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  1. WR has been my focus in this discussion but you are right. There are several other areas where the cuts will be tough. I think S, LB, DL, OL will be exposing some pretty good players to the street.
  2. Yep, everything you said is true. I just think that you have to evaluate Cain a little differently due to injury. But he might not recover to his pre injury traits or he might not beat an established vet out. I think Cain has more potential but potential can get you fired. I'm assuming Cain will have earned it and that his presence on the team makes the Colts a better roster, IMO.
  3. I don't understand how you can hold an injury against a guy as lack of production. If Rogers was setting the world on fire, they would not have signed Funchess nor drafted Campbell. I would be willing to bet that they keep the most talented 5 WRs on the team. I think that list includes Cain and Rogers.
  4. I understand that he went in the 6th round. What you seem to not be grasping is the REASON he went in the 6th round was character concerns not talent. They essentially drafted a second round talent in the 6th round. From a talent perspective, he has more tools that Rogers. If it is close, I bet they keep Cain as would I. He has the potential to start. We know what Rogers is, a useful depth WR. He has trouble with separation and not explosive after the catch. I understand your point that Rogers is the more accomplished veteran. Cain will have to out perform both Paschal and Rogers to make the roster but the coaching staff and front office seem to be excited about him (Cain).
  5. So why is Campbell a better option then? 2nd Round. Cain was projected to go in the 2nd round but fell due to character concerns. He has second round talent which is why I think he will make the roster unless he doesn't respond well from the surgery.
  6. True but judging by the coaching staff and front office comments, they hold Cain in greater esteem than you do. Cain wasn't able to prove anything because he was hurt, that is different than not producing. Cain has more natural talent but he most certainly will have to outperform the others with better track records but if it is close, they will keep the guy with more talent which is Cain.
  7. I am talking about in relation to where he was drafted. You were using Cain being drafted in the 6th round as a mark against him but overlooking that Rogers who wasn't drafted at all. Cain is bigger, faster, and more athletic. He is also an outside WR so I don't even know if they would be in direct competition with each other. Older veterans are cut due to potential of a more unproven player all the time. However, I do not think Rogers or Cain will be cut unless they bring someone else in or keep less than 5 WRs. Paschal, Fountain, Johnson are probably more on the bubble. Of course Cain still has to go out and earn it though. Who knows how he will perform after the surgery.
  8. Cain has had one year in the league and he was injured. How did Rogers make the team initially-outstanding camp. Did he force out WRs with more experience? I get what you are saying though, but I just don't see enough talent with Rogers to keep over Cain if he performs as he did last year in camp. I do however think that Rogers will be kept unless they only keep 5WRs.
  9. I would make the argument that Funchess was signed due to the unsure nature of Cain. Campbell was drafted due to upgrading Rogers. Cain and Funchess are outside WRs. Campbell and Rogers will play the slot mainly. they might keep Rogers but he is on the bubble in my opinion.
  10. He lasted until the 6th round due to off field concerns. He had second - third round grades. He hasn't proven anything in the NFL that is true but he wasn't your typical 6th rounder. I am wondering why that should matter though given Rogers didn't get drafted.
  11. Don't like Suh, but agree with all the others. I would add a couple Zach Brown ILB Rodney Gunter DT/DE
  12. Maybe there is a difference with the timing of all of the guaranteed money.
  13. Funny that you two brought this up as I was listening to 101 ESPN out of St Louis Monday after work and the hosts asked the guest (Hub Arkush) about the Raiders and the early activity and why they would chose to pay Brown and Brown and not Mack. His explanation was that due to the large amount of up front and guaranteed money that Mack wanted that they would have had to put that cash in an escrow account up front. He claimed that the Raiders (specifically Mark Davis) could not afford to place that much cash up front in an account. Hub is pretty reliable so I just thought that was interesting and thought that I would share.
  14. That wasn't the argument you were making nor what I responded to in my post. You said that CB paid as much for Funchess as Bell received which was not true. You moved your goal posts of your argument.
  15. Which is the plan, signing your own players like Nelson and Lawrence (who were drafted last year and are impact guys). OBJ, Bell, and Brown do not offer the locker room presence that the Colts are looking for currently. This team is young, won ten games last year and is on the rise and I am fine with added quality pros and trusting the evaluations of draft prospects of the staff.
  16. Except he didn't. The guaranteed money and years was more for Bell.
  17. They added two all pros from last year's draft and several other contributors. This team also made the playoffs last year. Something that Oakland, Washington, Jets, Lions, did not do but you want to emulate them instead of a organization like the Pats? I will also add that signing big time FAs rarely works and these big FAs signings end up being cut within two to three years of signing the deal.
  18. Why based on assumptions? You don't know what the Colts were offering and you do not know how highly they valued Collins. You are the one that keeps confusing prudent shopper with not willing to spend. The Colts have a value on a player and will not go over that value which has been proven with CB. The Colts approach to FA is to not overspend according to their own valuation not mine or yours or Dan Snyder's. CB is disciplined within this structure.
  19. No you really didn't. CB has never stated that he will not spend. He has stated that they place a value on a player and if the market for that player exceeds the value that they place on said player then they walk away. By that logic, CB will spend but not crazy.
  20. Patriots seem to do fine without many high priced free agents; who was the last one before Gilmore?
  21. That makes sense and you might be correct right out of the gate that his snaps would be limited at NT. They did sign Hunt for two years so to me that would be time to add strength and increase technique before taking over as a starter (Tillery).
  22. Margus played NT last year in this defense after Woods went down and I would argue with better results. Tillery can do the same.
  23. Hunt played the NT position in this defense this year under 300 pounds. In this defense, Tillery can play both inside spots. The NT position in this defense isn't responsible for two gapping as in other defenses so the girth is not nearly as important.
  24. Draft value is relative. The old scouting mantras don’t cut it anymore. Look at the money Norwell got paid, Gs are getting paid the market has changed because there are so few excellent OL which makes them more valuable. The gap between Nelson and the next G was greater than the other positions in my opinion.
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