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Intentionally Misleading Threads: Do Not Post Them



blog-0472137001326293827.jpgIntentionally misleading or joke threads are not popular here and we do not allow them.

You may think it's funny to get people to click through to your topic in this way but, most of our site members do not find this funny.

Similarly......unsubstantiated rumors (without links or reference to any reliable source) are not allowed here.

For those of you who may be unaware, here is the rule

17. No Joke/Rumor/Intentionally misleading threads: If you create a thread with an intentionally misleading topic, for example regarding breaking news or any other topic designed to draw in site members with knowingly misleading information, the topic will be removed. It's not funny so, please do not do this.

More guidelines on posting here:

Board Rules here:

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we'll go to twitter instead! :)

#RobLoweReports lol

That is a good example of what we would not allow here. Rob posted that and would not say who told him that.

However, discussing his post here, is fine.

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