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New Look Coming Soon (Sneak Preview)



blog-0280297001326303862.jpgWe will be launching a new look for the forums pretty soon.

They are tinkering with it now, but here's what it will look like


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I'm having trouble seeing the difference - other than the overlay of colts.com on the top and some minor formating changes.

Please encourage them to get rid of the "All roads lead to FORUM" thing with the smiling face in the middle. It doesn't add anything to the site, and is so generic that it reminds me of one of those pictures that comes in a picture frame when you buy it. In other words, it looks like the default images that came with the software instead of something customized for the Colts. A horseshoe? Colts blue? A backround panoramic of LOS? Something besides this guy who looks like he's happy because he just got back from a dentists appointment.


Nevermind, looking hard now I see that it's an advertisement. Incredibly ineffective I must say, and if you have to give that chunk of prime real estate to an add there isn't much you can do to improve the appearance.

I do like the horse shoes on the left though.

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It is essentially the same but the big change will be the tighter integration with colts.com

Soon, when you are logged into the forum, you will be able to comment on colts.com articles

Also the other pages will also have that right rail

Colors are slightly different, I'm not sure the font isn't too small

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Mac that's an ad for our forum sponsor. It will stay

There will also be NFL ads on the right rail of all pages

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Mac that's an ad for our forum sponsor. It will stayThere will also be NFL ads on the right rail of all pages

I caught that. Maybe someone could politely tell the sponsor that the smiling face isn't helping their sales any. Perhaps they can license a picture of Blue setting up a savings account or something. :P Saving his oats for a rainy day.

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