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  1. We interrupt albeit briefly over on the Disco to remember the Day the Music Died 59 years ago. And remember Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and JP "The Big Bopper" Richardson. Plus the forgotten victim, pilot Roger Peterson



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    2. southwest1


      No, no, no, we're not done with Buddy yet, Let's "Not Fade Away" into the sunset just yet...



      I love the percussion playing in this live version as well as the 'bop, bop; bop, bop' chorus refrain. 


      "Learning The Game" of love & life is never easy. Sigh....Is there a cliff notes version? Ah man.



      The Bluejays dazzle us with Buddy Holly mainstays once again. I like it! 

    3. southwest1


      Video montage time boys & girls....Same song I know, but sweet photos though...





    4. southwest1


      This is vintage 1950's rockabilly guitar playing by Mar T Music.


      Reminiscent of Buck Owens stuff & the Bakersfield, CA sound actually. 




      I really like the emotional intensity of this cover of "Everyday" sung by Amelia Wallace. 




      Buddy Holly rest his soul would be moved by this tribute because it's just so authentic & stripped down.

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