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  1. 2 hours ago, ColtsBlueFL said:


    Jarret Stidham, and Brian Hoyer.  It will be highly interesting to see what BB does...  recently he more often has only kept 2, with exceptions (IE: Garoppolo and Brissett for one).  He once kept 4, and the 4th stringer made #2 (backup) next season, and supplanted the #1 later and has become arguably the best QB ever to play.


    Ironically, Hoyer is the guy who made Belichick comfortable enough to go to only 2 QB's, and now Stidham might phase out Hoyer for that spot.




    I like the Eagles backup QB situation. I'm a big fan of Josh McCown. I would want him as a coach.


    I don't like my QB situation. I recall that you liked Mannion coming out of college. (How do I remember that! Lol) I recall that you wanted the Colts to draft him to develop him. I think he will be our backup but I like Kyle Sloter better. 

  2. On 8/20/2019 at 3:08 PM, gspdx said:

    As the players make more the league will push more of that cost onto consumers.  Owners aren't just going to share more of their money with players.


    That is the case in most businesses. So, are you willing to sacrifice the employees so that owners/CEOs can make more money? It sounds like you're saying that employees are expendable. Unfortunately many people see it that way. Many employees don't get offered a raise until the employee tenders a resignation.


    Hopefully that is changing. Last week I read this article:  


    Headline: Shareholder Value Is No Longer Everything, Top C.E.O.s Say


    "Chief executives from the Business Roundtable, including the leaders of Apple and JPMorgan Chase, argued that companies must also invest in employees and deliver value to customers."


    ^^^ That's the way I see it. Value employees (players) as well as customers (fans). Note: I don't mean to single you out. @GoatBeard had similar comments. And I don't agree with Rackeen. I am more in the middle. I think Elliot should play on his current contract. However, I also see that if owners can release players at any time for any reason, some players will try to maximize their earnings.


    Link to article

  3. Tom Brady wanted to trademark the nickname "Tom Terrific". 


    He lost. :scoregood: The US Patent and Trademark office rejected Brady's request to trademark the term. Brady says he was trying to protect Tom Seaver's nickname. Lolol. Spare me, Brady. 


    Has anyone ever even called him ‘Tom Terrific’?” Mr. Talansky said. “Was ‘Vainglorious Cheater’ already trademarked?”


    Tom Brady Is No ‘Tom Terrific.’ Any New Yorker Can Tell You That. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/23/nyregion/tom-brady-seaver-terrific.html


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  4. 4 hours ago, Caleb3502 said:



    Colts come in with the 6th best QB situation.  Titans, Patriots, Saints, Giants, Chiefs are the top 5 respectively.  I think our QB situation is better than the Titans and Giants.  


    I'm drawing a blank. Who is the Pats' backup QB? Or the Chiefs' backup? I guess I should click on the article. 


    I think the Saints have the best. But I'm biased. 

  5. 9 hours ago, richard pallo said:

    Of course fans were hopeful when the Colts acquired T Richardson.  Nothing wrong with that.  But he only played one season with the Browns.  Zeke's resume is far superior to that of Richardson's.  Multiple years of success.  Trying to infer that acquiring Zeke would result in the same outcome makes no sense to me. 


    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. My approach to building a team is to draft well, develop players and retain them. I don't like to sign or trade for other teams' star players, especially running backs. JMO :)


    What would you like to give up for Zeke? If you're willing to give up a high draft pick, why not just draft a top RB? Many fans don't seem to want to use draft capital on RB in the draft. Why give up draft picks for a RB with wear and tear when you could have drafted someone out of college?

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  6. 10 hours ago, SteelCityColt said:


    Melvin Gordon needs someone close to him to give a reality check, and fast :lol:


    Gordon's best friend is Vikings CB Trae Waynes. Trae needs to talk some sense into his childhood friend.


    As for Zeke, were fans this hopeful several years ago when the Colts acquired T Richardson? I'm not a fan of Zeke. His football skills are great but his judgment off the field is poor. The Colts seem to stay away from guys with character issues like Elliott. 

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  7. On 7/14/2019 at 1:06 AM, CR91 said:

    This is a list of players that you should buy into and beware along with some sleeper picks as well.




    QB- Baker Mayfield


    This isn't about the hype surrounding the browns. Baker has the potential imo to be a top 10 talent and that was before adding Hunt and Beckham.


    RB- David Johnson


    David johnson can be RB1 in fantasy. Murray is gonna take a lot of attention away from Johnson and Kingsbury's offense imo will use Johnson in a lot of different ways


    WR- Juju Smith-Schuster


    No more AB means a lot more targets for Juju. Yes that also means he gets WR1 attention from defenses, but I see this as something similar to when Hilton took over as the man after Reggie retired.


    TE- T.J Hockenson


    Perhaps more of a sleeper pick, but I can see Hockenson being a monster in this league. He has a similar game to Kettle and I can see similar production.




    This is more schedule based. The jags play a fourth place schedule and the talent on that defense is still similar to two years ago minus Telvin Smith. I also think Josh Allen can be a monster.




    QB-Jared Goff


    This is more about Todd Gurley and rather the Rams are dailing back his workload. If that is the case, I don't think that will benefit Goff as the rams putting the team on Goff does not equal the same success as the offense going through Gurley.


    RB- Any Bucs RB


    The bucs are not a running team and with Arians being the head coach, that will not change. Jones looked like a bust out of the gates and Barber is average.


