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  1. Being at the draft is surreal 

  2. The college process gave me a good bating. My 3 best friends going to my dream school that I got rejected from. Similar applicants too :(

  3. I know it's early to ask but anyone planning on going to the draft. I want to get as many colts fans s possible. 

    1. alawai



  4. Screw atlanta

    1. southwest1


      So, does your status update mean you are disappointed they lost the SB with a large cushion in their favor or that Brady & Co. are almost indestructible?


      Just seeking some clarification 12-18. Thanks man. Appreciate it. :thmup:

  5. stand together and rise up

  6. RIP Yordano Ventura

    1. southwest1


      Baseball isn't exactly my premier level of expertise here. Nevertheless, it's a bummer that this former Kansas City Royals pitched died recently 12-18. Sorry man. 

  7. This is why football is worse. The afc is so predictable. The patriots and steelers make football boring and these games mean nothing to their franchises. This means nothing to them. Until we eradicate this huge franchises the league will suck.

  8. I've given up hope we will get rid Pagano and Grigson. Until then I have no faith in the franchise. Ima still be around

  9. Draft in Philly, I'm going

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Congrats on Drafting Ben Simmons. I guess that was a no brainer but he is going to be the real deal IMO.

  10. Congrats cavs. Browns SB 51 champs???

    1. RockThatBlue


      Lets not get ahead of ourselves now. Lol

    2. southwest1


      I gotta concur with RTB on this one. The Cleveland Cavs winning it all in 2016 was awesome indeed but the Browns hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over their head in February...Now, let's not go off the reservation 12-18. 


      I admire your optimism though. Way to throw the dog pound a juicy bone my man. Nice! 

  11. Not football related but I took the ACT's got above average but not high enough to me so does anyone know what they did or are doing to study to improve on that or SAT's drastically? 

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Are you trying to get into a certain college regarding your SAT score? Back when I took it I scored a 1210 out of 1600 and that was considered Good, not Great but Good and I could've went to IU or Purdue. What is the scoring like now? That was 26 years ago when I took it LOL. I graduated from IUPUI with a degree like George Hill baby. I am just wondering what the scoring is like now days? I really don't have any key advice on getting a high score, it is mainly just being great in Math or great in other area's going in. I have always been great in Math and there is really no one way to study that. What is ACT? You seem like a bright guy so I am sure you will be fine.

    2. 12isthenew18


      SAT essentially 1300 and above is enough for a competitive score. I have a high GPA and a pool of extra curriculars etc. I think I can aim for that

  12. Just got hired at the eagles stadium

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      Damn, that's cool. Congrats.

    3. southwest1


      Working security there I presume. Have a blast man! 

    4. 12isthenew18


      southwest I just turned 17 no I'm just a person standing in the rows

  13. Being a sixers fan is to depressing. This embarrassment needs to end

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    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      I like Okafor better than Embiid.

    3. 12isthenew18


      I like both personally. Embiid I can hope is healthy

    4. Synthetic


      The greatest thing they've given us is Allen Iverson...AKA, Mr. Practice. 


      Not a game...not a game. We talkin bout PRACTICE 

  14. Just got to NHD and Debate States but I'm disappointed because I was robbed of debate nationals. 

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