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  1. The new Star Wars Trailer came out an hour ago and it already has 4 million views on Facebook. Now, I probably account for at least a thousand of those views, but still... haha 

    1. Synthetic



      It's a happy time to be a Star Wars fan, even if they don't like the newer movies. A possible Knights of the Old Republic remake or sequel was confirmed by BioWare. I could not be anymore ecstatic. 

    2. teganslaw


      The movie "The Last Jedi": could that refer to the beginning of the end of Star Wars remakes? If it's the last Jedi, wondering if that means it's the last Star Wars? I guess time will tell.

    3. Synthetic


      Probably not. The original plan was to do a trilogy in the newer films. It's almost like a soft reboot, since The Force Awakens is copied note from note of A New Hope. I'm concerned that 'The Last Jedi' could completely defeating the meaning of ROTJ. (They've already kinda done this anyway with the 'First Order', and how the rebels are still this rag tag group even after blowing up the second death star and killing the Emperor and Vader.) 

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