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Welcome! How To Get Started Here




So, you either had something that you just had to post or for some reason, you decided today was the day you stopped :lurk: and started posting.


Whatever the reason, welcome! We're glad you're here. :hat:


It can be a bit confusing getting started on any web site.

Breath deep, it's not as hard as it looks and most everyone here will help you out.

If you have just joined, you belong to the Rookie Group. This is your time to read and reply to threads and get to know the members and how we operate around here. It's also a good time for them to get to know you. If you like, you can make your first post here. Another thread you might want to read and reply to is here: http://forums.colts.com/topic/36427-i-love-this-forum/


A good rule of thumb is be nice, be civil. Don't be 'that guy'......even if you run into someone who.....well IS that guy. We have all types here, you are not going to like all of them but I'm sure you will find many that you do like.


Don't expect everyone to be as knowledgable as you. We are casual as well as avid fans here. Don't feel stupid if you are not a football genius. Most of us aren't. Lucky for us there are several here who actually ARE and are more than happy to explains X's, O's and even salary caps.


Our members are male, female, all age groups, & even fans of other NFL teams. All of these people find ways to get along in real life and we expect the same here.


Here's another idea, as you read through threads, click the like button. Everybody likes likes. It's a good way to start letting people know you are here. :shake:


Read the rules if you want specifics. We are a moderated site. We aspire always to be a family friendly site. If you violate the rules, you will likely hear from one of the mods. And as you probably heard your mother say "We don't care who started it"


Rookies have posting restrictions. Please do not take this personally. We do this to catch spammers, trolls, and posters with bad attitudes. This makes for a much more pleasant place for our posters. As a rookie, you may post up to 5 posts per day and all of them must be approved by a moderator before they go live. Don't worry, this only lasts for 10 posts. After your 10th post you belong to the New Member group. New members are pretty much like Members, they just have fewer posts. When you reach 100 posts, you automatically become one of the Members.


Rookies cannot create threads. But once you graduate to the New Member group, that restriction is lifted.


Looking forward to your posts!


Let me know if you have questions. Here's a couple of "how tos' to get you started: http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/blog/1-moderation-and-other-site-topics/

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Hey just checking in. Do they have any fine restraints around here? I mean a place to eat? I'm new here.Coltsince4


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