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  1. Imrryr

    Had Andrew Luck Lived up to Expectations?

    He has surpassed reasonable expectations.
  2. Imrryr

    OTAs 5/30

    He could be the quarterback of our defense!
  3. Imrryr

    Anyone realize this?

    several people did
  4. Imrryr

    Old fans compared to young fans.

    I am 23 so put me in whatever category you want but I believe in our lucky ducky.
  5. Imrryr

    any podcasts or youtube channel that you guys recommend?

    Oh, I must not have seen it due to youtube or whatever, normally its front page for me.
  6. Imrryr

    Why not Minkah?

    IDK Corner and safety are two positions I don't think we need as much as others. Minkah seems good, but I believe any LB, DE, and DT(after Hankins release) are more pressing needs than CB/S. I want either Nelson or Edmunds. I am not quite sure why Smith seems more popular I am worried how he can hold up injury wise.
  7. Imrryr

    any podcasts or youtube channel that you guys recommend?

    I mean the obvious answer is Luke Diamond's For the Colture. Sir Pugsy is a newer/younger creator that I am still getting a feel for. When and if it returns Chopping wood is good too. If you want all around a good NFL youtube I recommend SchleggdaddyTV, He is a bears fan but I really like his takes on guys and things in general. (Chopping wood is off of the indystarsports youtube channel.
  8. Imrryr

    Players I Want To Hate... But Just Can't

    Dont worry. I will hate Brady enough for both of us.
  9. Hi, I by no means know a lot about anyone except the top prospects so I was wondering if the board goes somrthing akin to 1:QB 2:Barkley 3:QB 4:Chubby 5:Nelson what would you guys do? Is there other prospects on the level of those 3 or is it simply a trade back opportunity at that point?
  10. Imrryr

    Chris Ballard arrives at ND Pro Day

    What if it goes like this? 1:QB 2: Barkeley 3:QB 4: Chubby 5:Nelson?
  11. Imrryr

    Marlon Mack

    They didn't have a draft pick to think about.
  12. Lol well, at least I tried. On topic though, if he has done it before its possible bb will do it again. I don't know I won't be surprised either way. Although Chubb doesn't seem the type to pull the no signing nonsense from his interviews.
  13. It doesn't look like Bruce Lee so no, I have never watched much in the way of Fighting stuff much at all. WWE, MMA really old fighting movies, etc. completely clueless lol.
  14. Noooo don't fight him, guys, he knows martial arts.
  15. Don't question Jared, judging by his avatar he knows some martial arts.