's a status update on my profile,  not a post on the forums themselves.

    3. 12isthenew18
    4. Narcosys


      Because feelings are so strong and almost synonymous with poltical issues, guns get turned into it quickly.  I was just trying to show there shouldn't be a fear of it.

  3. I am unable to post.  It will say saving after i click submit, but nothing happens.  It may be just on my end, but letting you know.

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    2. radiogirl


      site seems great today.  Not having any of those issues today.

    3. Narcosys



      Both times it was on my mobile phone, initially I tried to copy and paste a text from an article and the second time I was trying to paste a direct link.  I ended up posting the link by hitting the link button and then pasting it in. 

      It seems to only happen on my mobile phone.

    4. Narcosys


      Lol, sorry but heres another.  Clicking the "Home" Link at the upper left is returning a


      Sorry, there is a problem

      Cannot find the page you requested

      Error code: 2T187/2

  4. Dude, you got some 'right wing/left wing' issues that you need to figure out bro. This is like twice in the past week or so you come out railing against some perceived right wing nutcase, when there are plenty of left wing nutcases.  You have your own views, that fine.  But knock the bashing of other views off.  Isn't tolerance the mantra of the left?  Oh wait, thats only for people that agree with you.  That is some definition of tolerance the left has.

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    2. Narcosys


      oh, Now I'm the bad guy lol.  Why are you in on this? 

    3. Jules


      Because I can be and I do share many of his views as well. Now again......scamper. Don't make a leftist woman too mad or she can go insane......right?

      So see ya later Narcosys, thanks for your contributions. Much appreciated. Buh bye.

    4. Nadine


      We all need to be more mindful that this is a diverse board.

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