    WR- Amari Cooper


    Cooper is currently being drafted as a WR2 which imo is too bust then boom for me. Cowboys are a running team that throw more check downs then attacking defenses vertically which Cooper is better at. I would feel better if he was a WR3.


    TE- Eric Ebron


    Hold on let me explain. Ebron was great, but keep in mind Doyle will be back and there are a lot more mouths to feed. Ebron will also most likely lose red zone targets to Funchess as well. I also see us running the football more in the red zone.


    D/ST- Colts


    Again let me explain, this has more to do with the QBs we're facing then my belief in our defense. Rivers, Ryan, Mahomes, Watson twice, Big Ben, Brees. That is not an easy schedule for our defense.




    QB- Kyler Murray


    Kyler is the perfect fantasy QB. He is a QB in a RB body with Olympic speed and in Kliff's offense, I can see a lot of yards and a lot of chances to score.


    RB- David Montgomery


    Montgomery imo will be the bell cow for the Bears. Cohen will steal carries and catches out of the backfield, however Montgomery will get the majority of the work and the goaline carries.


    WR- Christian Kirk


    Perhaps Im really high on the cards, but I can see Kirk playing a bigger role then Fitz in this offense with his speed. Also young QBs tend to target slot WRs more.


    TE- Noah Fant


    Fant can see a lot of targets early with Sanders recovering from his tore achilles and Sutton still being a bit raw. Also Flacco likes targeting TEs from Dennis Pitta to Ben Watson.


    D/ST- Broncos


    Broncos new head coach was the bears Def coordinator and I can see him transforming that defense especially with Miller and Chubb coming off the edge.


    Great job. Thanks. 


    I completely agree about Juju. I like James Conner too for the same reason you mentioned. 


    Are you still high on Kyler Murray and the Cards after their first 2 pre-season games? 

  8. This year's crop of major free agent relievers has been a $250 million disaster




    If any fans feel annoyed this offseason about their team for not spending to strengthen the bullpen, they might want to go ahead and look at what is happening this year....

    (read article for more)


    The article goes on to show that almost all the relievers that got big contracts are doing poorly. The two that have performed well are Yankees relievers (Britton and Ottavino?). The author blames this partly on the juiced ball. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, HOF19 said:

    So that's who that is …...Here in NY if the play-by-play or color guy uses the word "WE" the next day the newpapers will mention it using the phrase "What number on the roster is that guy " . Here in NY football TV guys know to NEVER use the word "WE "...….But I understand …….It's NY !


    haha I never realized that.  It's true.

  10. 6 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Can't hold a 5-1 lead with 1 out in the 9th, that is complete garbage. Cards lost as well but at this point it doesn't even matter. We aren't winning crap this season. How does a team blow a 5-1 lead in the 9th inning with 1 out? Worse lost of the season and it's not even close. Our bullpen just flat stinks, telling it like it is. Nobody blows that kind of lead in 1 inning. 


    Hozer will be angry tonight. 


    1 minute ago, HOZER said:



    Garbage by the bullpen once again!!! Leave Yu out there for the love of God!!! What a waste of a great outing by him!!!! SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING!!!!


    I was right. Lol


    (These merges :flaming:)

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  11. 34 minutes ago, HOZER said:

    We might end up having to eat crow in the Darvish/Arrietta deal my friend. Yu is looking like the player Theo wanted all along. 10 strikeouts tonight, hasn’t had a walk in over 4 starts...not too shabby! Arrietta is hurt and out for season, kind of a flip flop of last season.  Time will tell.


    Can we give PT some :applause::applause:??  


    PT is the Princeton, IN man. :)

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  12. 1 minute ago, HOZER said:

    Lots of angry Cubs fans voicing their displeasure.... Even Cubs postgame host Dave Kaplan said this.....


    Better stop deluding ourselves into thinking this team has any chance at a championship. Holes all over the roster. Just being honest. Need to make major moves in the off season.




    What holes are there? Where do you think the Cubs should upgrade?

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  13. 1 hour ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    The Vikings have given Dan Bailey some serious competition and traded a DP to Baltimore for backup K/P Kaare Vedvik





    I liked Dan Bailey but he missed several easy kicks last year. So, this move does not surprised me. Someone on the Vikings site recommended that the Vikes trade for this guy. Hope he works out. 

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  14. 16 minutes ago, HOZER said:

    Still think it would be cool to have a forum get together sometime.


    I'd love that. Sign me up. :D There are some very nice people here. 


    I am pretty sure the Vikes play the Colts in 2020. If they play in Indy, I may attend.


    19 minutes ago, HOZER said:

    Chicago is like any other big city, just depends where you go. The downtown and north end districts are safe for the most part and have plenty of police protection. Just have to know where you’re going and what you’re getting into. 


    That's true. 

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  15. 27 minutes ago, HOZER said:

    So much fun, any day at Wrigley is a good one. First time I’ve ever been there for a grand slam, that was so awesome!!! Can’t wait to go back.


    When my sister lived in a suburb of Chicago (Oak Park), I visited there and wanted to attend a Cubs game. All games were sold out. :(


    I thought Chicago was a great city, very clean. I did not see any of the violence that is reported on the news. I'd like to visit again one day. I'd like to visit Indiana too one day. I'm going to Miami (FL) tomorrow (my uncle's ex-wife/my cousins' mother passed away). 

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  16. 15 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

    Unfortunately Basham wasn't really progressing to Ballard's satisfaction.  So he is no longer a Colt.  


    Thanks for the reply. I know that the Vikes had worked him out before the draft. Some of us thought the Vikes would draft him. Too bad he did not work out with the Colts.

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