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  1. 3 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Everyone knows about Frazier. Reich didn't have much to do with the Eagles as many think. That was Pederson. The only one I have a lack of knowledge about is Campbell, and I would of much rather had Nagy or Wilks (who I do know a lot about) then Campbell who isn't coveted at all.


    Anyone can name one example. There are 10 busts for every Bruce Arians. I don't get my info from schefter, that's a strawman, I pay attention to how other teams (including the Colts) view candidates. If I don't hear that someone is very coveted, then I'm going to assume the league knows what they are talking about. It's not just saying that schefter said these guys weren't logical choices, these three weren't considered until now after we lost McDaniels. Said that numerous times. After losing McDaniels and going with the last resorts, I can't have the same positivity you can until our coach actually does a good job. For me, it would be like everyone here being positive about drafting a 3rd round talent at 3rd overall in the draft and saying it'll work out. For me, it'll work out when it actually does.

    The are 10 busts for every successful higher anyway. Nagy had about the same responsibilities as Reich for the majority of his time in KC as did Pederson I might add. Wilks was a hot name this year just like Frazier until he flamed out. Nobody even the league knows who will work out. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Where did I say it was Ballard's fault? I said I hate the 3 candidates that are being interviewed. 

    You said that the current situation does not inspire confidence in Ballard for you, which insinuates at least to me that you don’t have confidence in Ballard. 

  3. 9 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    There are probably a couple more that are available, but I don't know enough about them to make an informed decision. I just know at this time, the more discussed names are already hired, we missed out on McDaniels, and three names that I didn't hear as possible hires for any of the other teams are now the three candidates for the Colts. That doesn't inspire confidence in Ballard for me, especially when one of them is Leslie Frazier.

    So you are already off Ballard? When he was hired, he was rated as one of if not the best GM candidates in the league. Trust him to find a quality coach. I think he is better than those FO that made those other hires and trust him to find a good coach. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    There are probably a couple more that are available, but I don't know enough about them to make an informed decision. I just know at this time, the more discussed names are already hired, we missed out on McDaniels, and three names that I didn't hear as possible hires for any of the other teams are now the three candidates for the Colts. That doesn't inspire confidence in Ballard for me, especially when one of them is Leslie Frazier.

    How in the heck are you throwing this at Ballard’s feet when he selected his coach came to an agreement with him and the weasel backed out. Reich was interviewed by Chicago. Campbell is well regarded by some good coaches as is Reich. So you do only think that the candidates hired can be good head coaches in this league?

  5. 4 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    You're still dodging my first question. Where is the proof you liked Reich before Mcdaniels bailed on us? Or do you just like Reich suddenly? 

    Can’t speak for him but there were many on the board that wanted Reich interviewed the first go around. I think they were set on McDaniels from the jump and didn’t see the need to interview everyone on the list. I think Campbell and Reich were on the list the entire time but they thought they had their first choice wrapped up. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    No, I think there are around 15-20, but those are hired, and some others I like are in college or aren't coaching anymore. Probably are some I don't know about, but a lot of guys that get interviewed are retreads that have bounced around the league.

    Let me rephrase, do you think that those five candidates not counting Gruden are the only available coaches that have the possibility of becoming great head coaches?

  7. 1 minute ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I was sold on him because he was very consistent as the OC in NE and did it with many different talents. I thought he could do a lot with Luck and transform our offense into a version of the Pats offense that could lead us to the SB in a few years. I still think that, but It will never happen now.

    Granted I liked his resume as well but having a resume is far from production. He wasn’t a lock to win just like these coaches being interviewed now are not locks to be bad.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Sure did, can't argue with that. I originally thought he may stay with NE, but I softened my stance and I got burned. I guess it's not Ballard's fault, but the effect is still bad, and it'll affect us for at least a year unless we get lucky on a leftover candidate. 

    You only think there are 5-6 possible great head coaches in the league?

