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  1. If we do move up, my money is on Gross-Matos. Has the length and size that Ballard looks for. Can also play the run pretty well, team him up with Turay (assuming he is what we think he is) and the edge is solid.
  2. Had the opportunity to watch JB in houston.... I was greatly disappointed. I love the guy, his character, leadership, intangibles, but he's an NFL qb. He looked slow seeing routes develop, understanding the pre-snap looks the defense was showing, and he had all day to stand in the pocket. Second half they were just stacking the box with a single high safety. There was about 2-3 times where Marcus Johnson was 1-on-1, and JB wouldn't even look his way. Like atleast take a shot to stretch the field. And on the 4th down run where he came up short, there were at least 2 options that came open, but he hesitated. He even had the option to run and pick it up but kept standing in the pocket until the very last second, and we know how that worked.
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