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  1. Colts play Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson and Trey Lance this year.
  2. Not concerned about where these QB go now. Denver and NE are poorly run organisations these days.
  3. please take Fields yeah first D player... Horn sounds like the pick
  4. Sames as Bengals though, the difference in WR talent between now and rd 2 is much bigger than OT IMO
  5. Can never go wrong with OT but damn they desperate for WR.
  6. 6/6. I originally had Patriots trading up to 7 for Fields but dont see it happening now. Lions pick will be Smith surely.
  7. Nope. Too big a drop for me. 38, 21 3rd and 22 2nd maybe.
  8. Gotta be Chase for me. Burrows WR. Big drop to next WR you'd get in 2nd. Not so for OT.
  9. Its all been Lance vs Jones. 49ers dont leak. Im picking Fields.
  10. Just bought tickets to their gig at Spark next year... not complaining ;)
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