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  1. I just picked up Madden the other day and as a Colts fan I find it beyond insulting that Luck's rating didn't go up at all on the newest update. Stafford went up a couple points but Luck stays static despite his objectively league best performance? Nonsense.


    Also I haven't played Madden since 2010 and I'm so bad at defense it'd make the September 11, 2016 Colts look good. Overall though it seems teams are valnced well. Every team has an exploitable roster weakness and the Colts oline ratings are pleasantly surprising!

    1. Synthetic



      Don't know if you play Tecmo Super Bowl, but if you do, check this forum. 




      There's a number of posters on there that do their own hacked ROM's, some use Madden ratings while some use other statistical means to evaluate the stats. Overall, if you do play Tecmo, there's some good stuff on there. 



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