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  1. Well, I like it because it is fun.
  2. I'm really going to miss that account. That was a very sweet letter. Made me tear up
  3. Yeah, that's the part that was missing from his press conference. No real goodbye to fans
  4. Nobody can see the future. It's why you don't burn bridges
  5. Love gallows humor. Thanks for that. You know, we couldn't believe our luck when we got Andrew after Peyton. But now our luck has literally run out. It's over but we still move forward. We've got great leadership and some great players. It could be much worse than it is. Once we've processed that, we'll be fine. Other teams haven't had the good fortune we've had.
  6. Yeah the vultures are circling. I did heard a guy yesterday ripping the media for roasting the fans. It doesn't matter, we know it wasn't all fans. We know many that were livid at first have moved on. It's like an unexpected breakup. Thinking you are together for life and then suddenly being told on national TV 'It's not you, it's me' Like being left at the alter And then everyone judging you for your less than stellar reaction to being dumped. It's very reality TV. Can't stop them from talking. They'll do it as long as it gets a reaction
  7. I didn't react to them at all at the time. I think I sat there with my mouth open staring at my phone and asking people 'is this real?' I heard there were SOME fans booing and while it wouldn't have been my choice, I'm not judging them. It was the heat of the moment. Plenty of people around here reacted very poorly but it calmed down. It's still confusing but life goes on
  8. rumor thread so I'm closing
  9. Fan shaming. Sure to get clicks
  10. I think justified is the wrong word. I don't think there is every a valid reason for venting anger in a way that's intended to hurt someone. I think the booing was understandable and predictable though.
  11. my daughter was at the game and we texting me when this came out. She's a huge fan and very level headed but, she came unhinged for a while. Didn't boo but she was angry and sympathized with the fans that we leaving their luck jerseys and exiting the stadium. In the end though, the last thing she said to me was "Imagine quitting your job like this on a national stage.....unreal" It was
  12. It was a shock so, anger is not surprising. I always try to remember that anger is a secondary emotion. It is a response to something else you are feeling. In this case I think shock and disappointment. The timing of it maximized all that. I mean before the season starts and during a game and via a tweet? I'd love to know how that leaked out. So, I don't blame fans for the heat of the moment.
  13. i keep thinking of someone i know that's been dealing with pain for years. Been to so many doctors tried so many therapies and it's just getting worse and worse. It's beaten her down mentally as well. Andrew took a beating here. He says he has pain and had to take time to deal with it and let the team move forward. I believe him. None of us wanted this but, that's life.
  14. I get the emotion. It's a bizarre situation But people should be advised. I'm banning like crazy right now
  15. Agree. Also I'm not a fan of schefter putting this out while Andrew was still on the field. That wears me down mentally
  16. You know what? This is bad enough without making things up to be mad about
  17. I remember Freeney saying that about himself. There are even google results for Dwight Freeney quick healer
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