  9. 8 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    I was so hyped up to get McDaniels, and now I went from a 10 to a 1. It's not about faith. Ballard made the right choice based on a talented coach that could win games for us, the fact is there is probably no one he can pick now to lead this team to the SB. It'd take a ton of luck at this point to get the same result as getting one of the hires originally. We're basically picking from the NFL draft without a 1st round pick.

    Seriously, you were that sold on McDaniels. I liked him as a prospect but he was far from a guaranteed winner. He failed his first go around and wasn’t successful outside of New England. He came with just as much risk as any other candidate. His ceiling might be higher but you never know. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    He was never in consideration because he isn't good enough. Not good enough on his own, and especially not good enough compared to all the other hires this offseason. That's why he's still unhired, and why we are going after him as a 2nd choice possibly.

    I literally have no idea how you can make the assumption that these three candidates are not good enough compared to the other hires when the season hasn’t started yet. In your opinion there are only 5 coaches in this league that are good enough to be head coaches?  You are going to have a very difficult time convincing me that any team besides Oakland has that much better of a candidate that the Colts are looking at currently. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    Is Ballard more informed than every other FO though? They all avoided these guys and now Ballard is using them as a last resort. Sounds like we're desperate more than informed.

    It’s 5 other FO not the whole league. We have no idea who would be on the rest of the teams lists because they didn’t need coaches. There are highly touted coaches that fail all the time. Pederson was the Eagles third choice and was rated as the worst hiring of that cycle. Bottom line I trust Ballard to find a coach that fits what he wants. Time will tell if it works. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Tsarquise said:

    What boxes does he check? 


    Because I'm seeing nothing but empty boxes. 


    Help me out here lol

    Leadership qualities, head coaching experience, philosophy of competition, philosophy of physicality, highly regarded by many in industry, players love him, believes in holding players accountable, and I am sure there are more. 

  13. 8 minutes ago, indyagent17 said:

    All right maybe I should have stated at it a little clearer but I think we will hire I think we will hire Reich over Campbell

    Could be, I have no idea.  Campbell checks a lot of boxes for me and I could see why Shefter thinks he might be the leader.

  14. 1 minute ago, pgt_rob said:

    I think the Colts have washed hands completely of him. I don't see them pursuing it any further. It's done and dropped. Moving on from McDufus... 

    I think so as well.  Move forward plus do you really want that distraction with a new coach?  I mean, "We like you but we are suing this other guy cause he isn't here and you are" just sounds like a bad environment.

  15. 2 minutes ago, Gramz said:

    Yeah,   no legal recourse on sneaky slime.


    He has cemented a very clear moral and ethical picture of himself. I hope he crashes and burns.

    Me too, I usually try not to be petty but what he did was at the height of unprofessional and I hope that he has as little success as possible.  Change of heart is one thing but he was down the road too far and other professionals involved along with their families and to back out is just plain wrong.

  16. 9 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    Campbell strikes me as Pagano 2.0.  I want somebody who can develop a game plan and manage that plan during the game.


    While Reich never called plays, he reportedly was very involved with Pederson in developing a game plan.

    My only question is how do you know that he can't do that, do you think that he just sits outside the coaches room when they are putting together game plans, etc.  You do not think that the AHC has some input on game planning?  He has one (look at me-won) 5 more games as a HC in this league than Reich has to this point.  Did he wins those without a game plan and adjustments?

  17. 3 minutes ago, indyagent17 said:

    Really? There's been many times in the last several years were I guy came in for an interview and left the building and was not made the coach. Just commenting that he came and left. I'm allowed to have an opinion. Aren't I?

    No kidding, there are guys that interview that don't get HC gigs, WOW.  You made it sound like because he was not hired today that he was not the preferred choice.  I was commenting that I wouldn't read as much into that as a search for a coach is much different than Free Agency.  McDaniels left the interview without being hired the first time around with other candidates being interviewed but he was thought to be the favorite the entire time.

  18. 33 minutes ago, esmort said:


    I didn't say it wasn't possible. But I would rather have a coach who had high football intelligence. I just thinks it makes for a better team and transitions easier. I am working off the same lack of info as everyone else, and from the things I have read and watched on Campbell I don't get the feel that he is the guy that's going to go win chess matches against the best. He feels like a "hyped up" version of Chuck Pagano to me.

