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  1. No, it's not. Sorry. There's more to the story.
  2. I do. It seems odd to me that, after all these years, some don't understand this. The Colts do not care about winning the preseason, nor should they. They're preparing for the regular season. They're not a team that needs to 'learn how to win'. They concentrate on evaluating the players, so they can determine who they can win with in the regular season, and on to the playoffs. That's what I want out of the preseason as well.
  3. Kool-Aid huh? Is it so far fetched to believe this franchise won't evolve into the post-Manning era? I think you've gotten hold of some bad Scotch. You think you see the future? Well, there's 5 years until Peyton retires. There's plenty of time to groom a replacement, and change the philosophy of how to win without Manning. I'm not sayin' it's a given the Colts will not struggle. I'm just sayin' that you can't say they will. There's a small handful of QBs in the league right now being considered as winners, and another handful up-and-coming. How can you predict, right now, that our next QB won
  4. We don't need another Tight End, and don't use a Fullback.
  5. Tim Tebow IS awesome.......or so I keep hearing. Just not at playing QB in the NFL. At least not right now, and certainly not by week 1.
  6. Well, I won't sit here and tell you that none of these types of guys will ever make it, but I do feel pretty comfortable in telling you I think it's going to be pretty rare. Wasn't there a thread a few months back discussing how 'accuracy couldn't be taught'?
  7. Yep, one day they'll be sayin' 'See, I told you so. Been sayin' it for years now, and you didn't believe me'.
  8. I wouldn't spend a Supplemental Draft pick on him, but if he went un-drafted..... can he return kicks? I don't like the apparent character issues. I don't like the idea of the media circus that would follow him around. I don't like him as a QB. But, he seems to be athletic. Perhaps, there's another position for him? KR, PR, WR, DB? But, still.....
  9. I think you're expected to do those types of things when you play for the Raiders though.
  10. Well, the Pats won the first weeks preseason game by the biggest margin, so I'm figuring they'll win the SB in Indy. We can only hope for next year. I hate when this happens.
  11. buccolts


    If Nevis is as good as what he's showing in TC, you'd be sorry seeing Mallett sitting on the bench.
  12. Keepin' up with the Jones'. NE got 85. We pick up TJ. Now we just need to pick up a Redskin DL to answer for Haynesworthless.
  13. It's very possible the tighter coverage issue is already being addressed. If I'm not mistaken, we seem to be drafting DBs more adept at man coverage the last year or so. At least that's my recollection without doing a lot of research.
  14. Who plays the two DB spots in that defense? Powers & Bethea? Name the 5 linebackers. jk
  15. Yep, and adding who on the present roster fits the new scheme, and what positions need to be turned over, so we would have interest in Pat Williams.
  16. No, I did see the OP add a response to their DT thread. But, that's just once to throw us off. What's the definition of insanity?
  17. See as how we typically go 0-4 in the pre-season, these topics won't stop for awhile. Come on.....September.
  18. Pat Williams TYPE, but not Pat Williams. Therefore, next years draft(?). CBs: Why? Are the new guys stinking it up in camp?
  19. You should do one of two things. Get together all of your richest friends, and... 1 - Offer to buy the Colts from Mr. Irsay. 2 - See if you can own the L.A. franchise a few years from now. Then you can do what you'd like with other people's money. Just don't forget about the cap.
  20. You are so overly welcome, you wouldn't believe it. I wasn't trying to talk down to you. It just seemed that people started correcting the OPs list, when it was just his favorites, not his list of the best ever. But, hey, I'm not the thought police, so point taken. My input? I don't have time right now (maybe later) to cover every position, but will list a few favorites off the top of my head. QB: Unitas RB: Matte, or Lydell Mitchell, can't make up my mind. RB is my favorite position, and I can list quite a few of my favorites. WR: Harrison TE: Mackey OT: Parker DE: Bubba & Dwight DT: Goo
  21. He said "your colts", and those were his. Based on the list he must be a relatively new fan. I'm guessing if your fandom goes back further, your input is still welcome.
  22. I'm upset Richard Dent didn't go in as a Colt. jk
  23. No one. Stand pat for 2-3 weeks to evaluate the existing talent, then see who other teams cut, and re-evaluate.
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