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  1. Good game by him. Better game by the offensive line. Dude had a year to throw back there, we need him to get through progressions quicker.
  2. Also would choose Peyton. Him with this offensive line, my lord. The guy just loves football, not a single ounce of quit in him.
  3. Jets are going to beat the Pats on Monday. They aren’t invincible and their offense is a weakness.
  4. In my opinion this Patriots team is very beatable and way more vulnerable then ever before. They have a great defense but their offense is far from special, even with #12. Did you see some of his passes last night? Age is catching. You play press on Edelman and bring the pressure, you will feast on TB all day. Anytime someone got close to him he was crumbling. Little movement in the pocket. I think a lot of eyes will open over their next 7 games. They have a stretch where they play the Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans & Chiefs. I could easily see all 5 of those games being losses fro them.
  5. Patriots defense is solid this year but they are far and away being overrated thus far. They've played some of the absolute worst defenses in the league. The one legitimate defense (BUF) they played made Tom Brady look awful and they nearly lost to Josh Allen & Matt Barkley... I have no doubt that we could beats the Patriots this year if we play our game.
  6. Completely agree with this. Just posted in another thread but our offense as a whole has been under performing the last couple of games. I know we have injuries but we have to start taking advantage of our chances and putting TDs on the board.
  7. Agree with all of this. Our offensive line is playing incredibly well. I feel our offense as a whole is under performing though. We had so many chances on Sunday and didn't capitalize anywhere near as much as we should've.
  8. Let's see if Reich can take a page out of Andy Reid's book and destroy the Texans coming off the bye. Time to take some time and get Hilton, Leonard & Hooker healthy.
  9. After that game, I ordered a "Run the damn ball" hat. Debating buying his jersey as well to wear to the Jags game in November.
  10. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the best game we've played all year from an offensive standpoint.
  11. I think I'm more worried about Rigo then I am Vinny atm. It's felt like far too many sub-par punts so far this season.
  12. Sounds like he was let go more so then traded based on the tweet.
  13. He also made a couple pretty nice catches on Sunday. Felt like he was one of the only receivers catching the ball.
  14. Hank Baskett or Ryan Grigson most definitely. Both arguably cost this team superbowls.
  15. We need to be thankful that we are still a pretty solid football team. Most winning teams could go from great to awful after losing their starting QB. Meanwhile, we are still going to be a very very competitive team this entire year. With the way our team is setup, there aren't many teams in the NFL that we are incapable of beating. We aren't completely set up to stop high power offenses just yet but our gameplans and strategy can definitely make those games more competitive then some think.
  16. The most interesting part of this podcast for me was when he was speaking with Zak Keefer. Keefer mentioned that when they started 1-5 last year it was actually Jacoby who called the players only meeting. That struck me as an odd thing for backup QB to do. I really think the jealousy Andrew mentioned in his speech wasn’t completely resolved and was a significant part of his retirement.
  17. He definitely needs to improve on his reads but I think that will come with more actual game time at game speed. I think overall my biggest areas I'd like him to improve are: -Reading through his progressions a bit quicker -Don't stare down receivers, use a little theatrics to pause the safeties/LBs -Get the ball out quicker on broken plays Overall, I love the way he's played and am excited to see the improvements over the year.
  18. I was thinking that too. He was all over the place last year and this year I feel like I've barely heard/seen him. Sometimes that's a good thing but not sure if he's making plays or not.
  19. I'm conflicted at the severity of this injury. His recent comments make it sound to me that he isn't going to play. I wonder if they had tests done yesterday/today. On one hand at the point he left the game we just went up 20-3 and it's been said that he actually aggravated the injury plays earlier. So he was obviously still able to run/produce with it bothering him but at that point we were dominating, so how pre-cautionary was it? On the other hand, I know he's a fierce competitor and think that he would never keep himself out of the game unless absolutely necessary. I know the doctors may have pushed his hand a bit but I really hope this isn't a bigger issue then they are letting on. The passing game actually looked so fluid with him in that first half. Everyone was getting involved and there was a rhythm that I haven't seen from this team in a long time.
  20. They were not kidding about getting TY more changes in the redzone. Dude has been on fire. Really hope the quad isn't too bad, offense looks completely different with him out there on passing plays.
  21. I don't. The way you play a high powered team like KC is exactly how teams used to play the late 2000's Colt's. Keeping their offense off the field by having 7-9 min drives and being very very physical. Houston's offensive line isn't good enough to sustain long drives like that all game IMO. They very much remind me of the Colt's team from Lucks first couple of years. Dynamic QB, average RBs, porous OL (minus a spot or two) and decent skill players.
  22. Does anyone have a clip of him walking out onto the field for the first FG attempt? The roar from the crowd was awesome. I'd love to see it again.
  23. cjrulli

    AFC South

    Crazy to think AV's leg is the only thing standing between us and 2-0. Will be a very telling weekend IMO.
  24. He's nothing flashy but he is very decisive and hits the holes. Doesn't have high end speed but a solid back-up RB that can have a decent YPR.
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