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  1. 2 minutes ago, GoColts8818 said:

    If they were going to do that you take Trevor Lawrence.

    Not me. I like Fields better.  I've liked him better since he beat Lawrence out at the Elite 11 competition for the best high school QB.  They'll get the chance to rematch in the national semifinals.  But I'm taking Fields over Lawrence every time.  Lawrence is my number 2. I only like Burrow in this year's draft. 

  2. Trade for Foles?  The guy who hasn't won a single game this year?  I repeat not a single win this season.  The guy that we ourselves & JB just destroyed & outplayed a week ago?  The guy who just got benched for a late round rookie QB?  As much money as Jax gave Foles, I'm shocked they don't even want to see if he can get into a groove.  Guess they've seen enough in just 4 games... 


    I'm not giving up anything but a 6th or 7th round pick for him.  If they'll take that then fine bring him in and let him compete with JB.  Or maybe even a straight up trade for Hoyer?  Anything more than that and it's a hard pass on Foles, who has always under performed when much is expected of him.


    As the backup he'll come in and look great because not much is expected of the backup.  Make him the starter and he craps the bed.  I think I'd rather have Tannehill but Titans will probably resign him.

  3. The way Milligan got roasted today, I guess Wilson figures he could have done that...  Tannehill missed him the first time but came back to it later on the last TD.  Clearly a practice issue & them rewarding Milligan for practicing better because I haven't seen much from him on game days that says he should be playing over Wilson. 

  4. I read (probably should listen to) what Frank Reich said & he sure didn’t sound (read) as super convinced about the ankle. Said this was the first time hearing about it. Did mention the preseason but sure didn’t read as he was confident (as in he saw this coming at all) in the injury & IR.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ebron basically shut it down to get healthy for the offseason.  And I similarly wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not brought back. You guys think he feels like JB’s QB’ing & Frank’s play calling are costing him money & he’d be better off just getting healthy?

    I’d like to see us let him walk & go get OJ Howard from the Bucs.  

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  5. 8 hours ago, jskinnz said:


    You would take it personally?  Do you think your opinion influenced Ballard to sign him?


    The rest of your post has words.  Not many of them make sense but the words are there.

    Yep.  CB brought him in based on my suggestion. CB & I have player personnel meetings weekly...  You didn't know?  Somethings just go over some people's heads.  Maybe once you get a direct line to Ballard like me, things will begin to make more sense to you. 

  6. 20 minutes ago, jskinnz said:

    This feels like there is an “or else” sentiment to your post. As in he better not be making a business decision or else. 

    So what is the “or else?”

    As I stated in the post, I'm gonna be very disappointed.  I was one of the, if not the, first person(s) that said we were going to and should go after Funchess when last season ended.  Even more so than the receiver who went to the Raiders from the Chargers.  So I would take it kind of personally if the guy I clamored for, despite some stats suggesting he had drop issues and wasn't that good, being basically a waste of an acquisition. 


    Also, it would not look good on his resume.  To not attempt to come back (if it were at all possible) wouldn't be a good look.  Especially, being on a team that's contending for the division.  I actually feel for the guy though.  His behavior in camp seemed like that of a guy who felt very comfortable in this organization.  I'm sure he wants to leave his mark here and maybe even establish some roots. 


    I'm probably being unfairly hard on him because the team really could use him on the field down the stretch.  I hope he comes back and balls out and secures a respectable 2-3 year contract with us.

  7. 2 hours ago, Myles said:


    I know you guys aren't being "too" rough, but remember, some people come to this forum to get their Colts updates.   Like me, I don't do Twitter.  I don't live in Indy where there is always a radio station talking Colts football.   

    I'm guessing Smoke was just using this forum for some info.  

    Thanks Myles. Krunk did get a little Crunk there with me. Lol. I just hope he comes back. JB showed tremendous trust in him in game 1. I don't think it'll take them long to get their chemistry back.  Good to know we still have time.  Titans game may be questionable though. 

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  8. 8 minutes ago, krunk said:

    Have you not been reading the tweets and other info related on him?  He's got to be cleared by the docs.

    No hadn't heard that.  Not too big on Twitter.  So he's still injured.  Let's hope he makes it back.  We could use him down the stretch.  

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  9. Isn't he nearing the point where he has to be activated or placed on I.R. for the rest of the year?  Is he not healing properly?  I called for us to go get him after last season.  I'm gonna be very disappointed if he doesn't come back and try to play.  He better not be making "business decisions" while the team is out there competing for the division...

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  10. If Vinny makes his kicks & we're sitting at 8-2 or 9-1, would the stadium be more full? 


    I think yes.  In spite of that, I think this team is still building into something special.  This Thursday's game will be a great opportunity for us to re-establish our dominance in the division over Houston.  JB has never lost to the Texans. Let's keep the streak going. 


    After that I hope the fans come out strong for the Titans game because that's gonna be a tough one.  I think the Titans will be more dangerous with Tannehill.  Plus Nashville is close enough that I expect to see some of them in attendance.  Just hope not too many if you know what I mean... 


    The fans will be back for the Titans game. 

