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Colts vs Browns



First I need to shout out to WNBA Indiana Fever for winning!!!! Awesome job ladies.

Colts football I love you, not the most exciting game I've been to but still a great time and the Colts putting that W for 3-3 I'll take it =)

Colts controlled the clock having possesion for over 35 mins, it was great to see Angerer back with 2 tackles and 1 assist. Bethea lead tackles with 4. Defense will continue to improve the talent is awesome and they'll get there.

Reggie Wayne lead with 6 catches 73 yards (REGGIE REGGIE) Avery and Hilton I am enjoying watching them grow. Ballard great job finding holes to make plays for 84 yards, way to step up. Luck I love that you can move out of the pocket and take a hit, great job finding the endzone twice. Huge SHOUT OUT to the Colts watching you guys grow into a new groove can be nerve racking at times but so worth it!!! Loud and Proud 12th men and women Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!


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