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  1. Yeah I don't really get why players make it about either the head or the knees. Sure, there are times where you don't really have much of an area to wrap up, but that's the exception rather than the rule. If they could get back to basic fundamentals, this wouldn't be so much of an issue. But hey, these guys are in their mid twenties early 30's, so obviously the experience of older guys like Junior Seau or retirees doesn't translate to the NFL today. What do they know? lol @GoPats - had to chuckle to myself when you said "Watch the hips to tell..." that's always what I was taught as well
  2. I kind of always laughed at that myself. It's completely at odds with the concussion lawsuit.
  3. Which is why I think the penalties and fines are ridiculous in some situations. They err on the side of caution and throw the flag, which usually gets a fine. If it were (or could at least) be better enforced, players wouldn't be erring on the side of caution by going low. In theory, I agree with you that Swearinger had no business tackling as low as he did. At the same token, I get where he's coming from, even if his comments in defense are difficult to take seriously.
  4. I'm hoping that the RB helmet rule will help with this. I don't like the idea of RBs not being able to lower their head, but outside of the invisible 3 yard box inbetween the tackles. But at the same time, RBs won't be using their heads as weapons quite so much, so they'll be more upright when in open field, allowing tacklers to have a bigger target area to aim for.
  5. I think that's a rather difficult thing to do. Unlike the QB who stands upright to throw, the pass catcher follows the ball. Sometimes their outstretched in mid-air, other times diving, bending over, or leaning forward making the area between the chest and the thighs almost non-existent. It's plays like this that often get H2H penalties, but its' impossible for the defender to abide by it. And I suppose that you can make any tackling rule impossible to abide by on a case by case example.
  6. So this debate has been going on and off for a while, but more and more players are responding to the NFL's stance against H2H contact by aiming at the players legs to avoid penalties or fines. Hits by DJ Swearinger on Dustin Keller capture the tension between avoiding fines and shifting the problem from one debilitating injury to another. The way the rule reads now, there's no rules for aiming low, and the H2H hits, while on paper may have clear guidelines, in application, it has resulted in incongruent enforcement, not to mention fines are inconsistent. Many tackles aimed at the chest g
  7. I really tried to find a picture of him with a bad haircut, but unfortunately, it's just a buzz cut lol
  8. I did a little researching on the guy and found that he played one year at Pitt. Born on 11/7/87. He was the 13th rated WR by SuperPrep in 2007 I can't confirm how he was used at Pitt (i.e. slot, #2, etc.), but as a true freshman, he caught 5 passes for 100 yards and a TD and had 6 rushes for 47 yards. He showed well at spring training and the blue/gold game, but was declared academically ineligible before the start of the 2008 season. On paper, he comes across as a slightly bigger Percy Harvin type player, but talentwise, this comparison may obviously be premature. He transferred to Di
  9. As long as they don't do a commercial with Tony Siragusa for Depends.
  10. I'll be curious to see what design he comes up with. I'd like it to include an athletic waterproof set of earbuds or something. I've always had klipsch headphones. They make fantastic headphones for anyone who wears them while working out.
  11. When did he endorse those products? Because to my knowledge, I haven't seen anything of the sort. Not bashing, just curious. Links (not youtube, at work) would be appreciated.
  12. I definitely think this team has improved on the defensive side of the ball. I know it's only preseason, so obviously any assessments should be taken with a grain of salt, but we have been much better against the pass. Pass rush is still a concern for me, but still improved. Run defense has been okay. Some good, some bad. I think with Landry in at SS, that will change.
  13. I'd guess special teams, at least for now anyway.
  14. Not to state the obvious, but you pretty much repeated everything MTC said, except you put "@gmbremer" before everything. lol. It's all good
  15. Yeah, and it could turn out to be an unwise decision which was my original point. For the 49ers, yeah, you may be right. But if he goes to the Chiefs and becomes a solid starter, I'd be curious as to why the 49ers couldn't ge tanything out of him. Whether it's coaching, offensive scheme, or whatever. I mean, a 1st round mistake just doesn't become a playmaking athlete because he's on a new team. He was always a playmaking athlete, its just that the original team couldn't figure out how to use him. And lets be frank, it's not like there's never been a trade or a player signed in free agen
  16. You're being a bit too critical. Kyle and Jason sum it up perfectly. Either it's a positional demarcation or it's easily corrected. No coach in the world is going to let an OLB/DE give off that consistent of a tendency without addressing it.
  17. Yeah, it was tough to choose between Bradshaw and Allen. To me Landry is the clear #1. He will help out so much with the run D if he's as advertised.
  18. That begs the question, who do you think played worse? Or are you just disputing the magnitude of the grade?
  19. I don't know if I'd say bust, especially after only 1 season. Typically it takes anywhere from 2-3 years before, from a coach and GM standpoint, you can know the extent of the players skill set and ability to contribute. Right now, I think it's more accurate to just say that these players didn't fit in their team's respective offenses. Baldwin has shown flashes, but let's be honest, its not like he had a good QB throwing him the ball. Jenkins is a second year plyaer. He's still young enough that he could develop and improve and at least be a positive contributor.
  20. I actually thought Walden looked decent in the run game against hte Bills. When they ran to his side, and this is off memory, he tended to force the runner back inside. Spiller just happened to turn one of those into a 17 yard run because Mathis took himself out of the play and there was nothing but green on the cutback. Last night, he had some good and some bad. But one thing I did want to say, and I'm not saying you are wrong in your assessment from last night (I haven't really analyzed the game yet myself). I don't think I'd always assume that if the runner gets the outside edge on h
  21. He has been an excellent player since he put on the Colts uniform. And you really can't measure his contributions. I attribute most of our last year's success to Wayne. He was the gel to our offense, a leader, and always helped keep our team focused on its objectives.
  22. To the OP's post, I think any assessment now other than the 2RB concern that HireBA stated, is going to be premature or at least off the mark for two reasons. I'm not saying you are wrong so much as that the typical observer doesn't have the information available to them (it's known primarily only by Colts staff and players). First, and most obvious, it's pre-season. Colts aren't going to show their hand in games that don't have any impact on the regular season. So we can't know the full scope of their plans for the running game. Second, Ahmad Bradshaw is not taking reps. I don't know
  23. I think a lot of it has to do with Dwayne Allen, to be honest. We all know that Fleener isn't exactly the best blocker. You could be right in that we run a 2 RB set more often, but I would like to think that we wouldn't except in short yardage situations or in goalline. At least I hope that is going to be the case. Having a FB I think tends to just give the defense more room to push the line back, whereas if we had a TE who could block, the point of contact with the defender will be on the LOS instead of the backfield.
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