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  1. Why in God's name would anyone like to see TY come back next year??? He was a non-factor 3/4ths of the season and especially today. Get him the he!! out of Indy!
  2. The only thing that makes me sicker to my stomach than this one-half Colts team is someone telling me to "Calm Down" and lets hope three teams lose next week so we can crawl into the playoffs..."Playoffs" (in Jim Mora voice)!
  3. I agree with nearly every comment on this thread. This team makes me sick to my stomach nearly every week. What works well in one half we totally abandon in the second half or vice versa. Can't figure this team out, we are a decent team but I want a team with a put them away mentality. You should never lose when up 24-7.....NEVER!!!
  4. I started a thread about T.Y. Hilton being washed up about 3 weeks ago and I was right so I'll comment on this thread. Sometimes a great OC or DC gets to the position of head coach and can't handle the position. I think Frank is a great OC and I think he would be a better coach if he let someone else call the plays. I've noticed he's had that mumbling Chuck Pagano look on his face a few times this year when the game was moving fast. I think the fact that he is calling plays is why we went for it on fourth down when 99.9% of the time you would opt to kick the field goal. If he would delegate th
  5. I started this post and I rest my case after the Vikings game! Nobody wanted to admit Vinateri was done last year either and it's sad but true. TY is no longer an "elite" receiver, in fact I doubt if he would even start on the top 5 teams in the league.
  6. I've noticed no one really has opened up the can of worms regarding the O-Line today. We're supposed to be dominate on the O-Line but other than a few good runs in the first half the Jags shut down our running game and I was terribly disappointed in our short yardage runs and run blocking. Anybody else see that as well?
  7. Don't get me wrong I know he's been a great player for the Colts but honestly I don't feel he has ever been a "clutch" player. I know of several instances where he was the go-to receiver in a clutch do-or-die situation and he either couldn't get separation or dropped the ball. This has happened with the numerous QB's we've had over the past few years. It seems he's either hurt or going through the motions especially the past 3 years and I think it's time to move on and get a big physical receiver with that "clutch" capability. I'd like your thoughts and please, be honest.
  8. I would say if you have a thread on the message boards that is 25+ pages and growing and has over 1,000 replies there is something legitimate about the disappointing performance of a certain player no names mentioned but wears number 4. No matter how great he was he is clearly past his prime and at this point in his career his number are below average at best. Now, do we keep a below average kicker and hope to win the Super Bowl which I think we all agree is the goal....someone has to make a tough decision. I don't think it matters if you're a 55 year fan such as myself or a newbie we have to
  9. Maybe he'll "retire" right before the next game....like you know who!!!!
  10. No, aren't you allowed an opinion on here? Just because you're a senior member doesn't me your $hit doesn't stink or your opinion is so high and mighty. I've been a Colts fan for 57 years and I'll say what I want to say thank you!
  11. Could we just strike Andrew Luck's name from the Colts organization forever? Kinda like what happened to Moses when he was banned from Egypt?
  12. Could we just strike Andrew Luck's name from the Colts organization forever? Kinda like what happened to Moses when he was banned from Egypt?
  13. My son was named Ryan, I'm changing his name legally on Monday morning!!!
  14. What I think many in the media are missing about this "quitting" not retiring is that Mr. Luck was getting paid big bucks to go out and put his health on the line playing NFL football. He was compensated for his injuries, he will "quite" a multi-millionaire earning nearly $97 million dollars that should alleviate some of the "pain" he has endured!!! Hell I played like a kid possessed just in back yard tackle football in my youth and have had a shoulder replacement, neck and knee surgery but I never "quit". He will always be a "quitter" in my mind and the damage he has done to the Colts franchi
  15. I went back and looked at the play over and over and it was an easy catch. Ebron got by with several drops this year but this one was huge. A first down would have got the blood flowing and warm up the bodies a little and took some pressure off the offense. I couldn't agree more with your comment or your observation. The drop set the tone for the offense.
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