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  1. I would say Bob Sanders, he was really incredible.
  2. Don’t understand why Toub being a Special Teams coach with no head coaching experience is such s negative. Wasn’t BB’s background in special teams? In fact, his team’s special teams play is one of th reasons they are so consistently good. I’m not pulling for Toub, but I wouldn’t discount him for his specific coordinating background.
  3. Wouldn’t starting the game off so well be an indication of a good game plan? IE good from the coaching staff?
  4. People really need to take a deep breath and relax for a minute. We are a rebuilding team that had sustained injuries to some of our best players and turned the ball over 3 times, with a fourth fumble leading to a safety. That incredibly bad series of events will lead us to being blown out, this is what we know right now. If you were expecting a win in this game then I'm sorry but it seemed like Andrew Luck being out meant that the first part of this season was going to be rough. Look around our division, the Texans gave up 10 sacks and lost to the Jaguars 29-7. The Jaguars are als
  5. It's worth pointing out that, despite leaving a touchdown out there, that is a pretty good response from Tolzien.
  6. Isn't someone on staff there to literally just watch for opportunities to challenge? Did we just rush the next play too much for him to buzz and push for the challenge?
  7. It's worth looking at offensive weapons too when comparing quarterbacks. Manning seemed to develop the same kinds of receivers in his career (Decker, Harrison, Clark, Wayne, Collie, etc all had similar skill sets) while Brady did play with two physically dominant players (Moss and Gronkowski) the likes that Manning never had.
  8. The Cardinals did not play in the Super Bowl and got blown out in the Championship Game. They also went 7-8-1 last season in the worst division in the league. Arians may be a very good coach, but that doesn't undo warts on his record.
  9. Not to mention Kansas City. i feel it's always impossible and unfair to book coaches down to one thing. "Lewis can't win in the playoffs" or "Pagano can't beat NE or PITT" ignores all kinds of circumstances and doesn't address their strengths or weaknesses as a coach.
  10. Lewis deserves more respect, consistently competing in a conference with teams that have won four Super Bowls since 2000 and represent two of the five best teams in the AFC for 17 years is nothing to scoff at. He hasn't won a playoff game sure, but he essentially had a few very good Palmer years and Andy Dalton to work with l. He's not the best coach in the league but I think he's done great work in Cindy.
  11. That just seems to be a double standard. Drew Brees is deservedly in the top tier and he has gone 7-9 for the last three seasons with a team that is either equal to or slightly better than the Colts and he hasn't dropped from that. Aaron Rodgers started out incredibly slow last season and finished with a pretty miserable NFC Championship game and gets the benefit of the doubt. I just think La Confora is being harsh in his assessment.
  12. 1) Why would Luck drop after one of his best seasons, where statistically he is a top 10 QB? 2) Why would he (essentially) be in the "up-and-coming" category when he has been consistently good-great when healthy?
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