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  1. Well he always seemed to love them
  2. As a sixers fan I'd consider our first this year and 2018 first for paul George on a sign and trade.
  3. I'd say wait until after the draft at least. Plus we have a bad history with browns free agents
  4. I think we are just lucky the bears and titans set off a QB and WR rush so that we could be so fortunate
  5. Being at the draft is surreal 

  6. The college process gave me a good bating. My 3 best friends going to my dream school that I got rejected from. Similar applicants too :(

  7. I don't get it. Gore plays his heart out gets 1000 yards and Turbin is one of the best backups of last year and we want more veteran running backs in arguably the best RB draft class of this decade.
  8. I'd do something for reshad jones. But in the case of trading a lower round pick like 4-7 I'd do a deal for sean lee. But with FA guys out there simply no need
  9. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/source-washington-cb-sidney-jones-suffered-torn-achilles-at-pro-day-213915219.html Hate to see this happen to anyone
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