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  1. No offense but I can't stand horror films. Never liked them at all. Just really would get nightmares.

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    2. JPPT1974


      SW1 you said it! Crazy Colt 1 Ditto! Bogie you are funny!

    3. southwest1


      I will admit Bogie that the quality of the director makes a huge difference in the legacy of any film regardless of it's genre & I tend to enjoy psychological mystery & horror if it's done right meaning less bloodshed & more mental challenges or fears. Gruesome just to be gruesome never appeals to me at all. JMO.

    4. southwest1


      True CC1, a ton of video games do often become preoccupied with firearms, explosions, & crude executions of either an alien lifeform or just an arbitrary enemy. If the PS4 or XBOX Player grew up in a well adjusted environment & they can distinguish between fantasy & reality, games are fine. I just worry a little bit about some players with zero friends who immerse themselves totally in a Computer Generated Imagery [CGI] world with no counter balance at all.

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