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Colts vs Jacksonville 11/8



Awesome I did not get to stay up for the whole game but did watch almost 3 quarters. They clicked on the field last night which was outstanding to see. Luck suprises me every game with his ability to take a hit, move his feet, and get back up to make a play. Thrilled with the drive this young team has to band together and strive to keep improving. I will say this however, Jacksonville did have some questionable calls that went in the Colts favor (I'm not positive Luck broke the plane and the Jacksonville catch that was over turned in our favor) either way it is what it is and The Colts stepped up on the road to bring home another victory. Defense great job sacking Gabbert 3 times and Henne once for a loss of 30 yards and keeping their rushing yards to less then 40. Great job Colts,ChuckStrong!!!!

Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play

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Stayed up for the whole game. The defense looked very much improved. The offensive line looked okay, but not great. Wish that Luck would have thrown a touchdown or two, but I'll take the win any way possible.

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