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  1. Colts getting mad Madden Props in latest update. our young receiving core is looking nice. Freemman still criminally underrated. Mathis is a 93 which is still way Too low.

    1. kjyb


      yea..i think freemn derserve 90 ovr and mathis at least 96 just keep voting,,by the way xbxo 360 or ps3

    2. Holden89


      Well, I'd say Mathis is about right at 92. His Pass Rushing ratings are all very high, while the rest of his ratings are solid/above average.

      That's what Mathis is.

      Also, it's a joke that Freeman isn't higher. I'd say he needs to be around 86-89...not 78. Ridiculous.

      Xbox for life!

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