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  1. Colts unis are just fine. I wouldn't mind an alternative, but I haven't ever seen one I've liked.
  2. Yeah I'm with you. Don't want to get ahead of ourselves. I think we have a shot. We have shown that we can win at home, even with a weak roster and playoff seeding on the line. But I'd leave it at that for now. We are certainly capable of winning two against hte Texans, though.
  3. I don't mind it and I'd overlook "defence" too, but I can't help but ask, isn't that really just a UK English thing? From the late great Ricky Bobby, "No 'oui' are not French. We're Americans 'cuz we're in America."
  4. Don't let it get to you. Us Colts fans had to have a pretty dry sense of humor too from the 80s to late 90s (save for 1995, which I still feel we got screwed against the Steelers).
  5. No chance for this case. I mean, if all he did was make a harsh, unprofessional (and whatever adjectives the complaint used) confrontation with the guy, there's nothing in this suit to go off of. Kraft's best defense is that he was a season ticket holder since 2000. Deal with Jets and Bills fans at least once a year and you can't take a little confrontation with a security guard, you've got no business suing later when you have a heart attack.
  6. I hate that excuse so much too. The Saints lost their head coach and they lose 3 or 4 more games than they typically do. And they couldn't rally as a team given their circumstances and feeling wronged by the Bountygate suspension? That's garbage, if you ask me. As far as 11 being the floor, I dunno. I take the critics opinions with a grain of salt, but out schedule is much harder this year. Yeah, we went 3-1 against the NFC N, and I think we could go 2-2 against hte NFC W. But our division has improved, and the AFC W has improved, too. I think, realistically, the floor is 8 wins, and
  7. There's nothing tough about prepping for a QB who's only success comes against the Bears 3rd and 4th string talent. So, to answer the OP's question, the only way I'm worried is if Andrew Luck, the entire starting D, Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, Vick Ballard, and Ahmad Bradshaw all get into a massive and deadly 16 car pile up on their way to the stadium on Sunday... or maybe if the moon hits my neighborhood
  8. Yeah, well and I still play some of my old PS2 games on PS3. And it's not that I don't mind keeping my PS3, but sooner or later, these machines crap out (red ring of death anyone?). If they sold an attachable emulator or allows me to store my already paid for game in the cloud, then all is forgiven. But I refuse to buy any new consoles until that occurs. I'll just play what I've got and when that implodes, get refurbished versions until they are all out, and then just go back to my nintendo and super nintendo.
  9. oh, well why didn't they just say that. I thought it was like an updated version of the game or something. I'm so PO'd that they aren't making them backwards compatible. "Buy the same game twice so you can play it on your new PS4." What garbage.
  10. lol it kind of is a popular movie, but man is it one of best baseball movies of all time. That and the Replacements as far as sports comedy is concerned.
  11. Uhh, not to sound like an old geezer, but what's next gen?
  12. "This guy's dead!" "Well cross him off then." Even more bonus points than the first movie reference if you get it right. lol
  13. Oh I understand, completely. And there is an argument to be made. I just think, on the facts of this case, it's not a very strong position even if they are right to a degree. Under the words of the CBA, it looks as though they use a formula to apportion how much the franchise keeps and how much the player would get (i.e. 25% if you miss 10 training camp practices cap). There's others for time missed during the season andi nto the post season, etc. So I think what the NFLPA is doing is just making the NFL jump through the hoops and minimizing the amount retained, and that's fair, even if I
  14. Well, I agree with you from a practical standpoint. Doesn't mean that that is how the rules operate within a private organization such as the NFL, or any business for that matter. But as far as ben was concerned, yeah he was accused in mediasphere, but police investigated and never filed any charges.
  15. Because he is in jail. Ben Roethlisberger wasn't even charged with anything and got suspended for 6 games for conduct detrimental based only on evidence in the media, and the NFLPA did nothing. Why this time is different is beyond me.
