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  1. I dont care who they sign, as long as they sign one of them. I'd be okay with Tevi if needed but I'd much prefer Fisher or Leno.
  2. Last year might have been top heavy but those 5 (was it 5? I cant remember) guys are probably all on Sewell/Slaters level
  3. Really makes no sense though. He's gonna be competing for back up at best. Plenty of guys out there that could compete for a decent role.
  4. Whiffed on turay and Lewis is very harsh. Both showed great promise.
  5. Can't post a photo but currently sitting at a winery with 15 friends drinking lots of *. Hope everyone is having a great day. New Zealand rules
  6. Trust th process. Don't know much about him but Believe I'm Ballard.
  7. I really like how much this forum values OL. Clearly the NFL doesn't. Their loss.
  8. There's a LOT of WR there. Happy they got Moore. % for his fantasy outlook
  9. Can't believe JOK has a health issue. It would have leaked. Don't think we get TE. Ertz is coming.
  10. I will trust that they have a target later or think they can get more from Tevi and Davenport.
  11. Super surprised JOK is still there. LB2 for me behind Browning.
  12. Can't see it with no tape in the last 2 years Think he's off the board for us (Little)
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