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  1. One thing I’ll say about Bob though, his small size & Wolverine (comic book character) mentality made him a terror against the run.  With him already being short, when he went submarine on a RB, they really risked their careers if their feet were planted when the Colonel was coming for them.  He turned so many guys into tip toe bandits or sent them helicoptering into the air.  No wonder our run defense was so stout.  Usually only took 1 “meeting” with Bob in the hole, to put fear in the RB’s head the rest of the game...  You had to know where he was at all times or kiss your knees goodbye.

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  2. On 6/15/2019 at 9:58 AM, NewEra said:

    I'm sorry but they don't compare at all. When healthy and playing Bob was the best of not one of the best safeties in the game. Not only could he stop the bus in his tracks but he was lighting fast and was a serious threat roaming the field. He had unbelievable talent but just couldn't stay on the field. His play is what safeties should dream of. 


    Bob, Ed Reed and Troy P were ridiculous and hasn't been close for any other since they left. 

    I have to disagree with the last sentence. I think Sean Taylor (The former Hurricane & Redskin safety) was and would have statistically been better than all 3 had he not been murdered.  That dude was what you’d get if you created a cyborg safety. Big. Fast. Physical. And immaculate receiver level ball skills...  I still love the other 3, especially the Colonel, but Taylor was on another level.  A combination of all 3.

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  3. I’ve always thought (hoped) Luck would get 7 (:lombardi::lombardi: :lombardi::lombardi::lombardi::lombardi::lombardi:). A couple back to backs and a 3peat (:lombardi::lombardi::coltshorse::lombardi::lombardi::coltshorse::lombardi::lombardi::lombardi:).  But I’ll take a couple 1 offs, a back to back, and a 3peat to make up Luck’s Lucky 7(:lombardi::coltshorse::lombardi::lombardi::coltshorse::lombardi::lombardi::lombardi::coltshorse::lombardi:).  7 and Luck can still be the :goat:.  I’m with Irsay.  Go COLTS!!!

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  4. I mentioned Funchess a lot as a potential target for us this offseason.  I'm shocked at how much negativity bringing him in on a 1 year deal has created.  I actually think a 1 year deal is perfect.  It gives Cain a year to develop without the pressure of being the WR2 behind TY but it also gives Cain a target (in Funchess) of a guy that he can surpass and supplant maybe even next year.


    It was surprising to hear about Devin's drops last year but wasn't Ebron known for the same thing until we brought him in???  And looking at some of the game tape of Funchess that guys have posted on this thread it's quite apparent to me how Luck and Frank will use him.  He will see a lot of back shoulder throws, deep ins, and post corner routes. 


    Also he will get a lot of red zone work.  I expect to see him get a lot of work on double moves in the red zone like Inman ate up the Texans with in the playoff game.  That seems to be his specialty.  Luck will get the most out of him and I wouldn't at all be surprised if that resulted in double digit touchdowns.  If everything falls just right, Luck will throw for 40 more TD's and could flirt with 50 next season. 


    Not a bad signing at all.  And if AJ Brown is still there when the pick we got from the Jets comes up, I expect us to draft him with it.  I see us using our first rounder on defense.  CB or DL.

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  5. Inman is a very mature guy.   Hearing this interview and the one with JMV, football isn’t everything for him.  He was already planning his post football career and will continue to do so in the offseason. It’s clear he’s looking for the “right fit” and he believes the Colts is that fit.  He’s coming back and I’m sure Frank and CB want him back.  


    Be it as #2, 3, or 4.  You can’t beat solid depth like Inman.  Guys get hurt all the time and he’s the consummate pro who can step right in and contribute without missing a beat. Every team needs pros like Inman. Glad we brought him into the fold.

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  6. Saquon Barkley going 23rd is the stupidest thing I've ever seen and totally invalidated the entire list.  Guy won Offensive rookie of the year with over 2000 yards from scrimmage and this list has hi at 23...  Every team in the league would take Barkley right now and that includes the Rams and Cowboys who both already have a dynamic back like him...

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  7. 2 hours ago, chad72 said:


    That is not true. The hit that caused the damage came to the back of his head from No.42 (safety Coleman) in a whiplash fashion. The guy Collie could see was who Collie ducked his head from but he was still upright. Collie had the habit of ducking instead of going to the ground. Yes, Peyton did that to Dallas Clark too who got a few ringers too but he was more durable on that front, Collie just wasn't.





    I see what you’re saying but I stand by my assessment.  Sure, Collie maybe could have tried to immediately go down “while” making the catch but the fact that he was still contacted by 2 defenders in a bang-bang fashion “immediately” after making the catch tells me that he didn’t have a lot of time to do much of anything and it was a dangerous throw by Peyton.  


    Regardless, that play changed the course of Collie’s career. He was easily concussed thereafter and it was a shame because he was a heckuva receiver.  And those uniforms with the blue helmets were SICK.  Shame that hit will always be a memory of them. 

  8. 1 hour ago, chad72 said:


    Yep, it was rare for a WR to be on the same page as Peyton within a year. He was like Welker and Edelman for Brady, constantly open but one thing he did not do well was get down fast enough like Marvin or Reggie did. I wish he learnt that from them and could have prolonged his career. 

    Well on the play that changed everything, Collie never had a chance to get down.  The following concussions (where he maybe didn't get down quick enough) all stemmed from that play against the Eagles where Peyton got him nearly decapitated.  He really was headed to being an all time solid receiver for us.  Since he never got to put in the time to reach that level, I'd have to list Brooks as the next best on that list.

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  9. What an amazing video...  My Goodness. Young Edge (pre knee injury) looked like the 2nd coming of Jim Brown.  His vision & balance were second to none.  Wow. :mindblow:  He would have flirted with 2000 yards behind our current offensive line.  With the maulers we currently have & Edge getting better with every carry...  I have no doubt about that.  


    And people say Peyton made him...  Check the stats.  Peyton was 3-13 his rookie year and a turnover machine.  Bring in Edge the next year and we go 13-3.  Peyton nearly cuts his interceptions in half & Edge leads the league in rushing.  Truth is Edge helped Peyton settle in & grow because he had an immediate Hall of Fame type back that he could give it to 20-30 times a game to take the pressure off.  He was that special. 

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  10. Belichick broke out his old gameplan he used to shutdown Manning and our high powered offenses back in the day...  Tell his DB’s to hold the receivers past 5 yards and get Peyton (Mahomes this past Sunday) to hold the ball until the pressure could get home.  Not surprisingly, the refs didn’t ever call it.  Imagine that.  


    Mix that with a focus on ball control & clock management to limit the possessions the opposing high powered offense can get all while tiring out their relentless pass rush and you get the results you got last Sunday & against our Colts back in the day...  Unfortunately, Andy Reid took forever to adjust and call more stacks, picks, & rub routes.  Allowed the Pats to get the lead & exhaust Chiefs pass rush. It showed later in the game when they couldn’t get any pressure to throw off Brady’s timing. 

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