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  1. And if Luck doesn't get rid of the ball quickly on a 3 step drop and gets sacked, that's either on him or the WRs
  2. The protections are designed with the type of pass play in mind. He may have been beat if it was a 5 or 7 step drop or shotgun, but would be perfectly fine in a 3 step drop. You're not really judging AC fairly when you say, had the pass play been longer, Luck would have been sacked when the play is 3 steps and then throw.
  3. Recovery times for concussions are different from one person to the next. And anyone can correct me on my details, but the way it usually goes is, if you are diagnosed with a concussion, you hvae to go through a series of exams and you can't play until you are cleared. I haven't investigated recently with respect to Fleener, but if he is cleared by doctors, the fact that it happened in less than 5 days is really nothing to be concerned about.
  4. hey, any time I can tell Forbes that they are full of it, i'll jump on the opportunity lol. If RJF isn't worth his contract, he'll get cut, but the loss to the Colts won't be that big of a deal money-wise. Colts were wise in how they structured the deals this offseason - i.e. dead money is minimal. low risk high reward for players that, at bare minimum, were an improvement and at most, solid starters with a few potentially being pro bowl caliber (i.e. bradshaw, landry).
  5. Eh, just give him a Tom Brady "restructure." lol. In Flacco's case, yeah, you are right. There may be ways around it, but if he all the sudden starts to play terribly on a consistent basis, the Ravens have an even more severe problem than the Jets do with Sanchez salary cap wise. Cutting him sets you back at least 2 years, he has no trade value because no one would want htat contract, and keeping him hurts you almost as bad if not more than if you were to cut him. As most are in agreement, this is very unlikely, but still interesting to discuss nonetheless.
  6. Yeah, but the flipside to that is, I can blame manning for throwing an interception in the Colts/Saints superbowl to seal the Saints win. Did other things go wrong in that game too? Absolutely. No one person is ever at fault and it's on the entire organization from the players to the GM and owner. GMs don't choke in teh offseason, coaches can't make players make the big plays, and players can't compensate for other players weaknesses or take back mistakes.
  7. Well of course the market determines value. And the question is, where does your value correlate with your production. Certainly this past year, Flacco deserved a big pay day. Whether or not how much he is paid correlates with his value in say, year 3 of the contract, is a different story. Who knows? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. All the really matters is how the Owner and to some extent, the GM, values a particular player. We can argue all day on what QBs are overpaid and which ones are underpaid, it's all in teh eye of the beholder at that point.
  8. I said BEFORE he ever stepped on an NFL field. Not after everything he did in the NFL. And again, right or wrong, it irks me. Don't know why and I don't expect you to understand it because I don't even really understand it. It just does and I'm not losing any sleep over it regardless of who understands. Not villifying him. He's a good young QB wiht a bright future.
  9. Well sure, there's a time and place for everything. There's nothing wrong with doing commercials. I guess with RGIII, I'd rather see the guy wait until he's at least established himself. RGIII was doing all sorts of commercials before even stepping foot on an NFL field. For whatever reason, right or wrong, that irks me.
  10. This year? Probably nothing. This doesn't have anything to do with contributing right now. It has everything to do with potential upside. It's not like the Colts are keeping 30 players on the PS who have never played football. With the increased roster space, you can afford to keep a couple of guys on your squad with minimum monetary contribution and see if he can't turn into a star player in 2 or 3 years. Better than keeping a guy you know will never see playing time.
  11. Regarding the Pats situation at backup, it's difficult to say. Tebow, already in what, his 4th year still needs a lot of work. There's hope for him being Brady's backup, but I just don't see it happening. Possible? Yes. Probable? No. I like Mallett better at this point, but they could pick up another backup in the next couple of years if Brady does spend the next 5 years in NE that could be better than both and as I understand it, next year's QB class should be much deeper than this year. With the Colts, I don't see Harnish being the guy. I like Hasselbeck right now and think he coul
  12. I agree with him being a second tier QB, I don't know if I could say that there are 11 QBs I'd rather have. The guy was on fire in the playoffs and that sort of performance easily makes him top 10 right now. We've seen several teams with 2nd tier QBs win superbowls in the past 10 years provided they have a good supporting cast (Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Joe Flacco). That being said, I don't care if Luck is ever a top 2 or 3 QB, because I know that even if he's not, with the right team around him, he can bring the Lombardi home. With guys like Flacco, you can be confident that you can wi
  13. I'm not suggesting that means your not putting in enough effort. Merely suggesting that I'd rather have a guy with the mentality that he'd rather better his game than do commercials. That's it.
  14. They can always restructure, but it would depend on other offseason moves, i.e. cutting other players and making Flacco's contract back loaded. You can be over the cap in subsequent seasons as long as you get under the cap prior to that season's start date (forget the exact date, but think it's in March).
  15. I'm kinda losing a bit of respect for Jennings. He was never a Colts receiver, so I dont' care too much, but this whole situation I think is just a guy who didn't get paid. It started out as simple banter, but somewhere along the line, it got serious. But Jennings is coming across as a player whining too much about his ex-team, whether it was because he didn't like how Rodgers conducted himself or because he didn't get paid. Whatever. He won a superbowl with them, it couldn't have been that bad. He just needs to let it go, he's with a different team. Focus on what you can control and no
  16. The good thing about news and television is, you can always change the channel or hit the mute button. Yeah, the kid gets a lot of coverage for a myriad of reasons. But the bottom line is, he has a large fan base, the media knows it and panders to it. I'm glad that RGIII gets way more coverage than Luck. I'd rather have a guy spend that extra time with a playbook or watching film than a guy who wants to do another commercial or interview.
  17. On paper, no this roster is not the best. I want it to be, and if we can "overachieve" again, the unit as a whole can be the best. But duplicating last year's efforts with this roster is going to be next to impossible. Colts this year have too many young players with too much to prove for it to be considered the best.
  18. Kaep and Wilson definitely. I think Luck/Tannehill has a good chance and was a good watch last year.
  19. It is smart for him to market himself. Strike when the iron's hot. But his longevity largely depends a lot on how Shanny preserves RGIII with play calling and how RGIII protects himself. As far as a rivalry, it will be difficult to market the idea of a rivalry between the Skins and Colts or RGIII and Luck when they only play each other once every 4 years or even more rarely, in a superbowl.
  20. There's that and the fact taht Luck doesn't market himself to the same degree as RGIII. I've seen him in one commercial, and that was for the FIFA soccer game in which he played the game and was in the commercial for like 2 seconds. How many commercials do you see with RGIII? "All in for Week 1" or whatever it was. And the other reason is, I think, his style of play. For many reasons, people like Vick and RGIII were always a favorite because they are highlight reel type of players. Fun to watch, so people pull for them. But I agree with you about there being no story to report, it's ju
  21. Exactly. Fitz is not overpaid, he just underperformed last year because his qb was a couple of crappy QBs whose name I can't even remember. RJF may be overpaid, but I don't know how anyone can possibly know that until the season goes on and see how he performs in relation to his pay. PFF usually does a pretty good job with analyzing that. They have articles every year on the subject and actually explain themselves.
  22. Maybe it is, to me it just seems like 40 test a week, if it were truly random, would get a lot of positives. I mean, no one knows the true number of players who use HGH, but I'd be willing to bet it is well over 50%
  23. Believe me, I know it already happens. But if anything, there's no reason to add fuel to the fire by giving players a way to make money off of their notoriety.
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