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  1. 12 hours ago, Coltsman1788 said:

    Hi NFLfan!  Congrats on the walkoff win.  The cupboard is pretty bare in Baltimore these days. Bunch of new unrecognizable faces to me to be honest after they jettisoned the last group of good players out of Baltimore (Machado, Schoop, Britton, etc.). Noteworthy current players are John Means who pitched well again tonight following the no hitter; and Trey Mancini, RF most notable as a Cancer survivor. Not too many stars these days. Birds haven’t won a game since the no hit win. SMH 


    Thank you. I did not see it when it happened but this morning, I saw something about the Mets winning 3-2. I have to check out what happened.


    Means looks like a keeper. 


    I have never visited Camden Yards. I hear that it is still among the best baseball parks. I wish to visit one day. Have you been there?


    @PuntersArePeopleToo I know you have been to many. I believe that you wrote that you have been there. Am I remembering correctly?


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  2. 12 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    It's hard enough doing it for Indy my friend :-)


    Anyone specifically though you want me to dive into?


    Lol. I was just kidding.


    What did you think of the Vikings draft? I was not pleased with the 2nd pick, as I wanted to draft Mills. I like the two offensive linemen. 


    Round 1: No. 23 -- Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech


    Round 3: No. 66 – Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M


    Round 3: No. 78 – Chazz Surratt, LB, North Carolina


    Round 3: No. 86 – Wyatt Davis, G, Ohio State 


    Round 3: No. 90 (from Ravens) – Patrick Jones II, DE, Pittsburgh 


    Round 4: No. 119 – Kene Nwangwu, RB, Iowa State 


    Round 4: No. 125 (from Bears) – Camryn Bynum, CB, California


    Round 4: No. 134 (from Bills) – Janarius Robinson, DE, Florida State


    Round 5: No. 157 – Ihmir Smith-Marsette, WR, Iowa


    Round 5: No. 168 (from Steelers) – Zach Davidson, TE, Central Missouri


    Round 6: No. 199 – Jaylen Twyman, DT, Pittsburgh

  3. On 5/5/2021 at 11:46 PM, EastStreet said:

    After doing a little research and letting things settle in for almost a week since Day 1..........


    • Day 1 Overall Grade: A
      • Pick: Edge Kwity Paye 1-21
        • My thoughts that night: Great pick. A little surprised he dropped to 21, but stoked he did. Aside from checking all the boxes in terms of potential, he's a walk off grand slam in terms of "story" and character. Only thing I didn't like is that he was Michigan product lol, but he's all Blue now. 
        • My thoughts now: Unchanged.
        • 2021 Impact: Will be at minimum early contributor 1-2 downs
        • Long term impact:  Likely to develop into a 3 down guy by year 2 if not earlier. Has the size and speed to be a really well rounded pass and run defender.
        • Financial impact: Fantastic impact to the cap with 4-5 years of value while on his rook contract. That's huge at the DE position if he turns into the guy most think he is.
        • What EastStreet would have done at 21: The exact same thing
        • What made me chuckle: Ojulari dropping to 50 after some of the board talk.


    • Day 2 Overall Grade: C
      • Pick: DE Dayo Odeyingbo 2-54
        • My thoughts that night: Surprised we took a second DE. Surprised we didn't try to grab a OT. I really "liked" Dayo pre-draft. While a lot of other folks liked Boogie Basham in the 2nd, Dayo was one of my favorite targets. That said, I preferred other Day 2/second round guys simply because of the injury timing, and the fact he likely won't contribute much if at all in 2021. Overall, I like him as a long term prospect, but I don't like him as a Colts second round pick in 2021.
        • My thoughts now: Unchanged. Likely won't change until we're into the 2022 season and we see what have. He's a raw guy, that really shouldn't be so raw after being a 3 year starter. The good news is he won't be pressed into action early, and should have a year to work on technique. Bad news is he's likely not a factor in 2021, and that's just not good for a 2nd round pick. Had he been healthy, the grade would have been B, maybe B+. I did not let the fact we didn't get an OT impact my grading. My gut says it will be year 3 before we see production worthy of a 2nd rounder, but I love his ceiling/potential. A much much better pick than Banogu in the 2nd last year in terms of risk. I could see him being a versatile guy. Not necessarily as tweener-ish as Autry or Lewis, but still someone you can move around and could be a terror on the interior in passing downs. 
        • 2021 Impact: Little to none
        • Long term impact: High ceiling dice roll with injury and layoff concerns...., but my gut says he'll be good in year 3.
        • Financial impact: Not harmful, but not helpful earlier. If he doesn't produce well until year 3, we'll have missed out on half the benefit of his rook contract.
        • What EastStreet would have done at 54: After Little was picked at 45, I started hoping Ballard would trade up a few to get Cosmi or Radunz. After JOK didn't get picked in the first 10 picks of the 2nd, I also was halfway hoping we move up to get him. Still surprised he dropped to 2-20. Once 54 came, I would have taken WR Terrace Marshall Jr., DE Payton Turner, or OTs Spencer Brown or a short list of others.
        • What made me chuckle: Colts passing on a TE that was still there after a lot of the talk on the board. 


