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  1. So many good OT available and falling. I saw a mock with Cosmi at 54 about a month ago and couldn't believe it. Maybe it's legit. Also never mocked Paye to Colts coz thought he'd go top 15.
  2. Signing off the day. Thanks all for the good times! Looking forward to drafting Radunz or Little tomorrow!!
  3. I like Stokes as a player but they REALLY needed a good WR. Depth at position though. Very few WR gone so far.
  4. Packers gonna Packer... Elijah Moore would have been amazing in GB
  5. I agree with position scarcity. Still a LOT of good LT talent available.
  6. glad he wasnt there for CB to be tempted. really dont rate him.
  7. I see a trade back VERY likely. So many guys left worthy of 21.
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