    I think Campbell is getting labeled as a meathead and I really do not think that is fair.  Campbell has got high football intelligence or he wouldn't be were he is today.  I want a coach that creates a winning environment and holds players accountable.  I want a leader first and foremost.  Without buy in, high football intelligence means nothing.  Trestman has a very high football acumen but he couldn't lead which is why he failed in Chicago.  In my opinion, Chuck didn't hold his players accountable enough.  There are successes and failures on both sides of this coin and to some degree could be a chicken or the egg argument.  I just prefer to have a "leader of men" as the leading characteristic of a HC.  The Xs and Os are extremely important but execution is always paramount which is where accountability comes in to play.

  19. 1 minute ago, csmopar said:

    Um... if they wanted to push it, they could.  I've discussed this at length with one of the lawyers I work with routinely on investigations.  All they have to do is have verbal recordings and he could be held liable.  In today's world of VOIP phones, its entirely possible.  Plus if he told those other coaches, thats all evidence against him in civil court. 


    While they may not have much recourse inside the league, they DO have legal recourse outside of it in civil court,  IF they so chose to pursue it. But only if they can proof he verbally agreed to the contract.

    I don't really look for them to pursue it either, but I think they have more towards a case that the article portrays.

  20. 2 minutes ago, J@son said:


    and I don't get why this is such a hangup for so many people.  Not all head coaches do the playcalling on their side of the ball.  Most, in fact, do not.  Reich could be hired as HC and Bevell as OC...Bevell has experience calling plays. 

    That is my take as well, in fact there are a lot of coaches that can't really pull that off very well. 

  21. 25 minutes ago, esmort said:


    The thing about this setup is successful coordinators frequently get poached.  If your HC doesn't have a strategic/schematic identity of his own and the ability to get your new coordinators up to speed on how things work than you are overly reliant on your coordinators and the team suffers from a lack of continuity, and/or the Qb is forced to learn a new system that may or may not work.

    That is rubbish; Tomlin was a 4-3 guy and what type of defense does Pitt run?  Harbaugh worked under Reid who ran a West Cost offense and 4-3 but the Ravens were a Coryell team then a West Coast and a hybrid 3-4.  There are always qualified coaches that would work in the systems you currently have on your team.  The trick is hiring them.  At one point all of these top coordinators weren't top coordinators.

  22. 15 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    But a coach should never have to rely on the coordinators. What happens if they get HC offers? The Eagles are going to be fine if Reich leaves. Pederson is an offensive guru. The Pats are going to be fine without Patricia because B.B. is the defensive mastermind. Reid will be fine without Nagy.


    I don’t want a guy who doesn’t have great knowledge on either side side of the ball and just piggyback’s on his coordinators. That gets old and exposed quick. You bought up Harbaugh and that’s a perfect example. Won a SB but the Ravens have been mediocre since.

    What? The HC relies on the coordinators as that is why they are there.  You replace the coordinators with other coordinators that run same or similar systems.  Harbaugh has one thing Reid doesn't-SB ring.  I will take a Harbaugh type run from the new coach.  I will definately take a Tomlin type run with the new coach.  Mike Martz was an offensive genius as was Norv Turner; Gregg Williams and Rex Ryan were great defensive minds and all of these guys were not great head coaches.   A great head coach can come from anywhere with any background.  Don't sell a guy short because he doesn't fit your notion of where great coaches come from.

  23. 3 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    Good read but it doesn’t change the perception about him. He’s a fiery coach who players respect and will run through a wall for. The question is still game planning and strategizing. If he’s not an X’s and O’s guy I don’t want him.

    Do you consider John Harbaugh to be an X and O guy?  Mike Tomlin?  Those are two examples of coaches that let the coordinators do their thing but are both leaders and steer the ship.  If Campbell were to be the guy then this is the set up the Colts would be shooting for, this situation could work with two really good coordinators.

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