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  1. LT: Castonzo LG: Norwell C: Kelly RG: Hernandez RT: Good
  2. This will be the third season Brissett is with MD during training camp. How will this help him?
  3. I'm hoping Will Hernandez from UTEP falls to the 2nd he looks very good
  4. zvich

    Jack Doyle to the pro-bowl

    As soon as the Pats won the game I started to wonder if Jack would make it in.
  5. zvich

    Jack Doyle Is not # 1 Material

    He’s become a good route runner and has only gotten better each year
  6. Weeks 8-11 our defense was pretty healthy.They had time to mesh in practice and I think it showed in their play. Our defense in weeks 8-11 accomplished... -Held teams to an average of 21 points -Limited L. Bell to 80 yards -Held A. Brown to 47 yards -Held D. Hopkins to 86 yards -Limited QB's to an average of 220.5 yards a game Maybe it was just Luck, but for a couple weeks i saw hope in the defense for the first time in a while. Now all we need is consistency.
  7. zvich

    Rashaan Melvin

    Hahah forget the 4-5mil range, more like 8-10mil range
  8. If McDaniels is on the fence about this job because of Lucks health this is the way I see it. If Luck is 100% he is a better QB than Mariota, If Luck for whatever reason not healthy, a whole offseason with JB could help step up his play, and if Mariota plays like he did this year again, the skill gap between JB and Mariota becomes quite small.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/nfl/green-bay-packers/Bolt/Green-Bay-Packers-reportedly-looking-at-three-candidates-for-offensive-coordinator-position-113176377/Amp your thoughts? Feel free to move this I just put it here because he is the O-line coach for us
  10. Isn’t Robinson a slot corner? That’s what Hairston is here for. No reason to sign him
  11. zvich

    Walker and his 2 starts

    Both starts he led the team in tackles, didn’t see much of the game how do you all think he played. Happy new year!
  12. DT out of Michigan, I know we have depth and skill at the DT postion but this guy has the Geno Atkins mold. Our problem this year with the D-line has been pushing the interior of the pocket, Sheard has done a great job of getting pressure but most of the time he's the only one who is in the QB's face which is why his sack count is low this year. I think Hurst could really help push the interior of the pocket and fill the void the colts have at interior pass rush. Pff rants and raves about him. heres what they have to say University of Michigan defensive tackle Maurice Hurst enters the 2017 college football season as a PFF Day 1 projection for the 2018 NFL draft and ranks among the top defensive interior prospects in the country. Hurst has performed at a very high level each of the past two seasons, grading in the top 20 among all interior defensive lineman each season. Hurst’s 2016 grade of 86.3 overall ranks within the top 10 of returning players at his position for 2017. When on the field, few players have been as productive as Hurst. He has been dominant as a pass-rusher and against the run. His 15.3 pass rush productivity in 2016 ranked No. 1 among all 2016 draft-eligible interior defensive lineman while his 11.6 run stop percentage finished him No. 6 in this draft class. Over the last two seasons, Hurst has only played a total of 758 snaps and hasn’t yet produced at the high level he’s shown capable of over a full season. With the departures of drafted 2016 prospects, Hurst should have an opportunity see more snaps.
  13. Sheard doesn’t have a whole lot of sacks but I believe he’s 3rd in the NFL in pressures. Sometimes pressures can be better than a sack but I would like to see more sacks out of him.
  14. G is a much higher priority than RT. When Good is healthy (which he hasn’t been much I’ll admit) he’s a solid RT. Most pressure comes from the interior of our line. The tackle play this year has actually been decent
  15. In the first half Good held Von Miller to just 3 pressures. Good had one bad play where miller sacked Brisset but he barley got the ball out. Then after that i didn't see him return to RT. Haeg replaced him and got destroyed play after play by miller. Did Good get injured? I was just really happy with the way Good was playing and really confused on why he didn't return. Any one know?