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Hindsight? Maybe



As anyone who has read my blogs has figured out, I tend to view things completly different than most.....

I think one of the things that alianated many fans against Polian was his decision to rest players and not go for the perfect season, I don't know- for sure-what I would have done given the option, I am leaning towards, the same decision he made, his record speaks for itself, there is not another G.M. who can equal his success over his career and who I am to question that anyways, back to the point, I watched the end of the playoff game vs the Ravens and watched a team that literally had nothing left in the tank, it was empty....I watch every year, teams, players, coaches, management, refuse to adjust and/or adapt and continue to use the same mindset and get the same results.........the goal each and every year..........is to win a championship..........not break records, the leaders have to do whatever they think is right to acheive that goal, not break records..........After watching a team come up empty , I wonder if they had rested " some" of the players, they would have been fresher, would that have changed the outcome? no way to ever know, but that mindset, likely , will never change...........We play to win, mojo....I get it........I just think having a fresh team and not risking losing a player, trumps mojo, all day, everyday...when the goal is..................to win a championship

I made it quite clear that trading the rights to Andrew Luck was the smart move, I am not going into the reasoning again, but I think it's ironic that the 2 hyped QB's seasons are over and the 3rd round-too-short-afterthought QB is playing today.....the mindset-never changes.........A great QB gives you a chance to win, every game, it doesn't assure championships, A very good QB, on a great team, will beat a great QB, on a very good team, almost every time, it's still about team, a balanced team, offense-defense-special teams-running-passing,etc..........build a great team........... in the salary cap era, when too much $$ is tied up in 1 player ( that QB) it decreases your chances of building a great team, since you don't have as much money to spend as other teams, I have researched it, endlessly, the odds of drafting a QB #1 overall and winning multiple championships.....slim to none, could be this time, it will work, or not...........I always go with the odds

There is a famous quote, I think Einstien, could be wrong, that repeating the same decisions, over and over and getting the same results, over and over, is insanity....how many teams in the salary cap era have had sucess over a long period of time?? very few........I rest my case

final thought: replays- I am considering giving up on the NFL ( not likely) because my world is built around logic and logic, from what I can tell ( in recent years) has no place in the NFL.....the idea of replay is to re-watch a play ( in slow motion) view multiple angles ( in slow motion) and get the call corrected...yet, I watch games, every week and watch them review a play, see exactly what happened and make the wrong call..it's not an opionion , or judgement, it's right there on the screen, crystal clear and they make the wrong call..........kinda defeats the purpose and totally not logical


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Absolutely good hindsight

No way to know about resting starters.  But the snow that day made OH SO GLAD to avoid injuries in advance of the playoffs


I also agree that we need a great team

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lol They don't rest the cheerleaders! Really there's a fine line in resting and keeping the intesity. If you win you're a genius, if you lose then you become the town you know what.

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I was talking to one of my NFL "insider" buddies (KKK) and we agree that there just aren't enough cheerleaders

Good point KKK, that's why I used hindsight as my title, but..................everyone has their opinions on it and mine has always been ..........play smart

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Yes play smart. A coach once said you play the game to win not to set records. If records come about then that's fine and dandy but you do not set up the game/play to break records, you set it up to win. That said think it was Travis Williams of Green Bay many many moons ago broke a thousand yards in rushing the last game of the season then lost 3 yards a couple plays later. He never got the ball again that game and ended up with 998 yards for the season. lol! I defer and you argue with Coach Lombardi on his decision.

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