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  1. Disagree, Peter usually checks his sources for rumours and doesn't typically "recirculate" old stuff. Last year the whole chase was for Gruden not Harbaugh. In the very least, they will reach out and imo, Harbaugh will decline.
  2. Usually Id dismiss as unlikely but Peter King is probably one of most reliable sources in the NFL. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/01/01/buffalo-bills-playoffs-black-monday-jon-gruden-mmqb-peter-king I do think Jim wants a big hire, if he gets it or not is a different question. Jim Harbaugh would be my number one choice, I just don't see him leaving though.
  3. "This guy confirmed that Peyton Manning was going to be GM, Grigson wasn't getting fired, TY Hilton would be traded, Saban would be the new HC this year, Gruden would be HC this year, and Manning would buy the team."
  4. Can someone tell me why Elliot Wolfe is considered such a hot candidate? Green Bays roster isn't impressive but this guy seems like a hot candidate this year. How come? What's so impressive?
  5. I know this might not be a popular opinion, but I hope Irsay considers Scott Pioli. His work in KC was under appreciated, and he is making a difference in Atlanta. It's interesting how GMs never get second chances like Coaches.
  6. Letsknockemdown about to break major colts news on twitter. Let's hope it's legit. The accounts been accurate so far.
  7. Saw it on doyels timeline, but i like. Really like. Saturday in a Elway type role.
  8. Even with the issues ive had with him as a coach, now that it's time to say farewell, I can say that im going to miss him as a person. His hearts in the right place, and I hope he gets another oppurtunity where can actually coach without all the dysfunction we had last few years.
  9. Sorry mods, can you please fix title, hard to spellcheck on Iphone5.
  10. His contract was 65m/years 39 guaranteed. I think we would have been better off letting him walk for that kind of money. Sure he has the numbers, but I think thats more of a product of QB then talent. He is good wr, just not worth top tier money. I think this contract will handicap the next GM(hopefully) as well.
  11. GOAT depends in Criteria. If you're talking about production then who would rank Emmit Smith as #1 RB of all time? Not many. Same with WR, to me it was Moss then Rice then TO.
  12. Without Luck 3-13 Roster. Take it to the bank.
  13. Thats fan mentality. Luck is going to get largest contract in NFL history, and he'd be a fool to not take every penny. He's earned it.
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