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  1. Do you think he could add weight and perform at NT in a 3-4?  He seems to be strong enough.  Viewing his reel he also seems to understand leverage.  Do you know how long his arms are?  If he is short but long arms he could play the 5 without issue. 


    I like Dean Lowry and Joel Heath as possible late round/FA 5 techniques but Lowry has short arms for his height (6'6). 

  2. 52 minutes ago, OffensivelyPC said:

    We could play that game all day regarding what certain teams would be like without so and so.  What about the 2015 Broncos without Ware and Miller, or the 2011 Giants without JPP and Justin Tuck.  Even the 49ers you mention had Aldon Smith who turned in 20 sacks that year and Ahmad Brooks who turned in another 6.5.  The Ravens, fine, but of course you're talking about a top 2 or 3 greatest ILB of all time.  I'll concede that one.  2013 Seahawks had one of the greatest defenses of all time, but their most powerful and credited positions for their success was the secondary and defensive line.


    Scarcity increases value in the market but so does demand.  The bottom line is teams still allocate a certain percentage of cap to certain positions.  And they allocate more of their cap space to certain positions because they are more important.  ILB is down the list.  That's because the supply and demand on ILBs is such that they are more easily replaceable than pass rushing lineman.  Period.  If you're easily replaceable, you're clearly not as important.  So like I said, certain positions get paid more because they are more important.  No one disputes QB being the most important position on offense.  That's why they are paid the way tehy are.


    To the bolded, it's just as much the lineman's responsibility to stop the run as it is the LBs, but when you have a great defensive line like all the team's I have mentioned, your MLBs job gets infinitely easier because they can roam freely behind the line.    


    Anyhow, we have a fundamental disagreement here.  That's fine.  

    34 minutes ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Correct, The old saying supply and demand is in full force in the NFL. Skill players seem to get the big money but they cant do their jobs without the grunts.

    I agree with crazycolt1.  Importance to a team is not directly related to the players compensation.  Is Arthur Jones more important than D'Qwell Jackson because he was paid more last year.  The same market inequalities happen in the draft.  QBs, LTs, and pass rushers are all over drafted while better all around players slip.  I would start to build a defense around a solid MLB before any other pieces were in place.  I can scheme a pass rush but it is hard to scheme an attitude.  Any good defense will have quality MLB or ILBs.  The 2013 Seahawks had Bobby Wagner who has made the last two pro bowls as a MLB.

  3. 8 minutes ago, OffensivelyPC said:

    Why?  I think it's pretty conclusive evidence that the top 10 DEs and 3-4OLBs are paid more money than the top 10 4-3LBs and 3-4 ILBs.  You can shake your head all you want, but when teams allocate more money to a particular position, that's the team basically saying your position is more important than positions we pay less money to.  How is that wrong?  

    2 minutes ago, ColtRider said:


    DEs do not run the defensive calls or sets. The LB position is much more pivitol to a team defense than another position by the mere fact of making more money.


    You are mistaking market inequalities with importance.  Scarcity increases value in the market but not necessarily to winning football games.  Imagine the Ravens without Ray Lewis, the 49ers without Willis and Bowman, the Bears without Urlacher, etc.  those stout defenses would not have been as good.  Even last year's Super Bowl participants relied on the leadership of the inside linebacker position.  Marshall, Treviathan, and Kuechly were just as important to the team as any another piece.  If you cannot stop the run and cover receivers, the pass rush is a moot point.  Pass rushers are paid more due to the lack of availability of good ones not that they are more important than the linebacker position.  You can have all the pass rushers you want but if you do not have good linebackers to cover and stop the run then you will not be winning much.

  4. This is my first post on this board.  I am a displaced former Ram fan that was looking for a team that was close that I could adopt.  I think that I have found one and it just happens to be the same team that I started to root for in my pre teen years.


    Growing up in Southern Illinois in he early 90s, the Colts were on one of our local channels.  I gravitated towards the Colts due to the great uniforms and the fact that I love the draft and the Colts at the time were always picking at the top.  I watched them draft Emtman and Coryatt and Faulk and Alberts.  I saw Tobin blow up on Kiper live.  I saw Jeff George's natural ability and his maddening inconsistency.  I saw Harbaugh go on his great run with Indy.


    The Rams moved to StL in '95 at which time I started to follow them while still keeping track and rooting for the Colts but then eventually I fully converted to only one team.


    I am excited about rebooting as a Colts fan for several reasons:

    1. Proximity to me currently and I will be able to follow as games are shown in my area

    2. Organization that seems to honor fans and give the fans a great experience

    3.  Competitive team

    4.  Great history (in Baltimore and now in Indy)

    5.  Still one of the best if not the best uniform in the NFL


    I hope that most of you will be receptive and look forward to discussing football with you all in the future.

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