    • Day 3 Grade Overall Grade: C 
      • Pick: TE Kylen Granson 4-127
        • Pick Grade: C+
        • My thoughts that night: Not shocked, but thought he would have been there in the 5th or 6th. He's one of the guys I liked for late rounds as a pure move TE, but too small that early.
        • My thoughts now: Not much change. Still a bit of a reach IMO. He's somewhat of a Burton clone, that likely doesn't block as well. I thought Reich featured Burton too much last year out of the slot, but also thought it was because we were lacking Campbell. Hoping Campbell stays healthy this year, and hope Granson doesn't steal snaps from either Campbell or MAC.
        • Impact - Overall, low to medium. I think he'll be a 3rd TE option. He's really not a prototypical TE, and will play in that fuzzy space between TE, HB, and slot. Not a big fan of the hybrid position if it's going to steal snaps from true TE or true slot.
        • What EastStreet would have done at 127: Once the pick came, definitely OT Jaylon Moore. If he can't cut it at OT, he'll be a capable OG. At worst, he'll be high end flex backup. If Josh Ball's character issue checked out, would have taken him as well. 
      • Pick : SAF Shawn Davis 5-165
        • Pick Grade: B-
        • My thoughts that night: Huh? You take a SAF and didn't move up a few spots to grab Jamar Jackson, who was graded my to be a top 3 safety in the draft. I even though about Jackson at 127.
        • My thoughts now: Warming up. Davis does offer some potential. Good flex option that should come in and compete with Willis early on. Our scheme doesn't ask much of Willis or SSs in general, so early PT isn't out of the question. Davis has range in the 2 deep sets as well. After watching film and reading reviews, he's more gifted physically and a better hitter, but less instinctual perhaps than Willis. He's likely better deep, but not as good underneath as Blackmon.
        • Impact - If he picks up the scheme, could compete early with Willis at SS1, or as FS2 with Odum or even FS1 duties on 3rd and longs.
        • What EastStreet would have done at 165: No brainer OT/OG Trey Smith. If you want a SAF... move up a few spots (give up a 6th or 7th) and get Jamar Jackson, or stay and take Christian Uphoff. I also liked OT Forsythe. 
      • Pick: QB Sam Ehlinger 6-218
        • Pick Grade: F
        • My thought that night: Wow, they must not think much of Eason at all.
        • My thoughts now: You either have to say last year's 4th pick was bad, or this year's 6th was bad lol. Weak arm, short, poor pocket presence. Not going to lose sleep over a 6th round pick, but this seemed like a waste of a pick. There will be tons of vet FAs that will be available on the cheap if you're not happy with Eason. 
        • Impact: Practice squad guy or simply cut
        • What EastStreet would have done at 218: There's typically no obvious or no brainer picks in the 6th or 7th. I really like WR Cade Johnson at this point, but my first choice would have been OT/OG Trey Smith or CB Shakur Brown.
      • Pick: WR Mike Strachan 7-229
        • Pick Grade: C
        • My thought that night: Another big WR project? Are they giving up on Patmon already?
        • My thoughts now: Hasn't changed much. Aside from initial thoughts, perhaps they think he can pack some weight on a play jumbo WR/TE hybrid. Still just a raw small school guy.
        • Impact: Practice squad guy
        • What EastStreet would have done at 229: At this point I'm pounding the table for CB Shakur Brown or LB Dylan Moses as both could end up at minimum ST studs. I'm even thinking Ballard might take a 3rd DE and was eying Charles Snowden. If we hadn't taken Davis though in the 5th, my first choice would have been SAF Uphoff.
      • Pick: OG Will Fries 7-248
        • Pick Grade: C
        • My thought that night: We improved the OL depth guys already, didn't take an early LT, so why a very limited OG prospect?
        • My thoughts now: unchanged.
        • Impact: Practice squad guy
        • What EastStreet would have done at 7-248: see above at 229 lol... 


    Overall Draft Grade: C+


    Great stuff! Can you do something like this for the rest of the NFL teams?  :peek:

  4. 51 minutes ago, Jay Kirk said:

    I dont really mind it seems only one person i seen complained though.  So who officially runs this thread ? Lol Im finally back on days so actually will have time to post some now . How about your Mets  NFL ? Not bad so far . 


    They are okay. As you know, I am not a fan of signing players for humongous contracts unless they are our own players (like deGrom or Alonso). I was not pleased with the Lindor contract and he is not playing at the level of someone with that salary. 


    How are the Cards? How is Goldschmidt doing? That was the kind of signing that I like. 


    Talk to you soon.

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  5. 9 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Gooden did pitch two 1 hitters in a Mets uni but never a no hitter.


