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Colts vs Titans



Wow Nail biter but worth seeing Ballard leap for TD in OT!!!!

If you didn't know who he was before he def has made his mark as someone to watch. It was a rough game from the 2nd quarter on, I swear if they played and clicked together all 4 quarters the record would be different but again it is what it is. Rebuilding is a work in progress, watching they grow and adjust to each other has been edge of the seat exciting. Luck had some rough passes, leaving me curious as to where he was throwing it to, but still love that he will move his feet out of the pocket and can take a hit, watching him grow every game makes me believe he was the right fit (I was on the fence). Five penalites, 2 fumbles, and a interception were the bad points but some of the other good points of the game defense sacked Titans QB 2 times which is always a good time to watch. All in All as I cheered, groaned, screamed, and cheered again it was a great game with a much needed vistory on the raod. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who They Play!!!

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