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  1. For the Rams, maybe...but they have a good D...solid OL, after drafting Robinson...Cooks a good TE...they need a true #1 along side their WR they drafted last year (forgetting his name)...decent RBs...their life depends on the QB...and I don't think they're going QB with the #2 overall
  2. I'm really sorry...got caught off guard. WR Mike Evans
  3. Wait I'm sorry...jumpin in mid round I'm confused for one second. Can I get a take back?
  4. OK, I'm ready to go. When's my first pick? You can finish whatever round of 4 you're on.
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah, I'll jump in tonight when I get home and get my glass of whisky poured. As for the compensatory picks, it doesn't really bother me who gets more picks, it's just fun to me. With there being 32 teams, as long as we have 4 or 8 teams, it seems we'd be drafting for the same teams anyway. The only reason I asked it in the first place is that you could have a draft strategy in place for your assigned teams. If say we had an odd number of mock draft participants, all your picks would be for a different team and you would be handcuffed by the strategy of person who drafted for that team previously. Like I said, it's jsut for fun, so in all honesty, it doesn't matter anyway. Looking forward to the mock later tonight, gents (and of course ladies, if any participate).
  6. I think some of the players below would rank higher than the two guys you like, but this is your mock. So, after your two guys I would have these guys next on your big board: 1)OLB Jeremiah Attachou 2) FS Terrence Brooks 3) OG/OT Brandon Thomas (may end up being an OT, but he'll be good at either) 4) C Weston Richburg 5) OLB Carl Bradford 6) OG Dakota Dozier (would be a bit of a reach here, but if trades are permitted, would be a solid pickup in the 75-80 overall range)
  7. BTW - would we be assigned teams? Might make it better for consistency's sake since there compensatory picks (I know there's only a couple in the 3rd, but just a suggestion).
  8. I think it would be fun. Why not? I may be a little late to the party but would happily jump in and stick it out tonight and tomorrow. If you would want me to be there from start to finish and every pick, then count me out. Not that I wouldn't want to, but just wouldn't want to screw it up for everyone else.
  9. Why only defense? I mean it's not out of the question to draft two safties or two CBs in one draft (though I think it's crazy to draft two safeties with our first two picks to fill 1 position - it was different when we drafted two TEs, because they were often on the field at the same time). As far as which is better, I'm not a fan of either since we only looked at defensive BPA, but if I had to pick - I like the second one better. Not too high on Deone Buchannon and I've been a fan of us drafting Colvin in the 7th almost since I first started looking into this years prospects back in February.
  10. lol I have no clue why, but I read this as if the Joker was saying it, and it made me laugh so hard...like to the point i kind of embarrassed myself in front of my coworkers.
  11. Yeah, their draft board I feel is way off on a lot of people. Perhaps they just want to go against the grain to gain the attention. I imagine they'll be right on a couple, though. I mean, once you get through the second or round, its' really anyone's game at that point.
  12. Agree. There are times where, say, a run up the middle, where you have to lower the boom to stop the momentum. But in situations like that, there are (or should) be other guys around to take advantage of the stopped momentum and make the tackle. In those situations, trying to stand your ground with a 230lb RB going full speed is difficult and you're going to get run over. But open field tackling and just laying your shoulder into the guy, hate those kind of missed tackles. And we had quite a few of them that resulted in TDs. I wanna say Dwayne Bowe did that to us, ran over like 4 guys who missed tackles for a long TD.
  13. I actually hate their draft simulation tool. They way they structure it, it's to draft based on biggest need and reach for players to fit that need. As opposed to drafting BPA to fit a need (not necessarily the biggest, but one of the bigger needs) and waiting for say the next round to draft a player that's closer to his ranking to fit the biggest need. Before the newest set of mock drafts, they'd have us reaching for someone they ranked like 99 (I wanna say it was SJB) in the second round, when there were other players (i.e. Kyle Van Noy) who were ranked higher, but fit a need that was graded one step below CB.
  14. that would make your tackling already better in form than most NFL players lol.
  15. It always depends on who's available, if there's a run of safeties before it gets to us, we're not drafting a safety first thing. You always gotta take the draft as it coems to you.
  16. Justin Ellis and Daniel McCullers are other possibilities I like, but I've seen them mocked anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th, so it's tough to know where they might go and whether we'd want to take them. I'd venture to say we're probably not taking a NT prospect in the 2nd or 3rd, but it would be pretty tough to pass up on if a guy like Hageman fell to us.
  17. Yeah, I don't want a guy that has pouted about his contract, played poorly because of said pouting, and then got benched because of said poor play. Missing time because of injury suck, sure. But missing time because of attitude are even worse.
  18. I just don't see the Texans passing on either Jadevon Clowney. They signed Ryan Fitzpatrick - a decent QB. To me, I think they go with BPA with the first pick and then draft a QB in the early second. There's a very good chance one of the 1st round QBs slips to the second round, and if they don't, reaching for a 2nd round QB with their first pick in the 2nd isn't a bad, considering guys like Garoppolo, McCarron, and Mettenberger, and maybe even Murray could develop into nice QBs provided their rookie season is spent on the sidelines with a clipboard.
  19. I agree. I think he could be a pretty good pickup for any team in the 5th. I don't know what route we go in the draft, but if we're in the market for a DT/DE prospect, I'd give him a look.
  20. Still disappointed that they stopped doing ozzfest tours and have it only in one place.
  21. I wasn't a huge fan of Smallwood before his 40 time, but even I was shocked at that one. But to my understanding, he tweaked his hamstring during the 40, so it was understandable. It kept him from running the 40 again at his pro day, but I would ahve to imagine he's faster than the 5.0 time.
  22. I bought a beer in the 2006 Colts superbowl, and for a 12 oz beer, it was 9 bucks...I could buy a six pack of something better htan miller lite for that! To be honest, i'ts one of those things that it's never going to go down. We can protest all we want, but as long as the stadium seats are being filled and people aer buying the drinks, it ain't changing. Sad thing is, I think we the average consumer have just accepted the fact that we save up to go to one game a year and include snacks and parking as part of the costs. It would be nice if they made concessions regular priced food, but it is what it is.
  23. Yeah, can't support drivers texting while driving. Drives me nuts when I'm behind people driving like they're drunk because they want to text and drive.
  24. Which, since they can travel 20 mph, you may not always see them coming in your side view mirror since. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems to be pretty unreasonable to ask someone to look in their side view mirror when they are executing a right hand turn.
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