  11. 10 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Let's be honest. There are many types of fans. The die hards will always be there. The other go for the entertainment, the overall experience (game, tailgating, etc, status, etc..), family outing, etc.. They are still fans, but go for the fun. If the fun factor and experience factor diminish, they'll still watch and cheer, they'll just do it from home. Then you have kids who are mostly fun based. The reality is, it's expensive to go, especially if you're taking the whole family. If the whole family is not enjoying the $$$ spent, even the die hard will stay home with the wife and kids who may not share the same enthusiasm any more. I"m a die hard and wish I could go to the games every week, but I have family back in Indy that are starting to question the expense, and I can understand where they are coming from.

    Good points. From that perspective, I can definitely understand. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, Defjamz26 said:

    That’s likely due to the fact that we don’t give up deep passes. But on the intermediate stuff we get shredded. If you watch the Broncos and Dolphins games, that’s what happened. Couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down because of short passes. It won’t show in the box score, but the pass D has struggled at times. They bounced back this week though.

    The Broncos scored 13 points & were 2 for 12 on 3rd down. Dolphins scored 16 (13 of those off of turnovers) & were 5 for 13 on 3rd down. You're being a little hard on our D.  They've been balling out in all phases recently.  Even the Steelers game: Gave up 26 (7 on a pick 6 & a free 3 on a penalty before halftime). Take those away & that's 16 points & 5 for 13 on 3rd down.  Not bad at all.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Scott Pennock said:

    At 10 games deep how many fans, even the most optimistic like myself, would believe the Colts would be leading the division and in the thick of the playoff race in spite of the following:


    Lucks surprise retirement.

    Brissett missing 85% of 1 game and another full game.

    Our All-Pro LB missing 3 games.

    Our #1 Speed Rusher missing 6 games and counting.

    Our Pro-Bowl WR missing 4 games (so far).

    Our #2 WR out for 9+ games and counting

    Our #3 WR out for 5+ games and counting for fluke injuries (hammy, abdominal, and fractured hand).

    Leading the league in drops.


    Every team can complain about injuries and drop off in play, etc., etc. Not a lot of locker rooms could endure the embarrassment of being left at the alter by a coach last year and then the sudden retirement of their Franchise QB the year after. We, as fans, should never doubt this teams resiliency or their heart - not to mention the organisational attitude from Ballard down and the coaching staffs reinforcement of said attitude.


    The positives we are seeing the rookie defensive players growing and developing into starter and/or valued depth pieces. Rock, Okereke, Willis, Tell, Taylor, Banogu. 


    Additionally, seeing the growth of other young guys on the defense like Turay, Stewart, Muhammad and the added dimension of Hooker playing in the box is what is making this defense click right now.


    On offense, with all the attrition at WR we've discovered a solid possession receiver in Pascal, and potentially a big bodied deep threat in Johnson that we thought we were getting in Cain. Should make the stretch run exciting with the potential of Funchess and T.Y. added back into the passing game. 


    Sadly, I think Mack is done for the year due to the fractured hand, so hopefully Hines, Wilkins and Williams pick up the slack (collectively).


    Just a bit of perspective in this (mostly) up and down season.

    They said Mack's injury isn't season ending. 

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  14. On the play where JB either ran it in or hit Johnson, he had Williams open on the flare/swing route for the TD.  Don't think JB trusted him yet.  Be interesting to see if we go back to him in similar situations.  I know he took that screen and got busy.  1 cut and explode into the 2nd level.  Dude was quite impressive.  

  15. 5 minutes ago, krunk said:

    When I saw that hit that Malik Hooker laid on that WR in todays game I thought for certain that was Clayton Geathers!  I said Geathers knocked the mess out of that dude.  And to my surprise when the smoked cleared the jersey said "Hooker" and I said What The Hell!  I haven't ever seen Hooker make a hit like that.  I was very surprised!

    They've been having Hooker playing closer to the line the last few weeks.  So the contact plays are happening quicker & he's showing a willingness to stick his nose in there.  I think bringing him up a few more yards will lead to  him being tested more.  He had a chance at 2 today vs Foles.  Maybe a 3rd on that one Moore broke up late in the game.  I believe, if we keep him in position to get those kind of opportunities, he'll start cashing them in like he did his rookie season. 

  16. Wow. Williams looked good today.  He explodes through the holes & creases quickly.  That's the kind of change of pace running we've been needing to compliment Mack's more probing style. 


    I heard a rumor that CB wanted Jacobs from Alabama & when Gruden took him we traded out of the first.  He'd have represented what we saw out of Williams today. 


    I hope Mack isn't hurt bad because I think our O Line & running game were about to take off with Mack & Williams both getting carries. 

  17. I will take the blame for us never winning without Hilton.  I'll also take the credit for us finally breaking the dubious streak.  See, I own a TY jersey & wear it to every home game.  Often at home on away gamedays too.  So I've worn TY's jersey to every game he was out. Bad luck no 13 I guess.  Today I decided not to wear number 13 & voila. Not only do we win without him but we win BIG.  You're welcome. You're all welcome. :headspin::headspin::headspin:.  Go Colts!!!   :coltshorse:

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  18. Our defensive line doesn't generate enough consistent pressure to force bad throws.  Also teams have already learned to not throw at Hooker very often.  Opposing QB's test Minkah more so he's getting more opportunities.  Just see the lollipop Hoyer threw him a couple weeks ago. 


    Also his last score was off a tipped overthrow.  Great pressure will lead qb's to make poor throws like that.  Leonard and Moore just got 2 like that last game.  Get us a consistent game wrecking D Lineman in here and watch Hooker begin to shine.

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