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  1. 18Manning

    Favorite Colt of All Time

    Peyton is my favorite, but on the list, I went with Edge. I enjoyed watching him make cuts.
  2. 18Manning

    Chris Ballard press conference today at 11AM

    Is the press conference available online? Got stuck on the phone and couldn't listen.
  3. 18Manning

    Colts a Pawn for McDaniels?

    I don't care so much that McDaniels won't be the HC, I always thought he was a jerk, so good riddance. I'm steaming about the fact the Colts passed up other possible HC candidates, hired staff for McDaniels, etc. No obsession over him personally, but concern over the mess in the wake of his shenanigans.
  4. 18Manning

    Colts a Pawn for McDaniels?

    I'm so mad about what McDaniels did, I had trouble sleeping last night. I wouldn't doubt he used the Colts as a pawn. Going through the steps of hiring staff, etc. only to coax NE to make him an offer (whatever it might be).
  5. Even if I didn't dislike NE as much as I do, I don't think I will watch, and certainly don't want them to win...AGAIN. Seeing them in yet another SB is just monotonous...boring. Besides, they will probably win. As much as I don't like them, I would bet on them winning.
  6. Debated with my father-in-law about this last night. Forget even calling him the GOAT (though, I think so). Peyton, IMO, is one of, if not the most single impactful player to ever play the game. Take Peyton out of the game, and the team (Colts or Broncos) went from contender to bottom of the pile. However, I will concede, Denver's D was key to winning against the Panthers. Imagine Peyton with a good all-around team for his entire career.
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    Thank you, Nadine.