    Lots of Mets pitchers have had 1-hitters. I was at a game in which Tom Glavine had not given up a hit until late in the game. I was so excited that I would be at the Mets' very first no-hitter. But it was not to be. Some no-name player broke up the no-hitter in the top of the 8th or 9th inn. I also attended one when Matt Harvey had a one-hitter going into the 7th. His was broken up in the 7th, I believe.


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  6. 26 minutes ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

    @RollerColt and you thought it was going to be a tough serieshaha


    Wade Miley with the second no hitter in two days, second time Cleveland has been no hit this season. First vs White Sox and Rondon. 


    Four no-hitters so far this year. There were several last year too, right?


    There was a time when the Mets and the Padres were the only teams never to have a pitcher throw a no-hitter. The Mets were known for their pitching and had many pitchers who went on to throw no-hitters for other teams (Seaver, Nolan Ryan, Gooden, David Cone...) but never with the Mets. Johan Santana pitched the lone no-hitter by a pitcher in a Mets uniform. The Padres finally had one this year. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

    Joey Votto is out with a fractured thumb after getting hit in the hand today.  


    John Means has a No-Hitter through 7 vs Seattle (Baltimore Pitcher)


    Also @NFLfan I watch different games with the teams broadcast, and I gotta say NYM is probably one of my favorites as they dont sound dumb or say stupid things. Colorado Twitter is great, their announcers are crap. 


    Thank you! I have always liked the Mets broadcasters, TV ones as well as the radio guys. I used to listen to radio broadcasts with the legendary Bob Murphy and the future HoF broadcaster Gary Cohen. I appreciated them a lot because they were never homer-ish. They spoke glowingly about opposing players and coaches. I knew all the players back then. It is different now but I do like the tv broadcasters, one of which is the aforementioned Gary Cohen and former Mets Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. They are great!

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  8. 20 hours ago, w87r said:

    Definitely one of most memorable moments in draft history. Call backs still happen around here till today.


    Don't know how well you remember that coming from Chargers, but around here, it is apart of the Colture. Lol.


    I remember it well. That may have been the first draft that I followed. It was great. 

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  9. 20 hours ago, PRnum1 said:



    I remember that. Lol. It is great stuff. Tobin was right -- no one knows for sure how a player will perform once in the NFL. RB Kijana Carter, #1 overall pick many years ago, always comes to mind. The fans and pundits put him in the HoF before he played a game. An injury early in his career ruined everything. You never know.


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  10. On 5/1/2021 at 11:32 AM, teganslaw said:

    @NFLfan, what are your thoughts on the Vikings choosing QB Kellen Mond? Some players are stating that Cousins is just "signing a paycheck" and his future with the Vikings is in doubt. There are signs that they might be moving away from Cousins, and going to another QB. How accurate is that news? 


    I'm sorry; I am just seeing this thread. 

    I have not read that (in bold). The front office and coaches seem to like Cousins but the players don't. He has had many spats with Adam Thielen. When Kyle Rudolph was released, he had good things to say about many players including QBs that used to play for the Vikings. It was glaring that he said nothing about Cousins who is the starting QB. Some players have left and said unflattering things about Cousins. He is not a leader. He does not take responsibility for losses. I like guys like Luck. Even when it was another player at fault, Luck would say that he was the leader of the team and would take the blame. When the Colts won, he gave credit to teammates. I love that. Cousins lacks that quality.


    I am not a fan of Cousins, but Mond does not excite me either. Of the two, I like Cousins better. I was hoping we would do a trade with the 49ers and bring Jimmy Garoppolo to Minny and reunite Cousins with Shanahan. That did not happen. :(


    Where did you read or hear that the Vikings may be moving away from Cousins? I have not been able to find it anywhere.


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  11. 47 minutes ago, Fisticuffs111 said:


    That’s fair. I’d also say there have been instances where people were right to question picks (Banogu).


    I get people take take it too far with their criticisms. And it’s not even worth stating that GM’s and scouts know more than us about these guys. Obviously they do. But sometimes they do whiff.


    Thanks. There is nothing wrong with questioning picks or even showing some emotion in posts, but as mentioned earlier, there is a good way and a bad way to do it. I think most of the comments I have read on this thread are fine. But name calling and using ad hominems are not acceptable and create a bad experience for most of those reading the comments. 


    Do you see a difference in these two comments?



    What is Ballard doing? I really don't like his approach when drafting players. We need a LT to protect Wentz. He could have moved up for Penei Sewell. He is sure to be a Hall of Famer. Let's hope our next pick is an OT. 



    I'm done with the Vikings. Rick is clueless and needs to be fired. NOW! He had a chance to get a QBoTF in Fields and Jones and he did not draft one. Forget this team. This team will never win a SB with Rick at GM and Zimbo as head coach. They have no clue.


    I made these up. Lol. One is very negative and likely to generate a lot of negative comments from fans of the team. 

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