  16. I read it to include, among others, reporting bonuses, which that is what this is (i.e. reporting to workout). But the pertinent language is, "Any player who . . . (ii) is unavailable to the team due to conduct by him that results in his incarceration . . . may be required to forfeit signing bonus, roster bonus, option bonus and/or reporting bonus, and no other Salary, for each League Year in which a Forfeitable Breach occurs (collectively, “Forfeitable Salary Allocations”)." I'm sure the NFLPA will try to argue, in part what that this isn't a "reporting salary", but I don't see the argume
  17. Well, the way I am reading it, it is just time missed due to incarceration, and currently, he's incarcerated. At first I thought it should be frozen until resolution of hte trial, but after going to the CBA, it looks like the Club has no obligation to freeze the funds. If you are interested, I've attached it here. But if it doesn't work google it (2011 NFL CBA, or something rather) and go down to Article 4, Section 9. http://nfllabor.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/collective-bargaining-agreement-2011-2020.pdf
  18. Under the CBA, bonuses earned are considered "forfeitable" if you are incarcerated (among other violations). Any violation that occurs in the same league year that the forfeitable salary occurs (so in this case, the salary was to be paid out in the same year as the year of arrest) may be forfeited, regardless of when that bonus is to be paid. How much will be forfeited is a different question and depends on how long he is incarcerated for, but it can be up to 100%
  19. The OL isn't there yet, I'll concede that. But it takes time for an OL to work as one single unit (or as most say, "gel"), especially when you have 2-4 new additions. We don't know what the final OL front will look like, but it could consist of 4 new linemen, Thomas, Hughes, Thorton, and Cherilus. So, it may not look great now, but as we get closer to the playoffs, it very well may be a top 15 offensive line. I won't hold my breath or anything, but right now, we just have to wait and see.
  20. Yeah, I really do get the NFLPA's argument, and I would draw the line at murder allegations, and I'd probably be okay with rape, except htat those charges have historically been pretty easy to fabricate. So on an evidentiary basis, I'd just make hte exception only for murder. Allegations like these don't occur very often to active NFL players, so to me, the risk is minimal. Were the sides to agree that murder is the only exception, I think no one, even the NFLPA would have a problem with not paying Hernandez in this case, because if preceent is the only thing they are concerned about, limit
  21. Well that was last year when D's werent' sure how to stop the read option. I read a good article yesterday on grantland. There was a quote that stuck out to me. He didn't name the source, but said that an SEC offensive line coach said something to the degree that "Watching the NFL teams defend the read option was like stepping into a time machine and watching college teams learning how to defend the read option a decade ago. Poor techniques, naive tactics, and ugly results were like seeing college defenses try to defend these plays, but a decade ago." http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/95
  22. If he's a runner, blast him. Teams want to put their QB at risk, that's on them, but defenses shouldn't get penalized if the QB keeps the ball, starts to run and then throws last second. These read option plays have the propensity to evolve as the play unfolds and at one moment, it is a run, then pass, then run. You can't expect defenses to just sit back and let the QB decide whether to pass or run, because its that hesitation that kills defenses and its the hesitation that this particular play tries to create. I say hit him until he doesn't get up. It's borderline dirty, but as long as t
  23. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000234618/article/nflpa-files-grievance-vs-patriots-on-aaron-hernandezs-behalf Saw this and thought their reasoning was absolute garbage. I get the whole innocent until proven guilty, but this is one of those situations where the facts are so particular, that everyone, including the players, shouldn't mind carving out the exception. It's not like a player who was cut didn't get paid a bonus they earned. This is an alleged murderer that the NFLPA is defending. If anything, freeze the bonus until resolution of the case. If he's guilty, donate the money
  24. They were moved toward a 3-4 in like 2011 and will consider themselves a hybrid 3-4 heading into this season. But Patrick Peterson, to my understanding has always been regarded as a shut down corner which kinda leads me to believe that they run a lot of press coverage, or at least man to man.
  25. That distinction affects the CBs and the secondary very little. The hybrid refers to the guys in the box. The secondary still runs versions of the various zones and man coverage, but the only real affect the defensive scheme (classified as 4-3, 3-4, or hybrid) has is the types of bodies in coverage. For a secondary, cover 2 is still cover 2. Man to man is still manto man, Cover 1 is still cover 1 and so on and so forth.
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